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MormonBoyz: Bishop Gibson and Elder Ingles fuck each other bareback in “Temple Shower”

MormonBoyz: Elder Ingles and Bishop Gibson flip fuck bareback in "Temple Shower"
MormonBoyz Special Offer

MormonBoyz.com writes:

“Elder Ingles is still getting used to being so freely sexual on his mission. Between the men of the Brethren and his companion, he seems to never lack for a hot ass to fuck.

Bishop Gibson caught his attention and has made him hungry to know him better. The quiet, handsome bishop can sense the boy’s desire and he’s happy to give him a taste.

He secretly pulls Ingles away to the temple showers to show him his sexy, furry body… and to open his hole to the horny missionary’s thick, throbbing member.”

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MormonBoyz: President Faust fucks Bishop Gibson bareback in “Bonds of Brotherhood”

MormonBoyz: President Faust barebacks Bishop Gibson in "Bonds of Brotherhood"
MormonBoyz Special Offer

MormonBoyz.com writes:

“Bishop Gibson has always loved seeing masculine power executed. All his life, he would embarrassingly get hard whenever he saw a handsome older man in charge and in control.

As a member of the Order, he’s surrounded by men who are the finest examples of dominant, but none quite as impressive as President Faust.

Aware of the boy’s hunger to submit to him, Faust looks for any opportunity he can to express his authority over his younger colleague.

Once alone, Faust makes a meal of the blond bishop’s ass before prying his fat daddy dick in his tight hole. Nothing makes Gibson feel more submissive than a real man’s cock deep inside him.”

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MormonBoyz: President Faust fucks Bishop Gibson raw in “Atonement”

MormonBoyz: President Faust bangs Bishop Gibson raw in "Atonement"

MormonBoyz.com writes:

“President Faust is a patient man, but he’s also stern when he has to be. The one thing he won’t abide is even a hint of disobedience, whether it’s in the boys he’s inducting into the Order or the fellow priesthood leaders.

He’s seen the way his stable of missionaries fawn over Bishop Gibson and he’s certain that he’s fucking them without his permission. This cannot stand.

He’s called in Bishop Gibson to atone in an effort to remind him who’s really in charge. For President Faust, he knows the best way is to put him through the priesthood stretcher.”

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ChaosMen: Zane barebacks Peter Marcus

ChaosMen: Zane fucks Peter Marcus raw

ChaosMen.com writes:

“I thought I would get these two burly and furry muscle dudes to fuck.

Peter Marcus has been doing oral videos, and I thought it was time to see his bottoming skills.

These two really have some great chemistry, and you can tell they just want to fuck until they cum.

We have seen that Peter’s cum shots are ultra-intense, and when Zane fucks him until he cums, Peter flexes his legs straight out, pretty much ejecting Zane from his hole. Zane gets back in there, and then nuts on Peter’s hole.

Peter then licks the last of the cum off of Zane’s cock!”

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MormonBoyz: Bishop Gibson fucks Elder Land bareback in “Temple Shower”

MormonBoyz: Bishop Gibson fucks Elder Land raw in "Temple Shower"

MormonBoyz.com writes:

“Elder Land has been dreaming about Bishop Gibson since he first entered his mission. Now that he’s been initiated into the Order, the handsome bishop is happy to fulfill those fantasies.

The bearded man takes the young boy into the shower where he first imagined his naked body. The two kiss and suck each other before turning on the steamy, hot water.

Bishop Gibson slips his cock inside the boy’s tight hole, showing him that can be reality is better than fantasy!”

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ChaosMen: Peter Marcus rubs one out

ChaosMen: Peter Marcus rubs one out

ChaosMen.com writes:

“Peter Marcus has done work for various studios before, and it turns out he is from my neck of the woods.

He dropped by the studio to do a solo so that we could get some images for his profile.

Peter likes to edge his cock, and doesn’t feel driven to cum every time he spends quality time with himself.

After watching him cum, I can see why he puts it off. He has a tremendous orgasm that looks very intense!

He has a hot body, furry chest, full bush, and a tasty uncut cock.

I will definitely have him back soon to do some of the Serviced and Edge videos, and I would love to see him getting fucked!”

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MormonBoyz: Bishop Gibson fucks Elder Land raw in “The Covenant”

MormonBoyz: Elder Land rides Bishop Gibson bareback in "Covenant"

MormonBoyz.com writes:

“Elder Land meets once again with Bishop Gibson, the object of his fantasies and desire, to prove his devotion to both him and the Order.

Their covenant is overseen by the boy’s mentor, President Faust, who wants nothing more than to see his young protege perform his duties well.

Things get hot and heated when Elder Land mounts up on his blonde crush, leading all three men to lose themselves in a passionate session of moaning and fucking.”

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MormonBoyz: Bishop Gibson barebacks Elder Land in “Atonement”

MormonBoyz: Bishop Gibson barebacks Elder Land in "Atonement"

MormonBoyz.com writes:

“Elder Land would do anything for President Faust and the men of the Order. Despite his efforts, he’s can’t stop thinking about being back in their powerful, dominant hands. President Faust has become uniquely infatuated with his submission, and is eager to push the limits of his body and his obedience.”

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MormonBoyz: Bishop Gibson fucks Elder Land bareback in “Initiation”

MormonBoyz: Bishop Gibson fucks the cum out of Elder Land in "Initiation"

MormonBoyz.com writes:

“Elder Land is on his way to becoming a member of the Order. And while he knows he should feel honored to have been chosen, he still feels he’s doing something wrong every time he explores sex with men.

Bishop Gibson is well aware of this. For the boy’s initiation, he wants to show him how amazing it can feel to not only service the Brethren, but to have his personal needs met as well.”

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PrideStudios: Peter Marcus and Chandler Scott flip fuck in “The Glory of Being Versatile”

Pride Studios: Chandler Scott and Peter Marcus flip fuck in "The Glory of Being Versatile"
$1 Trial at PrideStudios.com

PrideStudios.com writes:

“Peter and Chandler are lovers who are looking for some adventure in their sex life. Chandler has heard about this bathroom with a glory hole and brings Peter to check it out.

Neither has ever had sex in a bathroom or used a glory hole, so they are excited yet are keeping an eye out encase some body walks in.

Chandler sticks his cock through first and Peter sucks it. Peter then sticks his through and Chandler sucks it. Chandler then comes out and they do some more sucking before Chandler rims Peter’s ass and fucks him bent over the trash can.

Peter then lies on the floor and Chandler rides his cock until both shoot their loads.”

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