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Bromo: Scott Ambrose fucks Titus in “Raw Lock Up, Part 2”

Bromo: Scott Ambrose pounds Titus in "Raw Lock Up, Part 2"
Bromo.com Special Offer

Bromo.com writes:

“Scott Ambrose is a muscle hunk who knows what he wants. He’s no stranger to the deal at Raw Lock Up, where he’s quick to sniff out the fresh meat for his personal pleasure. When a hand-cuffed Titus catches his eye, Scott proceeds to use him like the cum slut he is.”

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SeanCody: Titus

Sean Cody: Titus fucks himself

SeanCody.com writes:

“Titus looks like that cute guy next door with the great smile and innocent look, but there’s definitely more to him than meets the eye.

If he was nervous, he didn’t show it at all. He seemed quite relaxed and eager to get off.

With the help of his hand and a couple of trusted dildos, Titus satisfied himself, but was left wanting the real thing…

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