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TitanMen: Adam Ramzi and Nick Prescott fuck each other in “Taxman Cumeth”

TitanMen: Adam Ramzi and Nick Prescott flip fuck in “Taxman Cumeth”

Hairy studs Nick Prescott and Adam Ramzi fuck each other’s eager holes in TitanMen’s “Taxman Cumeth”.

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TitanMen: Eric Nero gets fucked by big-dicked Tex Davidson in “Taxman Cumeth”

TitanMen: Eric Nero audits Tex Davidsons huge cock in "Taxman Cumeth"

Webcam performer Tex Davidson gets an unexpected visit from tax agent Eric Nero, who soon inspects the stud’s home office — before his ass gets a stiff inspection in return.

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TitanMen: Bennett Anthony and Micah Brandt bang each other

TitanMen: Bennett Anthony and Micah Brandt flip fuck

TitanMen.com writes:

“We’ve all experienced the casual but undeniable sexual energy of a barber shop. One man giving up a bit of control while the other serves him. The unspoken give and take. Tattooed, red-headed Bennett Anthony trims the hair and beard of the muscular Micah Brandt. A simple trim becomes a real sexual give and take as the two enjoy a flip-fuck right in the barber’s chair.”

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TitanMen: Muscle hunks Dallas Steele and Jesse Jackman flip fuck in “Out!”

TitanMen: Jesse Jackman and Dallas Steele pound each other in "Out!"

In this scene from TitanMen’s “Out!”, Reporter Dallas Steele makes a confession to Jesse Jackman—the two soon celebrating their 20-year crush with a muscle-bursting flip fuck.

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TItanMen: Dirk Caber fucks Luke Adams in “Out!”

TItanMen: Dirk Caber bangs Luke Adams in "Out!"

In this scene from TitanMen’s “Out!”, Minor league jock Luke Adams and coach Dirk Caber feast on each other’s boners before Dirk goes long into the bottom’s ass.

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TitanMen: Diesel Washington fucks Eric Nero in “Out!”

TitanMen: Diesel Washington pounds Eric Nero in "Out!"

In this scene from TitanMen’s “Out!”, Eric Nero learns that coach isn’t the only homo on the team… trainer Diesel Washington escalates a massage treatment, the two swallowing each other’s monsters before Eric offers his ass.

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TitanMen: Dallas Steele bangs Matthew Bosch in “Cauke for President”

TitanMen: Dallas Steele pounds Matthew Bosch in “Cauke for President”

TitanMen.com writes:

“Instead of preparing for the debate, the senator strokes his uncut cock — and is caught by chief of staff Dallas Steele. The senator sucks Steele’s dick, pulsing out of his dress pants. They kiss, Steele’s salt-and-pepper beard soon wrapped around Bosch’s beauty. The sucker continues to work it in bed, fingering Bosch’s hole as he services him.

The senator sucks him back, then straddles him and sits down on Steele’s rod. “Fuck me hard!” he moans as Steele grabs and spreads his hairy cheeks, the bottom’s huge dick circling around as he rides. Bosch gets pinned to the bed, his feet resting on the top’s chest as Steele’s pubes slam the bottom’s ass — the two finally releasing.

As they lay in bed their phones light up as news of the Senators sextape going viral hits the internet! “Well, I guess you don’t have to lie anymore”, says Dallas to the stunned Senator.”

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TitanMen: Luke Adams gets fucked by Adam Ramzi in “Cauke for President”

TitanMen: Adam Ramzi fucks Luke Adams in "Cauke for President"

TitanMen.com writes:

““I’ll do anything for the senator,” says volunteer Luke Adams, going door to door looking for votes. He’s greeted by Adam Ramzi wearing nothing but a towel, his throbber soon catching Adams’ attention. “Suck it,” says Ramzi, who face fucks the stud. The verbal alpha sucks the smooth stud back, the steel shaft deep inside the tattooed hunk’s bearded lips.

Ramzi eats out Adams’ smooth hole, then plows him from behind. Adams sits on the top, who pumps him from below (“So deep in your ass! Good boy…ride it!”). Adams’ steel shaft bounces as he rides, the two passionately kissing before the bottom squirts.

Ramzi licks the bottom’s load up, then squirts on his face. “Can I count on your vote”, says Luke looking up with cum dripping form his chin. “Oh, sorry I’m from Canada, I can’t vote”, says Adam as he licks his cum from Luke’s chin.”

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TitanMen: Matthew Bosch gets fucked by Nick Prescott in “Cauke for President”

TitanMen: Nick Prescott bangs Matthew Bosch in "Cauke for President"

TitanMen.com writes:

“Conservative presidential candidate Mike Cauke (Matthew Bosch) cruises Manhunt… then sneaks into the bedroom of a stroking Nick Prescott, who soon guides the conservative down.

Nick whips his dick on the sucker’s face, cupping his sac for the senator to suck. Nick sucks Bosch’s big uncut cock back, the two soon 69ing in bed before Nick buries his beard in the politician’s hairy ass.

While fucking the bottom from behind (“Gimmie that dick!”), the top realizes who he’s screwing—then turns on his camera to get dirt on the unsuspecting senator.

Nick gets the bottom on his back, holding his hairy legs in the air as he pounds away — the two soon squirting. Nick then shares the sex tape with his buddy, investigative political reporter Tex Davidson. ”

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TitanMen: Brendan Patrick gets fucked by Tommy Defendi in “Jailbreak”

TitanMen: Tommy Defendi fucks Brendan Patrick in "Jailbreak"

Hiding out during the escape, Tommy Defendi stumbles upon fellow inmate Brendan Patrick—who opens wide to engulf the stud’s monster in both of his holes.

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