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Men.com: Landon Conrad, Logan Vaughn and Paul Wagner fuck Johnny Rapid in “Houseboy, Part 3”

Men.com: Johnny Rapid gets fucked by Landon Conrad, Logan Vaughn and Paul Wagner in "Houseboy, Part 3"

Men.com writes about this hot scene:

Paul Wagner invites a few sexy friend over for dinner. But before the main course, houseboy Johnny Rapid offers up some tempting appetizers: his dick and his ass. Landon Conrad, Logan Vaughn and host Paul Wagner get off using all Johnny’s tight young holes.

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Men.com: Johnny Rapid gets fucked by Paul Wagner in “Houseboy, Part 1”

Men.com: Paul Wagner fucks Johnny Rapid in "Houseboy, Part 1"

Johnny Rapid landed a dream job – houseboy for hottie Paul Wagner! After a quick tour of Paul’s bachelor pad, Johnny gets fucked in the bath tub.

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Men.com: Paul Wagner and Luke Adams’ hot flip-flop fuck in “Last Call, Part 3”

Men.com: Paul Wagner and Luke Adams flip fuck in "Last Call, Part 3"

Men.com writes:

“Now that both Luke Adams and Paul Wagner have been fucked by bar tender Colby Keller after last call, they want more dick in the club. So they hideout until everyone’s gone and get busy! Luke Adams gets fucked whiled doing the splits!”

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Men.com: Paul Wagner and Colby Keller bang each other in “Last Call, Part 2”

Men.com: Paul Wagner and Colby Keller bang each other in "Last Call, Part 2"

Men.com writes:

“In part one of “Last Call” Luke Adams got the drilling of his life by Colby Keller’s massive cock. Being a good friend, Luke tips off Paul Wagner how to get that dick and it totally works.”

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MenAtPlay: Paul Wagner fucks Darius Ferdynand in “Boss Been Bad”

MenAtPlay: Paul Wagner fucks Darius Ferdynand in "Boss Been Bad"

Menatplay.com writes:

“We saw him in misbehaving in BOY BEEN BAD now Bad Boy Darius Ferdynand is back, except this time he’s met his match in hot boss Paul Wagner.

When Mr. Wagner confronts him about his dubious past, Darius just denies everything so muscle daddy Paul decides to teach him a much needed lesson. First he tells him to strip naked and play with his uncut dick and tasty ass as Paul watches stroking himself, then he orders him to get on his knees and service his hard dick.

And to finish off Paul lifts Darius on the meeting table and gives his smooth, tight hole a hard pounding, which makes Darius scream with pleasure.

And being the good bottom-boy that he is, Darius rides Paul’s thick dick until he shoots his load all over his Boss.

Unmissable daddy / boy action!”

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MenAtPlay: Paul Wagner fucks Dan Broughton in “Back On Site”

MenAtPlay: Paul Wagner fucks Dan Broughton in "Back On Site"

Menatplay.com writes:

“Menatplay favourite Dan Broughton is back on site, but this time he’s got rid of his work overalls and scrubbed up nice and smart to hand in his notice.

But there’s one colleague in particular – Paul Wagner, who’s going to miss the playful banter he and Dan shared on site, and possibly regret that he never took it that step further.

But with now being the last chance they’ll probably get, Paul turns up the flirt notch up a few levels. Especially with Dan being all suited up and looking more handsome than ever.”

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NextDoorBuddies: Paul Wagner gets fucked by Brody Wilder and Brandon Lewis in “Hard Fuckers”

Next Door Buddies: Paul Wagner gets fucked by Brody Wilder and Brandon Lewis in "Hard Fuckers"

NextDoorBuddies.com writes:

“These are three dudes that know exactly what they want. They came to the gym today to get a workout, that’s for sure. Paul Wagner sent out a call for Brandon Lewis and Brody Wilder to meet him here. Brody and Brandon are prepared to fuck Paul hard, just the way they did the last time.

Paul doesn’t like to mess around with guys that might not pound his hole properly. He knows both Brody and Brandon don’t waste time.

Today they’re starting out by sucking each other’s hard, fat cocks. Paul stands on some equipment while Brandon services him, and Brody takes care of Brandon’s thick meat.

They move to a position where Paul can enjoy the taste of Brody’s sweet hole, while Brody sucks Brandon some more. It’s soon time for Paul to get what he came for.

