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NextDoorStudios: XL

Next Door Studios: XL enjoys some toys
Next Door Studios Special Offer

NextDoorStudios.com writes:

“Just as his name suggests, there’s nothing about XL that isn’t super sized. Whether it’s his bulging biceps or scultped chest muscles, or the heat he’s packing in his pants, it’s all above average.

Luckily, XL’s passion is also just as big, and he’s on full display as he enjoys a slippery moment to himself.

He starts by stroking his huge cock, then reclines back as he tests out a FleshJack. Filling it up, XL gets the urge to be penetrated, so he grabs a giant dildo and begins fucking himself.

He can barely get it all the way inside, but he manages as he gives it a nice ride. Having opened himself up, XL is rock hard and ready to burst, so he sits back down and strokes himself to the edge, before standing and blasting his gigantic nut all over the mirror in front of him.”

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NextDoorStudios: XL and Beau Reed fuck each other raw in “Hard Morning”

Next Door Studios: XL and Beau Reed flip fuck bareback in "Hard Morning"
Next Door Studios Special Offer

NextDoorStudios.com writes:

“As he stares out the window at the approaching morning, Beau Reed can feel lover XL coming up behind him. XL, fresh out of the shower, is ready to start the morning right, and Beau is definitely down with the program, as he sits XL back on the sofa and proceeds to suck him off, taking XL’s long dick all the way down his throat before tongue fucking XL’s hole.

Beau plunges his cock deep inside XL and has a go at it before they switch.

Now standing, XL slides his thick slab of meat between Beau’s cheeks and fucks him hard from behind, pounding his ass before letting Beau take a nice ride. Beau grinds on XL’s dick as XL lifts him up and sets him back down on the couch.

He begins to fuck Beau hard again and Beau loses his nut, spitting onto his stomach as XL continues to pound away. He pulls out and blasts Beau’s face with his load, coating his lover’s mouth with a morning mouthful.”

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Men.com: Dato Foland fucks XL bottoms in “Discover”

Men.com: XL bottoms for Dato Foland in "Discover"
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Men.com writes:

“XL is trying to get back in the game after a rough break-up. Over dinner, XL realizes that Dato Foland is just the guy he was looking for to fuck his hole and get him to start acting like himself again. Watch these two studs pleasure each other to the extreme.”

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RagingStallion: Trelino gets fucked by big-dicked XL in “XXXPosure”

Raging Stallion: XL fucks Trelino in "XXXPosure"

In Raging Stallion’s “XXXPosure”, big-dicked XL and hungry Trelino connect for some energized rimming and a ferocious fuck that builds to a frenzy and a facial.

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