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NakedSword: Hot House Video’s “Gear Play”

NakedSword: Hot House Video's "Gear Play"
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Hot House Video writes at NakedSword.com:

“Go hard or go home! These nine horny athletes from three different sports love to suck and fuck in their gear!

Sit back and watch their ‘Gear Play’ as they peel off sweaty jockstraps, get their balls played, show off their dripping muscles, and blow off steam from rough games and long, hard practices for their coach/director Nick Foxx.”

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HotHouse: Big-dicked JJ Knight fucks Nick Sterling and Beaux Banks in “Gear Play”

HotHouse: Nick Sterling and Beaux Banks take JJ Knight huge cock in "Gear Play"
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In HotHouse’s “Gear Play”, catcher Beaux Banks gets railed by starting pitcher, Nick Sterling, as JJ Knight gets his baseball-bat-sized cock sucked by Beaux.

JJ steps in as the relief pitcher and fucks both young jocks until Beaux’s lips and beard are dripping with cumContinue »

IconMale: Nick Sterling fucks Brandon Wilde in “Coming Out”

IconMale: Nick Sterling fucks Brandon Wilde in "Coming Out"
Special Offer

IconMale.com writes:

“Gorgeous blonde Brandon Wilde is seduced by his mother’s creepy fiancee Nick Sterling, who gets aroused by the sight of Brandon’s bubble butt walking by in tight little shorts. Brandon resists, but Nick knows just how to turn on the hot younger man, and the two agree to keep their forbidden tryst a secret.”

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IconMale: Armond Rizzo gets pounded by Nick Sterling in “Truth or Dare”

IconMale: Nick Sterling bangs Armond Rizzo in "Truth or Dare"
Special Offer

IconMale.com writes:

“It’s Nick Sterling’s turn for a dare, Roman Todd states the fact that Armond Rizzo has a huge crush on Nick. He dares him to take Armond to the bedroom and let him live out his fantasy!

Nick is totally into this dare he drags Armond directly into the bedroom. Nick slams his cock into his tight hungry asshole! Shoving his cock down his throat. Giving him a night he will never forget!”

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IconMale: Roman Todd and Nick Sterling fuck each other in “Truth or Dare”

IconMale: Nick Sterling and Roman Todd flip fuck in "Truth or Dare"
Special Offer

IconMale.com writes:

“While playing a game of truth or dare with his boys it’s Roman Todd’s turn to speak some truth. Billy Santoro asks if he’s ever been with a man. He back tracks to the time him and Nick Sterling we’re watching gay porn for a change.

In the middle of watching it they started to get turned on. Once their cocks got hard they just had to experience a guy on guy fuckfest.

They go out all sucking each other’s big dicks and take it in the ass for the first time but definitely not the last time!”

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HotHouse: Nick Sterling and Owen Michaels flip fuck

HotHouse: Owen Michaels and Nick Sterling fuck each other
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Nick Sterling and Owen Michaels happily trade the ski slopes of Tahoe for the muscular slopes of their hungry bodies in a thrilling flip fuck at HotHouse.com.

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HotHouse: Jacob Peterson bottoms for Nick Sterling

HotHouse: Jacob Peterson gets fucked by Nick Sterling
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Beefy stud Nick Sterling bangs Jacob Peterson’s hungry hole at HotHouse.com.

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RandyBlue: Nick Sterling barebacks Judas Cole

Randy Blue: Nick Sterling fucks Judas Cole raw
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Judas Cole gets fucked raw by beefy stud Nick Sterling at RandyBlue.com!

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RandyBlue: Nick Sterling fucks Lukas Valentine bareback

Randy Blue: Nick Sterling makes his bareback debut with Lukas Valentine
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Randy Blue write:

“Nick Sterling is back! I am so excited. He always had a special place in my heart for having the most juiciest butt in all of porn. But Nick has come back beefier and hairy and ready to top.

Lukas and Nick met the night before and it was crush at first sight. They immediately decided to share a bed together and spent most of the evening cuddling up on the couch. They said it was pretty hard not to fuck before the shoot, but they made out a shit load naked the night before.

These two guys crushing on each other were full of pent up energy. So I let them loose and sat back. They just did what two gay men do best, and fucked like dogs. They sucked and rimed and 69’d and then finally Nick shoved his raw dick in Lukas. Lukas loved it.

They fucked nice and hard until finally Lukas came all over himself. Nick was soon to follow, pulling out and blowing his load on Lukas’s hole before shoving that cream back up his ass.”

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RagingStallion: Nick Sterling, Brian Bonds and Andrew Stark in “Total Exposure 2”

Raging Stallion: Brian Bonds, Nick Sterling and Andrew Stark's threesome in "Total Exposure 2"

RagingStallion.com writes:

“Beefy Nick Sterling and dreamboat Andrew Stark spot Brian Bonds sunning near the old Native American ruin. They’re both horned up and Brian is always up for a hot three way, so the hunks jump straight into the fun and slide their tongues into each other’s mouth.”

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