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FalconStudios: Brandon Evans and Fane Roberts blow each other Ryan Rose tops Tommy Regan in “Code of Silence”

Falcon Studios: Brandon Evans and Fane Roberts blow each other, Ryan Rose fucks Tommy Regan in "Code of Silence"
FalconStudios Special Offer

While most of the grunts just want release with their fellow infantry, two Marine buddies Fane Roberts and Brandon Evans, realize their bond runs deeper than their fooling-around friendship, so they vow to keep their romance secret. All the while, Sergeant Sean Zevran is onto them, and he’s willing to use his authority to get any satisfaction he desires.

Ryan Rose and Tommy Regan are on a military patrol in the hot desert sun. There’s no one around for as far as the eye can see. Ryan commands his subordinate to remove his pants and then has his way with Tommy’s perfectly toned ass – in Falcon Studios’ “Code of Silence”.

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ActiveDuty: Ripley

ActiveDuty: Hot newcomer Ripley rubs one out
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ActiveDuty.com writes:

“Believe it or not, this gentleman’s name is Ripley and he has a fantastic cock. He’s a strong, silent type and there’s a whole lot of intrigue here.

With his clothing on, Ripley looks like he has an incredible body. And once he takes off those layers, we see that was a good bet. He’s thick in all the right places.”

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ActiveDuty: Zach

ActiveDuty: Zach busts a nut
Special Offer

ActiveDuty.com writes:

“Talk about a perfect specimen! This is Zach, a Marine who doesn’t shy from a challenge and is always seeking to push his boundaries in the name of adventure. And that’s what’s brought him here with us!

Once Claude gives him the green light, Zach is eager to peel off his shirt and show us his incredible chest, stomach, and arms. Wow, Zach is the total package!”

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ActiveDuty: Ryan Jordan fucks Jacob bareback

ActiveDuty: Ryan Jordan fucks Jacob's tight hole bareback
ActiveDuty for $1 only

ActiveDuty.com writes:

“Boy, we just keep getting so lucky with these handsome fresh recruits, rolling on in to try their hands at something new. Today, that fresh recruit is Jacob and that something new is Ryan Jordan’s fat, swollen cock!”

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ActiveDuty: Randy gets his tight hole fucked by Randy

ActiveDuty: Dan fucks Randy's tight ass

This Active Duty scene brings back a couple of nice burly boys, Dan and Randy.

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ActiveDuty: Riley fucks Orion’s virgin ass

ActiveDuty: Riley fucks Orion

ActiveDuty.com writes:

“Now, we only introduced you to Orion the other day in the War Chest, but we’ve moved him along quite fast here. We’re not wasting any time with this guy!

Things start off in the shower, where Orion stumbles in, not realizing Riley was already lathering up. “Oh hey!” Riley says, while Orion apologizes for barging in on his shower time. “Don’t just stand there, you wanna get in or what?” Riley says. Orion says that he’s never showered “with a dude before,” so Riley says they can share the shower.

And really, this shower is enormous, after all. It’s party-sized, really. I need to get more guys in there. Lemme get to work on that … ok, back to the scene!

Riley offers to soap up Orion’s back side, and then they both start complimenting each other on their tattoos. After a minute of some half-hearted lathering, Riley asks if this is all Orion wants to do. Orion’s all, “I dunno, what were you thinking?” Riley asks if Orion’s been with a guy, and Orion says he hasn’t, but he’s been “curious” about it. Well, he’s in luck!”

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MyStraightBuddy: “Jerk Off Buddies”

MyStraightBuddy.com writes:

“Nick and Brennan stopped by after duty because neither of them wanted to go home just yet because they were both have trouble getting their women to understand that sometimes a guy just needs to jerk off to some porn. Fortunately their buddy Joe understands.

Nick actually started this video off by picking up Joe’s camera, and when Joe comes in to find him taping his buddy Brennan, Joe says that he’s going to keep the camera on, and they don’t care.

You can cut the horniness in the air with a knife. Both Nick and Brennan have been weightlifting a lot recently and I think it’s jacked their testosterone levels because it’s not but a few minutes of looking at a porn mag that Brennan is rock hard.

