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MenAtPlay: Matthew Anders fucks Paco in “The Big Tip”

MenAtPlay: Matthew Anders fucks Paco in "The Big Tip"

MenAtPlay.com writes:

“Leaving his digits on the receipt at an Italian restaurant has the desired effect for Matthew Anders. The lucky waiter on the receiving end of this business man’s blatant flirt is Paco.

This sexy, hairy Italian bear hasn’t been seen on Menatplay since June 2014 and we are very happy to see him back power bottoming like he does best.

Paco quickly texts Matthew when he sees an opportunity to get a tip – and what a great big tip it is!

Matthew Anders wastes no time , knowing exactly why he’s been called back to the restaurant. He soon has Paco’s trousers round his ankles and his tongue prodding at Paco’s hole.

Watch Paco writhing with pleasure as he rides Matthews cock until his hot cum sprays over his body as he takes Matthew’s juices over his face and beard.”

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MenAtPlay: Sergi Rodriguez gets fucked by Emir Boscatto in “High Heat”

MenAtPlay: Emir Boscatto fucks Sergi Rodriguez in "High Heat"

MenAtPlay.com writes:

“Emir Boscatto, like most bosses in the Menatplay world, knows how to use his authority to get what he wants. So when cocky, buff chef Sergi Rodriguez threatens to leave over some dispute among the kitchen staff, Emir uses his most effective tool to win over the grouchy worker.

After sucking off his boss, all that arrogant chef needs to keep him in his place is to get his hole eaten out and to feel Emir’s meaty cock up there while his butt cheeks are spread over his stove.

‘Too many cooks spoil the broth’ they say, but if your boss throws you such a juicy bone the cooks will soon work out their differences.”

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MenAtPlay: Sunny Colucci gets fucked by Klein Kerr in “Up a Gear”

MenAtPlay: Klein Kerr fucks Sunny Colucci in "Up a Gear"

MenAtPlay.com writes:

“When you know what you want you got to move up through the gears quick! Klein Kerr is ready to go before he’s even put the keys in the ignition, when he finds himself seated next to the hot garage manager Sunny Colucci.

Picking up his car after a routine maintenance at the local garage, flash suited exec Klein insists that young Sunny takes the passenger seat to check out the performance. But its Sunny’s performance he wants to experience and instead of reaching for the gears he grabs a hold of Sunny’s thick long stick in his mouth.

As you’ll know we love seeing a slick suited gent getting down and dirty in a blue collar workplace. So get ready for the ride as Klein takes things up a gear
and gives Sunny an exhilarating test drive without even starting the car.”

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MenAtPlay: Newcomer Sebastian Reiss bottoms for Hector de Silva in “CTRL+C”

MenAtPlay: Hector de Silva fucks Sebastian Reiss in "CTRL+C"

MenAtPlay.com writes:

“Newcomer Alert! We have a new face (and cock) on the block, Sebastian Reiss and we’re so buzzed about this one.

Hector de Silva however is not that thrilled with the new guy especially as he’s been noticing a few suspicious changes in his look since he started here at MENATPLAY headquarters – from the beard to the way he dresses. Could it be that Sebastian is on a mission to become the next Hector de Silva?

It very well looks like it, but Hector is confident that the new guy is no match for him, and he’s ready to prove it… with his dick of course!

Sebastian gets the first fuck if his porn career courtesy of our uber masculine Hector, who pounds him hard and fast, marking Sebastian as his own with a big load all over his suit. A total must for you suit fans out there!”

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MenAtPlay: Mike De Marko gets pounded by Kayden Gray in “Doctor’s Orders”

MenAtPlay: Kayden Gray fucks Mike De Marko in "Doctor's Orders"

Mike De Marko gets fucked hard by Kayden Gray and his thick cock at MenAtPlay.com.

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MenAtPlay: Frank Valencia fucks Diego Reyes in “The Naked Chef”

MenAtPlay: Frank Valencia fucks Diego Reyes in "The Naked Chef"

MenAtPlay.com writes:

“When cocky executive Frank Valencia comes home on his lunch break he’s greeted by beefcake lover Diego, who ever the cock tease has cooked his suited daddy a meal while wearing nothing but an apron.

As Diego plays the innocent his muscular body effortlessly taunts horny Frank who reaches for Diego’s thick hanging semi under that apron.

As Diego cooks at the hob Frank goes down and starts on lunch early eating out Diego’s chunky butt before stuffing it with his hard horny cock.”

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MenAtPlay: Enzo Rimenez fucks Darius Ferdynand in “Beg & Steal”

MenAtPlay: Darius Ferdynand bottoms for Enzo Rimenez in "Beg & Steal"

Darius Ferdynand bottoms for Enzo Rimenez at MenAtPlay.com.

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MenAtPlay: Jean Franko bangs Mike De Marko in “Mantrap”

MenAtPlay: Jean Franko pounds Mike De Marko in "Mantrap"

MenAtPlay.com writes:

“Menatplay have an early Christmas present for all you porn lovers – the return of hairy, latino hunk Jean Franko who makes his return after a 3 year absence. And he’s back in Dominant Top mode, ready to fuck the hell out of any hot bottoms out there.

And the first lucky victim to get a taste of his thick, meaty cock is our very own Mike de Marko who unwittingly becomes Jean Franko’s very own fuck-toy.

Mike gets all the uncut dick he could wish, as Jean Franko plays with him and rams his thick meat all the way down his throat. But after his time away, what Jean Franko needs is to get his dick inside a warm, tight hole and Mike is just the man he needs. Watch as Mike gets a rough dick-pounding that will have you all wishing you were him.”

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MenAtPlay: Josh Milk gets pounded by Hector de Silva in “For the Glory”

MenAtPlay: Hector De Silva bangs Josh Milk in "For the Glory"

Hector De Silva and Josh Milk’s glory hole encounter escalates into full-on romp!

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MenAtPlay: Kayden Gray fucks Emir Boscatto in “Analyze This”

MenAtPlay: Emir Boscatto bottoms for Kayden Gray in "Analyze This"

MenAtPlay.com writes:

Huge juicy cock! If you don’t usually read through the synopsis of our films I needed to get straight to the main point right from the outset.

This film is hot on so many levels but Kayden, seemingly the underdog, filling boss Emir’s ass with his dick, is unmissable.

The shots of that thick rod penetrating between Emir’s muscled Butt cheeks and stretching his hole as he sits astride the young job candidate, are just so clear and well filmed that you’d be forgiven for thinking this section alone makes the whole film.”

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