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IconMale: Tobias tops Roman Todd in “The Married Man”

IconMale: Tobias fucks Roman Todd in "The Married Man"

IconMale.com writes:

“Sexy married man Roman Todd tries to avoid his wife so he can spend some time with his new crush – straight college sports jock Tobias.

Watch these two bros give in to their forbidden attraction and succumb to their burning desire to fuck while Roman’s wife is at work. Bros cum before hoes!”

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NakedSword: Falcon Studios’ “A Night at the Entourage”

NakedSword: Falcon Studios "A Night at the Entourage"
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Falcon Studios writes at NakedSword.com:

“Falcon Studios takes you to the bathhouse on a quest to find the hottest bodies to satisfy your deepest desires. Dim lights, anonymous men, and unlimited places to suck a dick or fuck an ass is all in ‘A Night at the Entourage’.

Watch nine hung and horny studs make your night a whole lot sexier when they meet up for random sex and unleash all the cum you can handle.”

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HotHouse: Johnny V and Roman Todd bang each other in “Cross Fuck”

HotHouse: Johnny V and Roman Todd bang each other in "Cross Fuck"
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In HotHouse’s “Cross Fuck”, cross-coach Johnny V whips out his cock as an incentive for Roman Todd to do a few more sit-ups. Soon the workout gets scrapped in favor of some hardcore flip-fucking that leaves Johnny covered in jizz.

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Men.com: Roman Todd tops Titus in “Projecting Cock”

Men.com: Roman Todd fucks Titus in "Projecting Cock"

Men.com writes:

“Roman accidentally projects an image of his cock in class and is left feeling embarrassed. Titus stays behind to reassure him he won’t get fired but he also wants to see the real thing and get a taste while he’s at it.

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NextDoorStudios: Ty Thomas, Mark Long and Roman Todd’s raw threeway in “Brothers Share”

Next Door Studios: Mark Long, Roman Todd and Ty Thomas fuck each other raw in "Brothers Share"
Next Door Studios Special Offer

Roman Todd, Mark Long and Ty Thomas take turns fucking each other bareback at NextDoorStudios.com.

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NakedSword: Hot House Video’s “Get Lit”

NakedSword: Hot House Video's "Get Lit"
NakedSword Special Offer

Hot House Video writes at NakedSword.com:

“In ‘Get Lit’, the sexual play space of the not-so-far-off future has evolved into a spectacular setting where the sex is extraordinary.

Take a journey into the ultra-modern, sleek sex club with stunning men who take fucking to another level. Let your fantasies unwind with hard bodies, stiff cocks and deep assholes, enjoying sex with added dimensions and acrobatic intensity.

Nick Foxx directs this neo-sexual feast starring the horny men of Hot House in ‘Get Lit’.

This erotic setting and its youthful inhabitants swallow dick, eat ass, and fuck in a whole new way.”

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Falcon Studios: JJ Knight fucks Roman Todd in “A Night at the Entourage”

Falcon Studios: Roman Todd takes JJ Knight's 10-inch cock in "A Night at the Entourage"
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In this scene from Falcon Studios’ “A Night at the Entourage”, Roman Todd hops in the hot tub looking for some hot action. JJ Knight approaches him, and after taking turns sucking all the dick they can get, Roman bends over and lets JJ go deep with his extra thick hard-on.

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NakedSword Originals: Roman Todd fucks Seth Knight in “Pool Mates, Episode 4”

NakedSword Originals: Roman Todd fucks Seth Knight in "Pool Mates, Episode 4"
NakedSword Special Offer

NakedSword.com writes:

“Wow! There’s no denying the sexual attraction between Roman Todd and Seth Knight. Seth can barely contain himself under water or poolside when Todd takes a chair and kicks back for some legit cock worship.

He begs Roman to fuck his face then bends over to offer up his perfect tight hole.

Roman can’t control himself around Seth’s delicious ass. To call it a rim job is an understatement… this is a legendary ass buffet.

Seth mounts Roman and rides his dick until he blows then goes back down on Roman’s cock to eat his creamy white load.”

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Men.com: Cliff Jensen fucks Roman Todd in “Counting Cards”

Men.com: Roman Todd rides Cliff Jensen's thick cock in "Counting Cards"
Men.com Special Offer

Men.com writes:

“Cliff and Roman are playing cards with the boys and no one notices Roman jerking off under the table. Cliff gets upset at Roman’s plays which end up losing him money. He soon finds out why! He rewards himself for losing with a blowjob and some deep ass plunging.”

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NakedSword Originals: Roman Todd fucks Gabriel Alanzo in “Pool Mates, Episode 1”

NakedSword Originals: Roman Todd fucks Gabriel Alanzo in "Pool Mates, Episode 1"
NakedSword Special Offer

NakedSword.com writes:

“What do you do when it’s 100 degrees and your fuck buddy is even hotter? You strip down and dive in head first for a non-stop suck and fuck session poolside under the blazing sun. Get wet and get off with Pool Mates.”

“When Roman Todd asks Gabriel Alanzo is eager to oblige. His expert cock-sucking skills almost get Roman off but Gabriel has other plans for his buddy’s rock-hard meat; he wants his hole plowed.

Roman slams his ass from all sides then pulls out and fills Gabriel’s mouth with his hot white cum. When you hear Roman call Gabriel “Baby” you’ll blow your load too.”

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