Nick suggests that Brennan should try Nick’s favorite toy, the fleshjack, and Brennan agrees that it’s pretty awesome. However in the end it just makes him want to fuck the fake pussy, which Nick didn’t even realize he wanted to fuck until Brennan said so.

Nick has to hold back and watch as Brennan smoothly pumps the plastic ass like a Cassanova, and then sprays cum in front of a mirror before getting in the shower.”

– Download “Jerk Off Buddies” in full length at MyStraightBuddy.com


ActiveDuty: Marine Shawn rubs one out

Active Duty: Marine Shawn busts a nut
Active Duty: Marine Shawn busts a nut

ActiveDuty.com writes:

“In the War Chest Active Duty revisited everyone’s favorite “fun-size” recruit Shawn! In this new scene Shawn puts on a sensual show that I think will knock your socks off.

When the 5’7″ blond dynamo first arrived on the scene, Dink knew he had to pair the hung guy up immediately with a guy that could show him the ropes. Who better than Kaden Saylor? The two went for one wild ride in a flip-flop scene.

Shawn went on to film eight scenes for Active Duty, everyone of them super hot.

Shawn is really special. He brought a fire to everything he did, and you really can tell that he was passionate about his performance. And lord, was he bendy! Just look at his three way with Brian and Chaz. I’m amazed they didn’t injure themselves as they worked through more positions than you thought possible!”

– Check out all of Shawn’s scenes at ActiveDuty.com

ActiveDuty: Marine Conrad busts a nut

Active Duty: Marine Conrad rubs one out
Active Duty: Marine Conrad rubs one out

ActiveDuty.com writes:

“Active Duty’s Conrad is such a dreamboat. Standing 6’1” tall and weighing in at a muscular 185 lbs, this 20-year-old Marine is just hot as hell. The cherub-cheeked guy may have an angel face, but he has a seriously dirty streak. And trust me, he’s done lots of dirty things for Active Duty.

His very first scene wasn’t even a solo – it was a four way! Yeah, I wasted no time with him. He went from zero to 60 in about three seconds flat, as he was paired up with David, Chance and Dorian for his first sex scene. And, it was his first time ever with a guy.

Now in this scene, we get to see him go from uniform to buck naked in a special shoot that we did a while back. It’s never been released, and the photos that go along with it are stunning.”

– Check out all of Conrad’s scenes at ActiveDuty.com


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SpunkWorthy: Marine Dean fucks himself with his first dildo

SpunkWorthy: Marine Dean fucks himself with his first dildo
SpunkWorthy: Marine Dean fucks himself with his first dildo

SpunkWorthy.com writes:

“Dean’s fans already know that he likes fingering his tight hole while jerking himself off. But this time, Dean wanted to give his fans an even bigger treat by taking his first dildo. Dean showed up ready for the challenge. He revealed his ripped body as he slid his shirt off, announcing that it had been five days since he nutted.

Dean started off by sucking on the dildo as he got himself hard, holding it in his mouth as he stripped his jeans off and gave us a peek at the sweet ass that was about to be pushed to its limits.

Once he had worked himself up, Dean lubed up the large toy, threw one leg in the air and pressed it against his hole, breathing deeply as he worked the toy deeper and deeper into his hairy ass.

I nearly dropped the camera when Dean pulled the toy out of his crack and put it straight into in his mouth, shoving it so far down his throat that he started gagging on it!

He then got on all fours with his butt up in the air, cheeks spread so we could get a real good view as he reached back and rammed the toy back into his hole, which was now loosened up and allowing Dean to fuck himself even deeper.

He still took breaks to suck the toy some more, going from ass to mouth, getting it lubed up with his spit before ramming it back inside. Lube and spit dripped out of his ass as it was invaded by the toy.

Dean lay on his back for the grand finale, stroking his throbbing boner as he pulled the dildo in and out faster and faster until a hot load burst out of his cock all over his six pack abs.”

– Download this hot scene at SpunkWorthy.com


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