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FratmenSucks: Micky and Trent

FratmenSucks: Micky and Trent

Muscle jocks Micky and Trent blow each other’s fat cocks.

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FratmenSucks: “POV Trent”

FratmenSucks: "Trent POV"

FratmenSucks.com writes:

“Fratmen Trent has returned to us after ages of being away.

In his most recent video, Trent hangs out with an old-time Fratpad buddy, gets down on all-fours, and of course, sucks some dick.

He takes his time taking off his clothes, but once he’s completely naked, he gets down to business.”

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FratmenSucks: Jonah and Trent

FratmenSucks: Jonah and Trent

Here’s another update with two Fratpad veterans!

Trent meets Jonah in the bathtub after a rough night, and it turns into massages and blowjobs.

The end is really hot, and there’s some fun behind the scenes footage with Trent and Jonah in a car together comparing cocks.

Check out all the fun on FratmenSUCKS!

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FratmenSucks: Cole and Trent

FratmenSucks.com writes:

“Fratmen Cole and Fratmen Trent are two of the guys at the Pad that just love to be in the gym. Moreover, they love being in the gym naked. There’s plenty of opportunities to see each other’s sculpted, masculine physiques as they lift weights and stretch.

Both Fratmen Cole and Trent develop boners as they watch each other, and their thick cocks look amazing when they’re fully hard.

Our Fratmen can’t wait any longer, and they start sucking each other’s cocks.

Afterwards, they head to the shower to rinse or and exchange another round of buddy blowjobs. Fratmen Cole and Trent later stroke their thick cocks until they can’t take it anymore and erupt with cum.”

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FratmenSucks: Jackson and Trent

FratmenSucks.com writes:

“It looks like Trent scores again with another workout buddy. Jackson is back in town, and he’s ready for some heavy lifting.

Fratmen Trent is truly in his element in our private weight room. He is able to lift, sometimes fully nude, and work his muscles until he is covered in a sheen of sweat. Fratmen Jackson has surfaced again in Cyberspace, and he joins Trent for what is certain to be a hot session of lifting, and sucking cock.

After Trent and Jackson break a sweat, they head for a refreshing, cooling outdoor shower. Things only heat up as our boy’s cocks start to swell. Jackson and Trent can’t resist, and start blowing each other. Jackson goes down on the hammerhead, but not before Trent tries his uncut cock.

Yearning for more comfortable setting, these jocks move to the bed where they indulge fully and cum together.”

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FratmenSucks: Neil and Trent blow each other

FratmenSucks.com writes:

“Neil and Trent are two Fratmen that have accumulated some amazing duo experiences. Neil has cummed on Benji and even in Wally’s mouth while Trent got down and dirty with the twin brothers.

Today, both of our ripped boys bring their stunning bodies and cocks for some hot oral sex. You can really feel the chemistry between these two experienced alums.

Trent is careful as he sucks Neil’s uncut cock, and Neil bravely tackles Trent’s fat, ‘hammerhead’ dick.

After a steamy display of man on man action, our hot, young jocks jerk their cocks to full orgasm. Trent and Neil leave creamy white cum on their abs and lie back in exhaustion.”

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FratmenSucks: Ford and Trent blow each other

FratmenSucks.com writes:

“It’s Ford’s first time with another guy. Let’s see how he handles Trent’s hammerhead…

Fratmen Ford and Trent are two ripped, muscular jocks with very disciplined looks. Both of these guys can be pretty serious, but that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy a little bit of fun here and there.

Trent, who’s been in some amazing action in the past, invites Ford over for a shower to relax and take a load off. Words aren’t needed as these stunning frat boys slowly yearn for one another.

Our ripped, naked jocks grab each others cocks and stroke each other until they’re nice and hard. Sensing Ford is comfortable, Trent leans in to suck on his dick.

To return the favor, Ford gives his best shot at sucking on Trent’s thick, hammerhead cock. After the shower, both of these jocks stay naked and head to the bead for some massages with an intense ending.”

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FratmenSucks: Ajay, Micky and Trent blow each other

FratmenSucks.com writes:

“It’s getting hot in the gym this week! After a few duos, Trent is ready to double down with stunning twin brothers Ajay and Micky.

Fratmen Ajay and Trent know that a workout is always better when you have a committed workout buddy. They both have the tight, ripped, muscular bodies to prove that! When Ajay’s twin brother Micky was in town, we couldn’t resist putting them together for another amazing gym experience.

Ajay, Micky, and Trent begin with a very casual workout in the nude. These guys are so comfortable around each other, they don’t mind a little naked company. It isn’t long though, before Mick and Ajay pounce on the opportunity to give Trent a hot rub down. Taking extra care not to miss any part of Trent’s body, Ajay and Micky take turns caressing everything and sucking Trent’s fat cock.

Watching this, you’ll wish you could take his place!

Trent, being the Fratmen he is, returns the favor, and it isn’t long before these studs are stroking 3 amazing cocks together. The resulting cumshots are amazing, and Trent seals the afternoon with a gentle kiss.”

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Fratmen: “Trent@Pad”

Fratmen.tv writes:

“Fratmen Trent, the all star frat boy lives free in the naked dream house, the Fratpad, and welcomes us to see just how crazy of a lifestyle he’s willing to live with eight of his naked colleagues. The montage video contains all of what is recognized to be the greatest candid moments on LIVE webcam. You can’t miss this package of insane, funny and best of all, 100 percent real interactive content with one of the hottest men on the net.”

- Get the full scene at Fratmen.tv
- See more of Trent at Fratpad.com and FratmenSucks.com


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FratmenSucks: Trent and Vincent’s hot blowjob scene

FratmenSucks.com writes:

“On a snowy trip with everyone from the Fratpad, Trent and Vincent wander off for some fun by themselves. After brushing the snow from their clothes, our boys decide to share a warm shower together as a good way to escape the January cold.

Sitting relaxed and naked with his buddy, Vincent decides to instigate a little by grabbing Trent’s dick. With no protest, Vincent begins giving a blowjob to his friend. Feeling the urge to return the favor, Trent sucks on Vincent’s dick, ultimately leading to a sixty-nine position. It’s amazingly hot.

Both frat boys retire to the bedroom where they cum healthy loads.”

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