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RagingStallion: Spencer Whitman, Hans Berlin and Sean Knight threesome in “Shut Up and Fuck Me!”

Spencer Whitman, Hans Berlin and Sean Knight's hot threesome in "Shut Up and Fuck Me!"
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In Raging Stallion’s “Shut Up and Fuck Me!”, Hans Berlin and Spencer Whitman take turns fucking Sean Knight’s face and ass until Hans wants a go at getting his own hole stretched. Sean fucks the daddy’s face as Spencer takes it up the rear until all three blast their loads leaving Hans a sticky, panting mess.

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NakedSword: Dark Alley Media’s “Dirty Thots”

NakedSword: Dark Alley Media's "Dirty Thots"

Dark Alley Media writes at NakedSword.com:

“That ho over there is looking for big cock to suck, fuck and milk the cum out of. Dirty Thots are on the loose and fucking thirsty.

Watch as they pack as much dick and jizz into their greedy holes as humanly possible.”

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