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IconMale: Big-dicked Noah Donovan fucks Troy Accola’s tight hole in “His Sister’s Lover”

IconMale: Troy Accola rides Noah Donovan's massive cock in "His Sister's Lover"

IconMale.com writes:

“Sexy and muscular ebony stud Noah Donovan fucks pretty young twink Troy Accola with his monster cock, until the slender teen squeals with a mixture of pain and pleasure, before cumming in a show-stopping orgasm.”

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MormonBoyz: Bishop Gibson barebacks Elder Land in “Atonement”

MormonBoyz: Bishop Gibson barebacks Elder Land in "Atonement"

MormonBoyz.com writes:

“Elder Land would do anything for President Faust and the men of the Order. Despite his efforts, he’s can’t stop thinking about being back in their powerful, dominant hands. President Faust has become uniquely infatuated with his submission, and is eager to push the limits of his body and his obedience.”

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MormonBoyz: President Faust fucks Elder Land bareback in “Second Anointing”

MormonBoyz: Elder Land rides President Faust bareback in "Second Anointing"

MormonBoyz.com writes:

“Elder Land’s obsessed over how the handsome leader had taken total control of him. He wanted more, but was scared of what the older man would do. The handsome man was greatly impressed with the boy and wanted to reward him for his submission and make love to him on the sacred altar.”

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BelAmiOnline: Jerome Exupery fucks Henrik Bjorn bareback

BelAmi: Jerome Exupery barebacks Henrik Bjorn
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BelAmiOnline.com writes:

“Every now and then, Marty’s wry sense of humor can leak it’s way into a clip, and the introduction to this scene is one of those cases, when he offers to organize the best oral that the boys have ever experienced.

Once we get past Marty’s little jest however we are left to see what our two blonds can do for us today.

Jerome is definitely in his ‘tender lover’ mood with Henrik here and he takes the lead right from the start, with Henrik being left to enjoy every bit of the foreplay.

When we get to the fucking though Jerome manages to work up quite a sweat while delving deep into Henrik.”

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BrokeStraightBoys: Drake Tyler barebacks Zach Covington

Broke Straight Boys: Drake Tyler bangs Zach Covington's tight ass raw
Broke Straight Boys Special Offer

Zach Covington’s sexy little ass is in for quite a pounding today as he gets Drake Tyler hard and bends over to take every inch!

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FamilyDick: “Mr. Byers and His Boy – Chapter 1: Turning up the Heat”

FamilyDick: "Mr. Byers and His Boy - Chapter 1: Turning up the Heat"

FamilyDick.com writes:

“As the weather gets colder, the temptation to turn up the heat gets harder to resist. Especially if it means walking around in nothing but your underwear.

This horny stepdad wouldn’t mind the sight of his scantily clad boy if he didn’t have to deal with the bill each month.

As payback, he decides the teen needs to pull his weight – by taking a throat full of cock and a mouth full of cum!”

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NextDoorStudios: Mark Long fucks Dakota Young raw in “Straight Up Cruisin'”

Next Door Studios: Dakota Young rides Mark Long's big dick bareback in "Straight Up Cruisin'"
Next Door Studios Trial Offer

Big-dicked Mark Long fucks Dakota Young’s tight hole raw at NextDoorStudios.com.

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MormonBoyz: Elder Campbell busts a nut fantasizing about Brother Hart in “Same-Sex Attraction”

MormonBoyz: Elder Campbell rubs one out fantasizing about Brother Hart in "Same-Sex Attraction"

MormonBoyz.com writes:

“Elder Campbell’s world was shaken when Brother Hart stripped him down and toyed with his body. The feeling of total submission scared him, but also excited him more than he could imagine. It’s been hard to shake off those feelings and to ignore the pleasure he got.

Now, in the quiet and comfort of his bed, the boy can’t help but touch himself thinking of the man who changed his life.”

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BelAmiOnline: Bobby Noiret and Alec Morrison fuck each other bareback

BelAmi: Bobby Noiret and Alec Morrison flip fuck raw
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BelAmiOnline.com writes:

“Both of our boys today are not what we would classify as regulars so it is some nice variety to see them paired up together today in what turned out to be a surprisingly hot encounter.”

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MormonBoyz: President Faust and Elder Land in “Disciplinary Action”

MormonBoyz: President Faust dominates Elder Land's ass in "Disciplinary Action"

MormonBoyz.com writes:

“Words of Elder Land’s perfect butt has spread around the Brethren. They know the boy cannot say no to the men of the priesthood and that deep down he loves feeling them control him.

President Faust requests another meeting with the boy to put his round ass to the test, seeing what it can take and how the boy responds to true dominance.”

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