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Men.com: Damien Crosse tops Nicolas Brooks in “Skilled Tricks, Part 2”

Men.com: Damien Crosse bangs Nicolas Brooks in "Skilled Tricks, Part 2"
Men.com Special Offer

Men.com writes:

“Damien hires Nicolas to clean up his space, but with a couple of special requirements. It starts with just taking off a few pieces of clothes… the rest is all Nicolas’ choice.”

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Men.com: Dato Foland, Diego Reyes and Nicolas Brooks in “The Boy Is Mine, Part 3”

Men.com: Dato Foland, Diego Reyes and Nicolas Brooks' threesome in "The Boy Is Mine, Part 3"

Men.com writes:

“Dato Foland and Diego Reyes are caught in the act by Nicolas Brooks and they decide the right thing to do is invite him right on in.”

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Men.com: Paddy O’Brian fucks Nicolas Brooks in “Paranormal, Part 1”

Men.com: Paddy O'Brian bangs Nicolas Brooks in "Paranormal, Part 1"

Men.com writes:

“Paddy and his wife are staying in a spooky house. She runs off to take care of some errands and Paddy decides to invite Nicolas over for some sexy fun.

The wife comes back early and catches them in the act, but Paddy finds a way to convince her that Nicolas isn’t really there.”

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MenAtPlay: Nicolas Brooks rides Denis Vega in “Star Fuck”

MenAtPlay: Denis Vega bangs Nicolas Brooks in "Star Fuck"

MenAtPlay.com writes:

“Think of your favorite porn star, the man you jerk off to again and again and again. What would you do if you met him in person, alone, dressed in the sharpest suit imaginable? Well, that’s the situation Nicholas Brooks finds himself in in Star Fuck, when he serves a gin and tonic to none other than Menatplay’s ultimate star fucker, Denis Vega.

The sex in this flick starts quickly and doesn’t disappointment. After Nicholas furiously slurps on Denis’s hard cock, Denis bends him over and gives him the tongue fucking of a lifetime. A true porn professional dressed in a sexy dark gray suit, Denis uses his tongue to probe Nicholas’s hole fast and deep, getting his manpussy slick and ready for the insane ramming to come.

And Nicholas is no timid bottom. He takes an aggressive fuck better than anybody, hopping on Denis’s cock for the ride of a lifetime. His thick, juicy ass was made for riding hot cocks like Denis’s. He smashes down on Denis’s dick as hard, fast, and deep as any man would who got the chance to fuck the stud of his dreams. And just when these muscular men can’t stand it anymore, they each shoot huge loads of cum all over each other.”

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Men.com: Diego Reyes pounds Nicolas Brooks in “The Boy Is Mine, Part 2”

Men.com: Diego Reyes fucks Nicolas Brooks in "The Boy Is Mine, Part 2"

Diego Reyes ravenously slams Nicolas Brooks with his thick, hot cock in part 2 of Men.com’s “The Boy Is Mine” series.

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Men.com: Dato Foland fucks Nicolas Brooks in “The Boy Is Mine, Part 1”

Men.com: Dato Foland fucks Nicolas Brooks in "The Boy Is Mine, Part 1"

Nicolas Brooks and Dato Foland worship each other’s thick, throbbing cocks in part 1 of Men.com’s “The Boy Is Mine” series.

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MenAtPlay: Xavi Duran bangs Nicolas Brooks in “Summoned”

MenAtPlay: Xavi Duran fucks Nikolas Brooks in "Summoned"

Nicolas Brooks gets his beefy muscle ass fucked by Xavi Duran at MenAtPlay.com.

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MenAtPlay: Newcomer Nicolas Brooks gets fucked by Hector de Silva in “Found in Translation”

MenAtPlay: Hector de Silva fucks newcomer Nicolas Brooks in "Found in Translation"

Check out hot newcomer Nicolas Brooks in his first scene at MenAtPlay.com. Hector de Silva is the lucky top!

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