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TimTales: Fostter Riviera and Koldo pound Hugh Hunter raw

TimTales: Hugh Hunter gets pounded raw by Koldo and Fostter Riviera

TimTales.com writes:

“Hugh Hunter got the ride of his life with these two young loaded stallions. Koldo and Timtales’ exclusive Fostter Riviera couldn’t be more excited to team up and test this bottomless hunk with their thick raw meat.

After the shoot, I asked Hugh who was the best fucker between the two. He told me that while Koldo fucks harder and like a jackhammer, Fostter is a hit-the-spot, gut-ramming top. Quite the perfect teammates!

From hard pounding to passionate fucking, Hugh got stretched up wide and left with a cum-oozing hole. ”

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TimTales: Tim Kruger fucks the cum out of Sunny Colucci

TimTales: Sunny Colucci takes Tim Kruger's big dick like a champ

TimTales.com writes:

“Sunny Colucci brought with him the first day of summer here in Barcelona. And for Tim, that meant a never ending day of fucking!

They started inside but soon moved to the terrace. Warm winds, hard sun and multiple climaxes.

I’m sure Sunny didn’t expect that endless rampage. He took Tim’s bull cock like a champion, for an entire day!”

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TimTales: Big-dicked studs Tim Kruger and Caio Veyron fuck Bogdan Gromov

TimTales: Bogdan Gromov gets fucked by Tim Kruger and Caio Veyron's big dicks

Big-dicked studs Tim Kruger and Caio Veyron take turns on Bogdan Gromov’s asshole at TimTales.com.

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TimTales: Tim Kruger pounds Max Toro

TimTales: Tim Kruger fucks Max Toro

TimTales.com writes:

“Max Toro is an all man, masculine type of guy. He is strong by nature and works out a lot on top. A real hunk. Nevertheless he loves to submit his muscle ass to big strong cock once in a while.

And that’s what happened on that afternoon. Tim gave it to him hard on the fuck mattress and then shot his load into Max’s wide open mouth.”

Louis Ricaute is a young and hairy hunk from Venezuelan who likes to take big dick up his ass! Check him out in his first scene for TimTales.com.

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TimTales: Tim Kruger fucks Louis Ricaute

TimTales: Tim Kruger bangs Louis Ricaute

Louis Ricaute is a young and hairy hunk from Venezuelan who likes to take big dick up his ass! Check him out in his first scene for TimTales.com.

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TimTales: Tim Kruger fucks Ian Torres

TimTales: Tim Kruger bangs Ian Torres

TimTales.com writes:

“Tim met this beautiful sexy young hottie during Madrid Gaypride and had so much fun with him that he really wanted him on Timtales.com. It didn’t cost much persuasion because Ian was totally up for it so he came to visit and shot this hot video with Tim.

Very obviously he is a real talent and you’ll see him more often here now. The next shoot with Ian is already set up.”

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TimTales: Faruk Barron takes Esteban’s big cock bareback

TimTales: Faruk Barron takes Esteban's big cock raw

Arabian newcomer Farus Barron takes on Esteban’s thick cock at TimTales.com.

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TimTales: Tony Dazzle bottoms for Tim Kruger

TimTales: Tim Kruger fucks Tony Dazzle

Tony Dazzle gets his ass fucked by big-dicked Tim Kruger and takes a mouthful of Tim’s thick cum!

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TimTales: Tim Kruger fucks muscle hunk Dominique Hansson

TimTales: Tim Kruger fucks Dominique Hansson

TimTales.com writes:

“Dominique Hansson is a 2 meters tall muscle giant, a man like a mountain, and he loves to get fucked. Preferably hard and even more preferably by real big cocks. That’s how Tim came into play.

We asked Dominique if he wanted to shoot with us and he could not say no, thinking of Tim’s huge pole.

Tim gave him an extra hard ass fuck in our home gym and Dominique proved to be all man, all muscle and a real taker.

This new Timtales Man is sure to be seen again soon on our site.”

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TimTales: Rocco Steele bangs Alejandro Dumas bareback

TimTales: Alejandro Dumas rides Rocco Steele's big dick bareback

Cuban power bottom Alejandro Dumas takes on muscle daddy Rocco Steele and his massive cock at TimTales.com!

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