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SeanCody: Peter fucks Troy bareback

SeanCody: Peter barebacks Troy
SeanCody: Peter barebacks Troy

Sean Cody writes:

““It’s going to be tough doing better than last time,” Peter said. “That was pretty hot… having two guys at once!”

It had been a few months since I’d seen Peter. But he was back and he was excited and he’d put on some more muscle.

“You’re bigger than you were the last time I saw you,” I said.

“Yeah, I’ve been hitting the gym pretty hard!”

“Well, I think today is going to be a lot of fun,” I said. “Have you seen Troy’s hairy ass yet?”

“I have!” Peter said. “I like it! He’s a really good looking guy!”

Troy, however, hadn’t seen Peter’s cock, and he was curious.

“You are in for a treat!” I told him…”

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SeanCody: Jess fucks Troy raw

SeanCody: Jess barebacks Troy
SeanCody: Jess barebacks Troy

Sean Cody writes:

““Wow, look at that… you’re making me hard already!”

Troy was rubbing Jess’ cock through his jeans, and the bulge was getting bigger.

Troy has really come out of his shell this past year, and I was happy to see him getting a little bolder!

Maybe it was just because Jess makes everyone feel so comfortable. That warm, radiating smile of his is contagious!

“Damn, that’s big!” Troy said when he saw Jess’ dick for the first time. “I hope I can take that!”

Jess laughed. “I know you can,” he said.

I could tell by the look on Jess’ face that he was planning on going deep!”

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Sean Cody

SeanCody: Jarek barebacks Troy

Sean Cody writes:

“One of my favorite things in life is hanging out with our guys. We went to breakfast with Troy and Jarek at a really great little beach cafe and then I took them over to explore the rocky coast line. Once there, they turned into little kids!

“I love that your’e doing this in flip flops!” Troy said to Jarek.

“I love that you’re doing this in nice jeans, glasses and a fancy watch!” Jarek replied.

Troy knew he’d been called out and he blushed. I thought it was hilarious!

Jarek stripped down to his undies and he flashed the camera a few times. The two romped around the rocks for a while, skipping stones and exploring. At one point, Jarek just sat down and got soaked by the waves.

“This is fun!” he said, with a big, big smile!

Once we got back to the house, Troy decided that he wanted to do something different. He went into the bathroom, got out the shaving cream and razor, and started to shave off his scruff.

“Wow… you’re being adventurous,” I said. “How long has it been since you shaved?”

“Dude it’s been so fucking long,” he said. “Like literally 5 years… I’m probably gonna look like a little boy.”

Once he was finished, he did look very innocent!

I think that Troy was a little nervous about taking Jarek’s big dick, so Jarek used his tongue to prep Troy’s hole.

“Damn, I’m working up a sweat over here!” Troy said. “Let’s do that some more!”

Jarek smiled mischievously and then shoved his tongue back into Troy’s hole.

Jarek was eager to fuck, and once they got going Troy’s nerves faded and he really started enjoying himself.

“Damn, he can fuck an ass!” Troy said, looking back at Jarek.”

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SeanCody: William barebacks Troy

Sean Cody writes:

“”This is the first dick I’ve ever had in my mouth,” William said. “Ill never forget you!”

He and Troy were taking a hot shower together and he had been going down on Troy’s cock aggressively.

“Fuck yeah! I’m in there for life!” Troy said, and then guided William’s mouth back onto his cock.

William was really excited. He admitted before that he had fucked ass, but I think Troy was something completely different for him.

“It’s going to be like a Chihuahua mounting a Great Dane!” I said, referring to their size difference.

“Yeah, but I’m really gonna fuck his ass hard to make up for it!” William said with his trademark confidence.

The boys were drying off from the shower, but William’s curiosity was as strong as ever, and he dove right into William’s ass.

“I want to get it ready before I fuck it,” he said. “Kind of like a taste test!”

“You know what I never knew about myself?” Troy asked rhetorically after he had been fucked silly…

“That I really like having something in my ass when I cum…. it triples the orgasm!””

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SeanCody: Jordan barebacks Troy

Sean Cody writes about this hot scene:

“”He tastes good!” Jordan said as he took control and started licking Troy all over.

Both of them looked really good. Jordan had been hitting the gym hard. Troy was the first to go for a dick in his mouth and for a first timer, he was actually pretty darn good at it! He even stuck a finger in Jordan’s ass while blowing him.

“I did not expect that!” Jordan said, surprised.

Then it was Jordan’s turn. He put Troy’s legs up in the air and started fucking him. I wasn’t quite sure how Troy was going to react.

“Shove that dick in me!” Troy said with a devilish smile on his face. I think Troy liked it a lot more than he thought he would!

In fact, if you want to know how much Troy really enjoyed it… check out the “behind the scenes” segment. Troy unexpectedly cums without even touching himself while riding Jordan hard.

“I couldn’t help it,” Troy said. “It just happened!”

Everyone was laughing… we all thought it was awesome that he could get off like that. Of course that didn’t stop the guys from fucking a little bit more!”

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