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TimTales: Koldo Goran fucks Louis Ricaute bareback

TimTales: Koldo Goran fucks Louis Ricaute raw

Louis Ricaute takes Koldo Goran’s massive cock raw at TimTales.com!

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TimTales: Cristian Sam deep dicks Joaquin Santana

TimTales: Cristian Sam pounds Joaquin Santana

Big-dicked alpha top Cristian Sam fucks Joaquin Santana’s tight hole hard and deep at TimTales.com!

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TimTales: Ridder Rivera bangs Henrik Sommer

TimTales: Ridder Rivera pounds Henrik Sommer

TimTales.com writes:

“Henrik Summer got destroyed by the alpha Argentinian in his previous scene. So we got him some Cuban tender heat for his recovery.

Timtales Exclusive Ridder Rivera is back with his perfectly muscular body and his cocky Latino attitude.

Henrik was already drooling at the sigh of him. He’s also pretty rough with Henrik’s poor little hole, but he’s also passionately intimate.

Both guys were sweating like hell during that intense fuck. I’m sure you can feel the heat :)”

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TimTales: Big-dicked Caio Veyron fucks Andy Star deep

TimTales: Caio Veyron deep dicks Andy Star

TimTales.com writes:

“Timtales Exclusive Caio Veyron is on fire! He fucks Andy Star like we’ve never seen before! He opens Andy’s hole to its widest possible limits. It’s unbelievable.

Caio wanted to fuck that day and he couldn’t hold it back. He knew Andy was an expert at taking big cocks, so he gave him the fuck of his life. Andy couldn’t walk after that scene!”

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TimTales: Joaquin Santana’s bareback gangbang with Vadim Romanov, Fostter Riviera and Koldo Goran

TimTales: Joaquin Santana's raw gangbang with Vadim Romanov, Fostter Riviera and Koldo Goran

TimTales.com writes:

“After graduating his first bareback threesome with two BBCs, Joaquin wanted more. So when two cocks isn’t enough, three massive raw cocks will do!

Timtales Exclusives Koldo Goran, Fostter Riviera and Vadim Romanov give Joaquin the ride of his life. It’s officially Joaquin’s first gangbang and he’s right in his element!

Greedy as he is, Joaquin takes all of their cock and more! Double penetration at it’s finest here. It really was a battle between the three tops to breed that beautiful little hole.”

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TimTales: Ricky Ibañez gets double penetrated by Rodrigo and Caio Veyron’s massive cocks

TimTales: Ricky Ibañez's "Xtreme DP Session" with Rodrigo and Caio Veyron

TimTales.com writes:

“I don’t normally use the word “extreme”, but in this case, it was totally appropriate. Here’s one hell of a double penetration session for Ricky Ibañez!

Timtales’ Caio Veyron is in direct competition with Rodrigo. Two Brazilians with unbelievably huge cocks, showing and fighting off for Ricky’s hole.

They fucked him upside-down inside-out! What a trouper. Ricky deserves a trophy after that insane scene! Enjoy :)”

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TimTales: Cristian Sam bangs Henrik Sommer

TimTales: Cristian Sam fucks Henrik Sommer's muscle ass hard and deep

TimTales.com writes:

“Get ready for the roughest fuck of your life! Timtales Exclusive Henrik Sommer gets destroyed by the Argentinian alpha macho Cristian Sam.

So here’s the back story. Right before I turned on the camera, Henrik told Cristian: “I like it rough”. And Cristian didn’t even respond. He just had this devilish smile on his face. Well, to say the least, it was the roughest fuck of Henrik’s life.

Cristian gagged him with his long perfect cock. He fucked his throat and his hole with such intensity that you’ll be left breathless. That sex session, he won’t forget any time soon!”

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TimTales: Big-dicked Devon Lebron and Patrick Grau tag team Jonathan Miranda bareback

TimTales: Jonathan Miranda takes Devon Lebron and Patrick Grau's enormous cocks raw

Jonathan Miranda worships Devon Lebron and Patrick Grau’s enormous dicks at TimTales.com.

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TimTales: Adam Sahar pounds Jake Cook bareback

TimTales: Adam Sahar barebacks Jake Cook

TimTales.com writes:

“Timtales found you another rough diamond with a fat cock! We’re proud to introduce Adam Sahar in our family. That guy is hot! Big arms and athletic body with the most beautiful heart-shaped lips.

And lucky us, he’s got that fat cock ready to plow some raw holes.

Jake Cook is fortunate enough to be the first one riding that cock and kissing those perfect lips. Adam is rough but tender too. He’s so sexy when he sticks out his tongue while fucking Jake.

Watch out for more scenes with Adam Sahar!”

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TimTales: Big-dicked Tim Kruger and Emanuel Rucci fuck Patrick Dei in “Tim’s Holiday Threesome”

TimTales: Tim Kruger and Emanuel Rucci tag team Patrick Dei in "Tim’s Holiday Threesome"

TimTales.com writes:

“Patrick Dei is the lucky bottom to take two Timtales Exclusives!

He better be hungry! His eager hole is ready for Tim’s massive cock and Emanuel Rucci’s never-ending dick.

He got pig roasted Timtales style. A dick in every hole, and a wide smile at the end :)”

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