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TimTales: Tim Kruger fucks Valentin Braun

TimTales: Valentin Braun rides Tim Kruger's thick cock

TimTales.com writes:

“Summer is here at Timtales. We got you a beautiful sunny scene on Tim’s terrace with a gorgeous newcomer. Meet Valentin Braun.

A fellow German from Berlin, Valentin is a dancer with a fantastic ass. He’s the introverted type that loves cock.

So Tim was eager to have a taste of that wonderful hole. Watch them fuck under the sunny blue sky of Barcelona. Enjoy! :)”

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TimTales: Big-dicked Tim Kruger and Emanuel Rucci fuck Patrick Dei in “Tim’s Holiday Threesome”

TimTales: Tim Kruger and Emanuel Rucci tag team Patrick Dei in "Tim’s Holiday Threesome"

TimTales.com writes:

“Patrick Dei is the lucky bottom to take two Timtales Exclusives!

He better be hungry! His eager hole is ready for Tim’s massive cock and Emanuel Rucci’s never-ending dick.

He got pig roasted Timtales style. A dick in every hole, and a wide smile at the end :)”

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TimTales: Tim Kruger drills Carlos Fontana

TimTales: Tim Kruger deep-dicks Carlos Fontana

TimTales.com writes:

“Carlos Fontana wrote to us about shooting with Tim. He wanted that massive cock to himself so badly. And I certainly can’t blame him.

When he met Tim on my terrace, he started kissing him and felt that humongous cock grow. You should have seen his smile. He was like a kid in a candy store. Carlos’ dick was hard the entire shoot. I guess he really loved every single minute of it :)”

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TimTales: Rodrigo Mix gets pounded by Tim Kruger

TimTales: Tim Kruger pounds Rodrigo Mix

Big-dicked Tim Kruger fucks Brazilian newcomer Rodrigo Mix at TimTales.com.

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TimTales: Big-dicked Tim Kruger bangs Romeo Montero

TimTales: Tim Kruger fucks Romeo Montero tight hole

TimTales.com writes:

“Tim is on initiation mode today! He wide opens a fresh muscle beefcake from Brazil. Very tight at first, but smooth like butter towards the end. Tim is the expert at opening holes with his beloved massive cock. Romeo was totally stoked when he first grabbed that gigantic bulge. He came hungry and left happy :)”

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TimTales: Tim Kruger fucks Daniel Azcona

TimTales: Daniel Azcona rides Tim Kruger's thick cock

TimTales.com writes:

“Tim is fucking a sexy newcomer from Mexico City. Daniel Azcona was visiting Barcelona and Tim wanted a taste of that thick latino ass. Daniel didn’t expect Tim’s cock to be that massive. Watch his face being torn between pain and pleasure!”

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TimTales: Hot newcomer Chucho Martin rides Tim Kruger’s massive cock

TimTales: Tim Kruger fucks hot newcomer Chucho Martin

TimTales.com writes:

“Timtales is proud to introduce an exquisite Spanish newcomer. Chucho Martin is beyond hot! Dark skin, red pouty lips, juicy hole, and above all, horny as hell.

Chucho freaking loves to get fucked. Every stroke of Tim’s cock sent him to heaven. And Chucho stayed hard and dripping precum the entire shoot.

He’s got that horny way of licking his upper lip that turns me on.

Watch out for more massive cocks taking over this perfect Spanish bottom.”

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Gabriel Lunna gets pounded by Tim Kruger at TimTales

TimTales: Tim Kruger fucks Gabriel Lunna

Tim Kruger fucks Gabriel Lunna’s muscle ass at TimTales.com.

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TimTales: Tim Kruger fucks Joaquin Santana

TimTales: Newcomer Joaquin Santana rides Tim Kruger's big cock

Joaquin Santana, who hails from Colombia, starts off his porn career by taking Tim Kruger’s massive cock like a pro!

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TimTales: Patrick Dei gets fucked by Tim Kruger and his massive cock

TimTales: Tim Kruger fucks Patrick Dei

TimTales.com writes:

“Tim tastes the huge bouncy ass of the sexy Venezuelan Patrick Dei. With these gorgeous horny eyes, Tim can only fuck him harder and deeper. Judging from his moaning of joy and pain, Patrick didn’t expect Tim’s cock to be that thick. But he took him like a champ and got rewarded with a hot load deep in his mouth.”

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