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NextDoorStudios: XL

Next Door Studios: XL enjoys some toys
Next Door Studios Special Offer

NextDoorStudios.com writes:

“Just as his name suggests, there’s nothing about XL that isn’t super sized. Whether it’s his bulging biceps or scultped chest muscles, or the heat he’s packing in his pants, it’s all above average.

Luckily, XL’s passion is also just as big, and he’s on full display as he enjoys a slippery moment to himself.

He starts by stroking his huge cock, then reclines back as he tests out a FleshJack. Filling it up, XL gets the urge to be penetrated, so he grabs a giant dildo and begins fucking himself.

He can barely get it all the way inside, but he manages as he gives it a nice ride. Having opened himself up, XL is rock hard and ready to burst, so he sits back down and strokes himself to the edge, before standing and blasting his gigantic nut all over the mirror in front of him.”

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Maskurbate: Arad Winwin

Maskurbate: "L.A. Auditions - Arad Winwin"
Special Offer

Pascal of Maskurbate.com writes:

“My goal has always been to feature the hottest guys in town. Fortunately, there are hot guys all over the world and I thought it would be nice to shoot some scenes in the US.

So, I recently talked to my friend Trenton Ducati about shooting some auditions for me in L.A. His good friend Arad Winwin agreed to make a pilot video so Trenton could try his new camera and show me what it could look like if we agreed to go ahead with this partnership.

I really like how it turned out, really simple, authentic and sexy. Obviously Arad was amazing as always. My only regret is that I wasn’t there on location to worship his amazing body. Well we never know… Maybe someday!”

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SeanCody: Hector, Deacon and Asher’s bareback threesome

Sean Cody: Hector, Deacon and Asher's raw threeway
SeanCody Special Offer
SeanCody Trial Offer

SeanCody.com writes:

““They are really sexy… they make me feel things.” Hector started touching himself with the thought of fucking around with Sean Cody’s sexy couple, Deacon and Asher.

He had a bit of a surprise in store for them to start the day off on the right foot… a double-sided dildo!

Of course, our hot couple was excited about it… but also eager to have Hector fuck them… and to fuck Hector; a good ol’ free for all!”

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Men.com: Johnny Rapid and Justin Matthews flip fuck in “Fleshjack in the Flesh”

Men.com: Johnny Rapid and Justin Matthews flip fuck in "Fleshjack in the Flesh"
Men.com Special Offer

Men.com writes:

“Johnny catches Justin pleasuring himself with none other than his own Johnny Rapid edition Fleshjack. Johnny decides to fulfill his fantasy and offer him a chance at the real thing.”

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Men.com: Cliff Jensen fucks Aston Springs in “Ass Controller, Part 4”

Men.com: Cliff Jensen fucks Aston Springs in "Ass Controller, Part 4"
Men.com Special Offer

Men.com writes:

“Cliff buys an ass controller for Aston and sends him on his way to work. He’s excited to test it out on his ass and is having a little too much fun, which sends Aston into a horny frenzy. He can’t wait to get home so he can get fucked by Cliff’s big dick.”

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Men.com: Topher DiMaggio fucks Timothy Drake in “Ass Controller, Part 2”

Men.com: Topher DiMaggio fucks Timothy Drake in "Ass Controller, Part 2"
Men.com Special Offer

Men.com writes:

“Topher gifts his boyfriend Timothy with an ass controller. Timothy is having way too much fun with his new toy and Topher gets a little jealous. Not one to be outdone and certainly not by a toy; he shows him who does it best.”

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LucasEntertainment: Jacen Zhu and Alexander Volkov flip fuck raw in “Gentlemen 22: Jizz Is the Bizz”

Lucas Entertainment: Alexander Volkov and Jacen Zhu flip fuck bareback in "Gentlemen 22: Jizz Is the Bizz"
Lucas Entertainment Special Offer

LucasEntertainment.com writes:

“Alexander Volkov is a Russian businessman who enjoys the taste of white-collar cock in New York City.

A business deal Alexander is closing with Jane Zhu can only be finalized one way: by stripping off their clothes and playing with each other raw erections!

Both Jacen and Alexander suck each other’s cocks before taking raw dick up their asses!”

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MormonBoyz: Elder Campbell, President Lee and Bishop Hart in “Atonement”

MormonBoyz: Elder Campbell gets his hole stretched in "Atonement"

MormonBoyz.com writes:

“Now that Elder Campbell has made his covenant with Bishop Hart, he belongs to him in a way that he couldn’t have imagined. The older man has commanded his fantasies for so long, but now he controls his body as well.

Hart loves nothing more than flaunting his authority, especially on his new dedicated submissive.

The handsome priest brings Elder Campbell to the temple to push the limits of his body and to prove once more just how loyal he is to the Order.”

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Men.com: Kit Cohen fucks Paul Canon in “Ass Controller, Part 1”

Men.com: Kit Cohen fucks Paul Canon in "Ass Controller, Part 1"
Men.com Special Offer

Men.com writes:

“Paul’s boyfriend is out of town for a week and gets him an electronic butt plug so he can play with his juicy ass from afar. Things get hot at the wrong time when Paul interviews with Kit and the toy is unleashed.”

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RagingStallion: Aleks Buldocek bangs Lorenzo Flexx in “TSA Checkpoint”

Raging Stallion: Aleks Buldocek stretches Lorenzo Flexx's hole in "TSA Checkpoint"

In Raging Stallion’s “TSA Checkpoint”, Lorenzo Flexx and Aleks Buldocek are airline baggage handlers. After going through some luggage and trying out some sex toys, Aleks bends his co-worker over the inspection table and drills his throbbing hole.

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