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CorbinFisher: Kellan tops Vance bareback

Corbin Fisher: Kellan bangs Vance bareback
Corbin Fisher Special offer

CorbinFisher.com writes about this classic scene:

“Dawso Kellan and Vance are fooling around in the park, as Vance tries to score a few extra points by teaching our veteran something for a change. Kellan prefers to be the teacher himself, though, and takes a hard pass on learning how to “slide” and instead moves the action back to the bedroom.

These two ripped, sexy studs don’t waste any time, tearing each other’s pants off before trading some hot oral action. Kellan gives Vance the best, sloppiest blowjob he’s had in his life, before shoving his cock in Vance’s mouth – but that’s not the only hole he wants to plunder!

Kellan takes complete control of the situation, leveraging his lean, sexy body against Vance’s muscles and having his way with him. Both of these two end up completely spent after their romp in bed – and that’s what we call a successful outing to the park!”

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CorbinFisher: Vance fucks Brodie raw (Best Buds 2018)

Corbin Fisher: Vance barebacks Brodie ("Best Buds 2018")
Corbin Fisher Special offer

CorbinFisher.com writes:

“There are a lot of really close friendships that develop around here at CF, but it’s been a while since we’ve had two new guys who were already best buds when they started out with us.

Vance and Brodie have known each other for over ten years and they’re roommates, and when they’ve been here they’ve been inseparable. Like all really close friends they’ve taken a few showers together, but they’ve never acted on their obvious mutual attraction – until now!

These two actually look a lot alike – big, defined muscles developed from daily gym sessions together and just the right amount of scruff on those chiseled jaw lines of theirs – so they look great together.

They’ve both spent so much time around each other that they’re incredibly familiar with one another’s body, so it’s a thrill to watch them get to know each other on an even more intimate basis!”

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