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NakedSword: BelAmi’s “Lust for Boys 2”

NakedSword: BelAmi's "Lust for Boys 2"
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BelAmi writes at NakedSword:

“Some boys began their porn adventure elsewhere, but found their way to Bel Ami. Who has ‘future star’ written all over him? You can be the judge as you watch Lust For Boys 2.

Sit back and relax as these uncut boys take you on one of the hottest bareback adventures from Bel Ami!”

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BelAmiOnline: Ronny Lamarr barebacks Tommy Poulain

BelAmi: Ronny Lamarr fucks Tommy Poulain raw
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BelAmiOnline.com writes:

“After a glass of wine and watching some online porn, Ronny is confident that his blow jobs skills are better than the guy in the video. The truth is that both the boys today give an impressive display of oral skills, and when it comes to the fucking, the choice is natural as to who will be top and who gets to bottom.

Tommy, with his slightly naive innocence, seems to be just made for bottoming, and we all know that Ronny just loves sex, whether he is on the top or being passive.”

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BelAmiOnline: Jack Harrer gets fucked bareback by Andre Boleyn and Ronny Lamarr

BelAmi: Andre Boleyn and Ronny Lamarr tag team Jack Harrer bareback
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BelAmiOnline.com writes:

“Most of our boys start to get worried every time Jack says ‘I have a super idea’ as it normally involved Jack’s huge dick going into someone’s butt… This time it is not the case though, and his great idea turns out to be someone fucking him instead.

Ronny Lamarr is the lucky one to get to fuck Jack this time around while Andre is there to make sure that everything goes smoothly, and also to get himself a taste of both boys dicks. 3 experienced models usually makes for a very hot scene, and we are not disappointed here.”

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BelAmiOnline: Ronny Lamarr and Dylan Maguire fuck each other bareback

BelAmi: Ronny Lamarr and Dylan Maguire flip fuck raw

BelAmiOnline.com writes:

“In all honesty, as soon as I saw the names of the boys for this week’s ‘Summer of Love’ flip-flop I knew we would be in for a treat.

Dylan and Ronny are our two most naturally kinky and sexually uninhibited guys, so putting them in a scene together would always result in a corker!

The boys certainly don’t disappoint and Marty even seems to have some trouble holding them back from each other so that he can have a little chat before they jump into the action. Boys, toys and a lot of fun!”

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