First Brandon rails that tight ass with serious strength he’s worked up from other gym sessions. Paul slurps deep and hard on Brody’s large erection the whole time. Then Brody and Brandon switch and Brody slams cock-loving Paul until all three bad ass dudes explode in a hot, sticky finish!”

- Download the full-length scene at NextDoorBuddies.com

Next Door World

MenAtPlay: Rogan Richards fucks Paul Wagner in “Tux Dup”

MenAtPlay: Paul Wagner bottoms for Rogan Richards in "Tux Dup"
MenAtPlay: Paul Wagner bottoms for Rogan Richards in "Tux Dup"

Menatplay.com writes:

“Menatplay welcomes the New Year in style with two of our favourite men Rogan Richards and Paul Wagner – who makes his long awaited return to Menatplay.

We follow Paul as he takes a break from a New Year’s party and heads to the mensroom, were he comes across a dark, handsome man standing at the urinal next to him. Paul steals quick glimpse down at the stranger’s dick as he takes a piss and notices that he’s gently stroking it.

While Paul tries hard not to stare he just can’t help getting completely turned on by the situation and watches Rogan as he proudly strokes his now rock-hard boner. And soon enough Paul is on his knees sucking his delicious looking dick.

Rogan then turns Paul around and like the big, dominant top that he is starts working on his muscular, hairy ass – enjoying the taste of his sweet hole before giving him a good, hard pounding against the Mensroom wall.

Rogan then finishes himself off by pushing Paul to his knees and shooting his hot, sticky cum all over his face and chest, before returning to the party.”

- Download the entire scene at Menatplay.com

FalconStudios: Mike Martin fucks Paul Wagner in “Escape”

Falcon Studios: Mike Martin bangs Paul Wagner in "Escape"
Falcon Studios: Mike Martin bangs Paul Wagner in "Escape"

FalconStudios.com writes:

“It’s late afternoon, but not too late for Mike Martin and Paul Wagner to launch a successful sex fest.

They kiss and grapple. Mike is anxious to begin manhandling his stud of a partner. He pulls Paul’s pants open and sucks his cock fast and excitedly, working his tongue and lips up and down the hearty shaft of Paul’s pole. The big bo-hunk, Paul, then takes his turn to excite Mike, working methodically and sensuously to really savor the meaty pleasures of his unclipped dick.

Soon ready for more, Paul lays back and rests his ankles on his lover’s shoulders. Mike fucks his tight asshole, thrusting in and out in measured beats, making Paul cry out with surprised satisfaction. They fuck some more doggie style before they disengage and jerk off side by side.

Paul can’t hold back and finally explodes spraying his load all over. And Mike finishes himself off, blasting equally impressive shots of spooge to match. Exhausted and content, they call it a day and kiss.”

- Watch the full-length scene at FalconStudios.com

Falcon Studios

NextDoorBuddies: Tyler Torro fucks Paul Wagner in “Tickle Fight”

Next Door Buddies writes:

“Lurking in the bushes, Paul Wagner awaits. Silent, patiently he holds steady to ambush his prey, and as Tyler Torro comes aimlessly strolling, unknowingly falling right into Paul’s trap, he springs out and Tyler catches a face full of Paul’s water cannon. Having committed the perfect ambush, all Paul needs to do now is make is get away. Light of foot and swiftly he moves with a heated Tyler hot on his heels.

Through the screen door and onto the bed, Paul ducks for cover as Tyler jumps on top of him a moment behind, pins him in a classic position and then predictably exclaims, “Tickle Fight!”

Having none of that Paul struggles out of Tyler’s grasp, but in doing so, brushes up against Tyler’s cock, which he can tell is semi-hard, even through Tyler’s shorts. Seizing the opportunity, he grabs Tyler’s cock and Tyler soon abandon’s the wrestling for a different sort of grappling.

Paul deftly takes Tyler’s cock into his mouth as Tyler clumsily tries to take off his clothes. Pulling at Paul’s shorts, he slides a finger in Paul’s asshole as Paul continues to suck him off.

Paul then mounts Tyler and rides him reverse while Tyler smacks Paul’s ass, but inevitably Tyler takes control of the situation and slides to his side, fucking Paul against the side bed rail and pulling out just in time to cum all over Paul’s hairy chest. Guess one huge blast deserves another!”

- Download the entire scene at NextDoorBuddies.com

Next Door World

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