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ChaosMen: Nicholas Duff creampies Sean Peyton

ChaosMen: Nicholas Duff fucks Sean Peyton raw

ChaosMen.com writes:

“Sean has gone full on carpet and embraced his hairy nature! Yum! While Nicholas does not have full chest hair, between his beard and hairy legs, I also consider him a hairy dude also. If you like hirsute guys, you will love this hair fest!”

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ChaosMen: Michael and Sean Peyton fuck each other bareback

ChaosMen: Michael and Sean Peyton flip fuck raw

ChaosMen.com writes:

“After I tossed Michael into the deep end of the pool by doing a TagTeam with Jerome and Wren, I thought he needed some one-on-one time. He was a little lost in that video. Not sexually lost, but he just seemed unsure how to open-up to the cameras and let us see all the naughty things he was doing.

He likes to both top and bottom, and Sean Peyton is always down to do both. I figured Sean could help guide him a bit with showing-off to the viewing audience.

He is still getting used to the cameras, but Michael is certainly not lacking any sex skills!”

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ChaosMen: Justis and Sean Peyton blow each other

ChaosMen: Justis and Sean Peyton suck each other off

ChaosMen.com writes:

“Justis really dives in to this video!

Sean starts by playing with his cock through his shorts, but Justis is hard and ready to go. He looks around uncomfortably, not really sure where to look, but VERY turned on.

Despite Justis saying he is straight, I am going to toss him in the ‘bi, at least’ category for now. He was very comfortable, and shaking with excitement, very much like we all did during our own first times.

I know ‘first time’ videos are dubious, but he swears he has never done anything with a guy, so perhaps he has been saving-up for a situation where it would be “just a job.”

Regardless, Sean works his cock like a pro. He gets him on the couch to really attack his dick with his mouth.

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ChaosMen: Oliver King and Sean Peyton service each other

ChaosMen: Oliver King and Sean Peyton suck each other off

Hot studs Sean Peyton and Oliver King blow each other at ChaosMen.com!

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ChaosMen: Adam Cub barebacks Sean Peyton

ChaosMen: Adam Cub fucks Sean Peyton raw

Power bottom Sean Peyton gets his hole creamed by muscle hunk Adam Cub at ChaosMen.com.

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ChaosMen: Clayton and Sean Peyton service each other

ChaosMen: Clayton and Sean Peyton blow each other
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ChaosMen.com writes:

“I had Clayton and Sean watch some videos together to keep things simple. I knew once they had their cocks hard, they both would soon be showing-off their oral skills.”

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ChaosMen: Cooper Reed fucks Sean Peyton raw

ChaosMen: Cooper Reed fucks Sean Peyton bareback

ChaosMen.com writes:

“After doing a handful of Serviced videos, I realized that not only is Sean a pro cocksucker, but he reminded me he is an ‘avid’ bottom.

So I thought I would put him with another pro. Cooper Reed has been waiting almost a year for his re-admittance back into the military. He thought he was getting in 6 months ago, and now has a ‘for sure’ entry date. Official date is now July, so I can sneak in a few more videos with him.

He has been training really hard too and it shows. He was swimming a bunch so the last couple videos he was lean muscular, but switched back to power lifting and wow, you can really tell!

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ChaosMen: Shepherd and Sean Peyton service each other

ChaosMen: Shepherd and Sean Peyton blow each other

ChaosMen.com writes:

“I thought Shepherd would be nervous, but just like his solo, his cock was ready to go before Sean could get his shorts off.

Shepherd has a quiet yet bossy vibe about him. Sean buries his nose into Shepherd’s musky pubes. Shepherd stayed totally in the moment, relishing having his cock serviced. No sneak peeks at straight porn, he was there to be serviced and to play with another dude.

He also played with Sean’s cock, and they jousted for a bit. There is an energy about him that I really like. Bossy, masculine, but also really wanting to please his buddy. I get a “I’m horny, your horny, so let’s jerk and suck each other off here in the locker room.” vibe about him!

Shepherd dives in to give Sean’s cock a good sucking, while his own cock drips pre-cum. I think it is safe to say, that Shepherd was turned on doing this video!”

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