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TitanMen: Hunter Marx fucks Dirk Caber in “Double Exposure”

TitanMen: Hunter Marx pounds Dirk Caber in "Double Exposure"

Dirk Caber snaps pics of a showering Hunter Marx, joining him under the water for a suck swap before bending over — his own cock leaking in excitement as he gets rammed.

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TitanMen: Shay Michaels gets fucked by Adam Champ in “Break a Sweat”

TitanMen: Adam Champ pounds Shay Michaels in "Break a Sweat"

After a hard workout, Shay Michaels gets some relief from spotter Adam Champ, whose massive chest and uncut throbber help relive his gym partner’s aching ass.

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TitanMen: Dallas Steele and Hunter Marx fuck each other in “Break a Sweat”

TitanMen: Dallas Steele and Hunter Marx flip fuck in "Break a Sweat"

In this scene from TitanMen’s “Break a Sweat”, Joggers Hunter Marx and Dallas Steele cruise each other in the park, then work up a bigger sweat in the sheets in a spirited flip fuck.

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TitanMen: Dario Beck gets fucked by Colby White in “Spur of the Moment”

TitanMen: Colby White fucks Dario Beck in "Spur of the Moment"

After completing his handyman work, Dario Beck gets another order from sexy boss Colby White — who takes charge of the blue collar stud’s man holes.

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TitanMen: Eddy CeeTee bangs Nick Prescott in “Blue Collar Ballers”

TitanMen: Eddy CeeTee pounds Nick Prescott in "Blue Collar Ballers"

Nick Prescott gets fucked by hairy muscle stud Eddy CeeTee in TitanMen’s “Blue Collar Ballers”.

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TitanMen: JD Phoenix bottoms for Colby White in “Opportunity Knocks”

TitanMen: Colby White fucks JD Phoenix in “Opportunity Knocks”

In this scene from TitanMen’s “Opportunity Knocks”, Colby White forgets to zip up after pissing, drawing the attention of J.D. Phoenix…

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TitanMen: Eddy CeeTee pounds Hugh Hunter in “Catch 22”

TitanMen: Eddy CeeTee fucks Hugh Hunter in "Catch 22"

Surfacing from the pool with his furry pecs soaking wet, Eddy CeeTee flashes a smile for tall and tattooed Hugh Hunter – who helps them both get wetter in an aggressive, grunt-filled fuck.

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TitanMen: Matt Stevens bottoms for Tyler Edwards in “Friends with Benefits”

TitanMen: Tyler Edwards fucks Matt Stevens in "Friends with Benefits"

Tired of watching TV, Matt Stevens puts on a better show for Tyler Edwards — swapping sucks with him before giving up his ass.

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TitanMen: Jesse Jackman and Donnie Dean fuck each other in “Pacific Coast”

TitanMen: Jesse Jackman and Donnie Dean bang each other in “Pacific Coast”

Donnie Dean’s outdoor shower catches the attention of hunky Jesse Jackman – the two getting each other even wetter before they swap fucks.

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TitanMen: Trent Davis bottoms for Hunter Marx in “Pacific Coast”

TitanMen: Hunter Marx fucks Trent Davis in "Pacific Coast"

Driving his pickup down a dirt road in the woods, Hunter Marx gets distracted by hiker Trent Davis — the two swapping sucks before Trent offers his jock ass.

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