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TitanMen: Eddy CeeTee bangs Nick Prescott in “Blue Collar Ballers”

TitanMen: Eddy CeeTee pounds Nick Prescott in "Blue Collar Ballers"

Nick Prescott gets fucked by hairy muscle stud Eddy CeeTee in TitanMen’s “Blue Collar Ballers”.

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TitanMen: JD Phoenix bottoms for Colby White in “Opportunity Knocks”

TitanMen: Colby White fucks JD Phoenix in “Opportunity Knocks”

In this scene from TitanMen’s “Opportunity Knocks”, Colby White forgets to zip up after pissing, drawing the attention of J.D. Phoenix…

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TitanMen: Eddy CeeTee pounds Hugh Hunter in “Catch 22”

TitanMen: Eddy CeeTee fucks Hugh Hunter in "Catch 22"

Surfacing from the pool with his furry pecs soaking wet, Eddy CeeTee flashes a smile for tall and tattooed Hugh Hunter – who helps them both get wetter in an aggressive, grunt-filled fuck.

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TitanMen: Matt Stevens bottoms for Tyler Edwards in “Friends with Benefits”

TitanMen: Tyler Edwards fucks Matt Stevens in "Friends with Benefits"

Tired of watching TV, Matt Stevens puts on a better show for Tyler Edwards — swapping sucks with him before giving up his ass.

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TitanMen: Jesse Jackman and Donnie Dean fuck each other in “Pacific Coast”

TitanMen: Jesse Jackman and Donnie Dean bang each other in “Pacific Coast”

Donnie Dean’s outdoor shower catches the attention of hunky Jesse Jackman – the two getting each other even wetter before they swap fucks.

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TitanMen: Trent Davis bottoms for Hunter Marx in “Pacific Coast”

TitanMen: Hunter Marx fucks Trent Davis in "Pacific Coast"

Driving his pickup down a dirt road in the woods, Hunter Marx gets distracted by hiker Trent Davis — the two swapping sucks before Trent offers his jock ass.

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TitanMen: Mike De Marko and Nick Prescott fuck each other in “Grease Monkey”

TitanMen: Mike De Marko and Nick Prescott flip fuck in "Grease Monkey"

After opening wide to suck Nick Prescott, Mike De Marko eats him in the back of a pickup truck — the two soon flip fucking in a ride that leaves both of them breathless.

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TitanMen: Kevin Lee gets pounded by Adam Champ in “In the Shadows”

TitanMen: Adam Champ fucks Kevin Lee in “In the Shadows”

The cocks and bods of smooth Kevin Lee and hairy Adam Champ collide in a meeting of muscles in this scene from TitanMen’s “In the Shadows”.

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TitanMen: Tony Orion fucks Dario Beck in “In the Shadows”

TitanMen: Dario Beck gets fucked by Tony Orion in "In the Shadows"

Tony Orion falls asleep to find Dario Beck stroking beside him, the two exchanging sucks before Tony takes control of the bottom’s hairy hole.

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TitanMen: Hunter Marx and Damien Stone’s flip-fuck in “Bad Cop”

TitanMen: Hunter Marx pound each other Damien Stone in “Bad Cop”

The precinct locker room heats up when Hunter Marx and Damien Stone finish a long shift, rewarding each other with their big dicks in a hot-and-hairy flip fuck.

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