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TimTales: Tim Kruger fucks Valentin Braun

TimTales: Valentin Braun rides Tim Kruger's thick cock

TimTales.com writes:

“Summer is here at Timtales. We got you a beautiful sunny scene on Tim’s terrace with a gorgeous newcomer. Meet Valentin Braun.

A fellow German from Berlin, Valentin is a dancer with a fantastic ass. He’s the introverted type that loves cock.

So Tim was eager to have a taste of that wonderful hole. Watch them fuck under the sunny blue sky of Barcelona. Enjoy! :)”

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TimTales: Devon Lebron fucks Lukas Daken bareback

TimTales: Devon Lebron deep dicks Lukas Daken raw

TimTales.com writes:

“Get ready for some wide hole opening! Timtales Exclusive Devon Lebron raw fucks one of his all-time favorite bottoms. Lukas Daken was born to take massive cocks so Devon is his perfect match.

When Devon first started to bareback Lukas, he turned to me: “wow, it’s like butter!”. His massive black cock just entered Lukas’ hole without any resistance. So at this moment, Devon knew he would breed that hole the way he likes; deep and hard!

Watch out for some serious hole opening moments. It’s glorious to see! Enjoy :)”

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TimTales: Camilo Uribe bangs César Paulino raw

TimTales: Camilo Uribe barebacks César Paulino

TimTales.com writes:

“Que culazo tio! Camilo Uribe gives his thick latino cock to our greedy bottom César Paulino. Again, César shows his devotion in sucking Camilo’s cock.

And he takes that piece of meat like a champ! It’s ultra thick and super hard, just the way his hole likes it!”

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TimTales: Big-dicked Franklin Acevedo barebacks Jonathan Miranda

TimTales: Jonathan Miranda rides Franklin Acevedo's huge cock bareback

TimTales.com writes:

“Huge cock alert! It’s Friday night and at Timtales we know that you’re craving a big thick raw cock. So we found you Franklin Acevedo and his mighty dick!

Timtales Exclusive Jonathan Miranda is the first to sit on this perfect cock. And he freaking loves it!

Franklin is a sexy and tall Venezuelan living in Barcelona. He’s this rough top kinda guy who won’t stop fucking you till he breeds your hole. He’ll fit right in at Timtales!

Enjoy that mighty dick! :)”

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TimTales: Cristian Sam pounds Ian Torres

TimTales: Ian Torres rides Cristian Sam's thick cock

Ian Torres gets fucked hard and deep by Cristian Sam and his 9-inch cock at TimTales.com!

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TimTales: Eduardo Picasso fucks César Paulino

TimTales: César Paulino gets pounded by Eduardo Picasso and his 12-inch cock

César Paulino rides Eduardo Picasso’s monster cock at TimTales.com.

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TimTales: Ridder Rivera fucks Andy Star deep and raw

TimTales: Ridder Rivera pounds Andy Star raw

TimTales.com writes:

“Timtales Exclusive Ridder Rivera is back to show Andy Star how hard they fuck in Havana!

Andy couldn’t believe his eyes. Ridder’s muscular built is beyond perfect. Andy couldn’t stop touching his muscles in disbelief!

What follows is hard pounding and harder breeding; the only way Ridder enjoys it!”

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TimTales: Caio Veyron pounds César Paulino

TimTales: César Paulino rides Caio Veyron's 11-inch cock

Big-dicked Caio Veyron bangs César Paulino’s tight ass at TimTales.com.

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TimTales: Ridder Rivera fucks Louis Ricaute raw

TimTales: Ridder Rivera barebacks Louis Ricaute

Louis Ricaute takes Ridder Rivera’s raw cock at TimTales.com.

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TimTales: Devon Lebron and Patrick Grau double fuck Chucho Martin

TimTales: Chucho Martin gets double penetrated by big-dicked Devon Lebron and Patrick Grau

Watch Chucho Martin as he takes Devon Lebron and Patrick Grau’s 9 and 10-inch cocks like a champ at TimTales.com.

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