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My10Inches: Seth Santoro takes Rocco Steele’s huge cock bareback

My10Inches: Seth Santoro takes Rocco Steele's enormous cock raw

My10Inches.com writes:

“Ever since I started porn, I’ve wanted to do a scene with Seth. He has this quiet sexiness about him-like he knows a secret or something. When he agreed to do a scene with me, I was really excited.

I got a taste of that amazing and juicy ass in a show we did together last year. I was looking forward to more quality time with him… experiencing that ass in every position.

I decided I wanted him in a sling. I wanted that ass on full display in front of me… all exposed for me to rim and fuck to my heart’s (and cock’s) desire. He tasted as good as I imagined and his hole felt like a bit of heaven.

We fucked in every position you could in a sling-he even got on top and rode me-no easy feat. I couudn’t get enough and I finally had to blow.

Fucking Seth Santoro was everything I imagined. He did not disappoint and I assure you, neither will this scene. Keep your cum rag handy…

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My10Inches: Rocco Steele fucks Pheonix Fellington raw

My10Inches: Rocco Steele fucks Pheonix Fellington bareback

My10Inches.com writes:

“Pheonix Fellington gets stretched to his limits by Rocco’s cock.

Watch him realize just how big it really is when he tries to deepthroat Rocco and can barely get his mouth around that meaty cock. He couldn’t take Rocco’s dick more than halfway sitting on it either, but nevertheless Pheonix persisted and is rewarded with a nice thick cumshot.”

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My10Inches: Rocco Steele fucks Mike De Marko

My10Inches: Mike DeMarko rides Rocco Steele's huge dick

My10Inches.com writes:

“Rocco enjoys using the fleshjack toy on his boy’s huge meaty cock. Foreplay never looked or felt so good.

Rocco can’t resist his boy’s hole either. He slowly opens him up, easing his hard massive cock into Mike’s tight hole. After loosening his boy up to his satisfaction, Rocco picks up the speed and intensity. Mike realizes he can’t get enough of Rocco’s cock so he jumps on it and begins to ride it, letting his rock hard cock slide in and out of his now open hole.

Rocco needs to cum so he puts his boy on his knees where he can get good and deep until he finally blows all over Mike’s ass.

Now it’s Mike’s turn to cum and Rocco lays down next to him waiting for his boy’s load. Mike is so worked up that he immediately shoots a huge load for Daddy. Rocco slurps it up and thanks his boy with a kiss. There’s no better way to end a hard day.”

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My10Inches: Zack Acland gets creamed by Rocco Steele’s massive cock

My10Inches: Rocco Steele breeds Zack Acland with his 10-inch cock

My10Inches.com writes:

“The bearded bottom takes it straight to the base. It’s hard to come across such intense man on man fucking. Pure ecstasy stretched across Zack Acland’s face as his pierced dick swings back and forth with every pump.

Nothing is hotter than seeing this otter’s tattooed back flex with every thrust of Steele’s massive horse cock. Watch as Acland begs to be bred ten inches deep and Rocco all too happy to seed his hole.”

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My10Inches: Rocco Steele bangs Dale Cooper

My10Inches: Rocco Steele bangs Dale Cooper

My10Inches.com writes:

“Dale Cooper is a thinking man’s porn star. And his intelligence is a huge turn on for this daddy.

In this steamy video, Dale and Rocco explore each other with their mouths, Dale on Rocco’s cock and Rocco on his beautiful furry ass.

Then the toys comes out and Dale literally sends Rocco into convulsions as he relentlessly pumps Rocco’s cock. Then on to some pretty amazing hardcore ass pounding!”

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My10Inches: Rocco Steele pounds Aarin Asker raw

My10Inches: Rocco Steele cums in Aarin Asker

My10Inches.com writes:

“Every once in a while Rocco shoots a scene that is not only effortless, it’s so real that he literally just turns on the camera and things start to happen. Aarin Asker, a sexy tatted stud, is one of those models that was able to do that.

Rocco knows he’s in for a hot time as soon as this stud starts showing off his beautiful hairy hole. He wasted no time with foreplay and just went straight for his hungry hole.

What follows is some of the most passionate real nonstop fucking. They could not get enough of each other – Rocco moved into almost every position imaginable just so he could get more and more of Aarin’s amazing ass.

As Rocco lay on top of him, pounding away, his hole felt so incredible Rocco couldn’t hold back any longer and blew inside Aarin, flooding his guts with daddy seed.

Exhausted from this marathon fuck, Rocco and Aarin just laid there kissing, sweat dripping from their bodies.”

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NakedSword Originals: Horse hung Rocco Steele and Kayden Gray double penetrate Ashley Ryder in “Kiss and Tel Aviv”

NakedSword Originals: Big-dicked Rocco Steele and Kayden Gray double fuck Ashley Ryder in "Kiss and Tel Aviv"
NakedSword Special Offer

NakedSword.com writes:

“Horse hung superstars Rocco Steele and Kayden Gray are hanging out in front of a local bodega when British pig-bottom Ashley Ryder catches their eye. After a few words on the street, they head up to a local fuck pad to get it on.

Ashley knows full well that he’s found two of the biggest cocks in the city and he’s ready to take them on – at the same time!

Kayden sucks Rocco while Ashley sucks his dick then both he and Ashley take turns swallowing Rocco’s daddy-dick to the base. Rocco slaps Ashley around while Kayden fucks him, then, without warning, Rocco slips around and shoves his dick right in alongside Kayden’s.

Even a power-bottom like Ashley isn’t ready for all that cock, forcing Kayden to shove his face in a pillow to stifle his screams.

This world-class DP goes on in three different positions until the sun starts to set, bathing all three sex fiends in golden light and hot white cum.”

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NakedSword: Dark Alley Media’s “Gutted”

NakedSword: Dark Alley Media’s "Gutted"

Dark Alley Media writes at NakedSword.com:

“Dark Alley delivers GUTTED: a compilation of 5 scenes with nothing but huge cock.

Watch as these hungry bottoms try and take the biggest dicks they can while getting fucked so hard and deep they can feel it up in their guts.”

– Watch “Gutted” at NakedSword.com

Special Offer from NakedSword.com

RagingStallion: Bruno Bernal bottoms for Rocco Steele

Raging Stallion: Bruno Bernal rides Rocco Steele enormous cock

At RagingStallion.com, Bruno Bernal is reassured at his visit that if he can take Dr. Rocco Steele’s enormous meat, he can take anyone’s.

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NakedSword Originals: JD Phoenix takes Rocco Steele’s massive cock in “Phoenix Rising”

NakedSword Originals: JD Phoenix takes Rocco Steele's huge dick in "Phoenix Rising"
NakedSword Special Offer

NakedSword.com writes:

“Somebody forced their way into JD Phoenix’s apartment. He explores every room until he discovers Rocco Steele standing alone, stroking his 10-inch cock.

Rocco pushes JD up against the wall and begins to force him into submission. Is it consensual… is it unexpected… you can’t be sure. All you know is that this Sexperiment is burning with hot, insatiable sex.

Rocco wants JD’s young hole and JD needs that monster cock more than he needs the air he’s breathing. Does he get it? Can he take it all? Watch it now and find out…

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