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CorbinFisher: Warren fucks Max bareback

Corbin Fisher: Warren creampies Max

CorbinFisher.com writes:

“One of the hottest things about Max is how versatile he is – he’s equally great using his big dick to wreck a tight hole as he is putting his amazing ass to work. Today, it’s Warren’s turn to plow Max!

Warren starts by letting Max suck his cock, before mounting him and really fucking his face! Max’s huge dick stays rock hard the entire time he’s worshiping Warren, loving the sensations that go along with having another hung guy to fool around with.

Max’s massive member bounces and twitches when Warren gets his ankles in the air and starts to plow him, and it’s definitely a site to behold!”

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CorbinFisher: Max swallows Dane

Corbin Fisher: Max barebacks Dane

CorbinFisher.com writes:

“After some very enthusiastic mutual cock-sucking, Dane and Max manage to pry their mouths off of each other’s dicks, so that Dane can ride Max for all he’s worth. Dane looks down at Max with half-lidded eyes as he takes in the sensory overload of Max’s long, thick cock sliding up into his pert ass. Max stares Dane down, using a firm hand on his shoulder to give himself more leverage.

After stretching Dane out for a while in the reverse cowboy position, Max bends Dane over the couch and really fucks his brains out!

Dane can’t help but grin as he takes Max’s massive member face down, ass up, before being flipped over and railed for all he’s worth, until he coats his own abs with his load, and Max covers his cute face in cum!”

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CorbinFisher: Colt bangs Max raw

Corbin Fisher: Colt decks Max's halls

CorbinFisher.com writes:

“Happy Holidays! As you can tell from the bright, sparkling cacti and palm trees, it’s Christmas here in the desert and our two college studs Max and Colt have gone out for a stroll to find a little bit of that Yuletide magic.

Back at the house, they tear off each others wrapping paper and trade a little friendly muscle worship before Colt gags Max with his big candy cane!

Max swallows Colt like a champ, before Colt takes a turn on him, teasing his tight hole and big cock with his tongue until he can’t resist shoving himself inside him! Max has proven himself to be a great top, but he really shows how well he can take a pounding as Colt really decks his halls.

After letting Colt have control for a while, Max switches things up and starts riding him, before Colt rolls him over on his side and fucks Max until they sprays thick ropes of cum all over! Now that’s what we call getting into the Christmas spirit!”

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CorbinFisher: Max bangs Dave bareback

Corbin Fisher: Max fucks the cum out of Dave

CorbinFisher.com writes:

“Max and his big cock are both eager to have a crack at Dave – and the blond is just as excited about the idea of getting split open by Max! Jacking his huge dick as he sucks Dave off, Max has Dave quivering and moaning right from the start!

That definitely continues when Max gets Dave’s legs up in the air and starts eating out his tight hole until he’s practically begging to be fucked! Max takes his sweet time before sliding into Dave, but once he does he doesn’t hold back, pounding him and really owning his ass.

Max is a natural on top and he has Dave whimpering and moaning throughout the whole fuck, until Dave blasts an impressive load all over the couch. Max sprays all over Dave’s taint before pushing his cum inside his tight ass, leaving them both sticky and satisfied!”

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CorbinFisher: Max and Barron’s gym fuck

Corbin Fisher: Max barebacks Barron

CorbinFisher.com writes:

“You’ve been chomping at the bit to see Max in action, and we don’t think you’ll be disappointed by seeing him pound Barron in the CF gym! Max has the kind of dick that bottoms dream about – long and thick in just the right ways. Lucky for us, and for him, Barron isn’t shy at all about how excited he is to take it!

After showcasing his oral talents with Max’s cock, Barron bends over for him. Even just the whimper he makes before Max is even all the way in is well worth the price of admission all on its own. From the way Barron was rock hard and leaking as he took Max’s dick, we could tell that he was on the edge for the whole fuck.

For Max’s part, he’s just as much enthralled with taking Barron’s jock ass as Barron is with giving it to him. He definitely has the talent to use his huge cock to keep Barron moaning and begging for more – definitely a successful topping debut!”

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CorbinFisher: Max bangs Avery bareback

Corbin Fisher writes:

“New freshman Avery has a great clean-cut look and a friendly, easy-going personality. He’s a little quiet at times, but once he gets into bed, he has a lot of energy and passion.

Max is a nice guy as well, but he’s definitely a little edgier and more outgoing than Avery. I wanted to see what would happen if these two got together. The sparks definitely flew and these two seemingly opposite types of guys were horned up and ready the second they kissed!

Max and Avery make out on the bed. Cute blond Avery gets his shirt off so Max can kiss his shoulders. Avery gets Max’s pants off and the two strip down to their underwear and grind against each other.

Avery pushes Max flat on the bed and rubs his ass against Max’s cock. He pulls down his underwear to suck Max’s dick. He goes all the way down on Max, sliding Max’s cock down his throat. Avery switches places, and Max feeds Avery his cock.

Max’s ass is high in the air as he leans off the bed and jams his cock down Avery’s throat. Avery gets up so Max can eat out his ass. Avery watches Max eat him out in the mirror.

Avery bends over the bed and Max shoves his cock inside that tight ass. Max smacks Avery’s ass as he fucks him. Avery holds onto the quilt as Max pounds his ass. Avery looks back at the mirror again to watch himself get fucked.

Max lies on the bed. Avery climbs up on him and rides Max’s stiff cock. Max drills up inside Avery’s hole. Avery moves onto his side and Max fucks him from behind.

Avery shoots his load. Max keeps pounding. He pulls out to blast his thick load in between Avery’s balls and ass.”

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CorbinFisher: Cain fucks Max’s virgin ass

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Max had his first, full-on guy/guy action with Kenny. He had a great time, and now he’s ready to get topped. Lucky for him, I had one of the best at the shoot that day – our resident muscle god, Cain!

Max said he wasn’t as nervous as he was with Kenny, but Pete tells him with the super-hung Cain, he should be! Max laughs and these two hot guys get started.

Cain eagerly kisses Max and works his way down to Max’s nipple. They strip down to their briefs and Cain sucks Max’s cock through the thin fabric of Max’s underwear. Cain has Max blow him.

Max goes down on Cain’s thick, uncut cock. He pushes Max’s head down to shove his dick even farther in. Max sucks Cain’s nuts, before Cain puts Max on his back and eats out Max’s ass.

Cain slides his big dick into Max’s virgin hole. “You’re dick’s so huge … holy shit!” Max tells Cain. Cain responds, telling Max, “I’m gonna stretch that little asshole.” Cain shoves his cock deeper in.

Max and Cain kiss as Cain pounds his ass. Cain sticks his fingers in Max’s mouth to suck, then covers Max’s mouth. Cain tells him he wants to hear Max scream. As Cain nails him, Max’s yells are muffled by Cain’s hand.

Cain gets Max on his back and tells him to beg for that cock. Max lets him know how bad he wants it. Cain plunges his cock back into Max’s ass. Max tells him to fuck him harder. Cain hammers away at his ass.

Max strokes his cock as he gets fucked. Cain lies beside Max, covers his mouth again and hammers him from behind. Max shoots his load onto the bed.

Cain keeps pounding Max. He pulls out and blasts his load onto Max’s hole. Cain tells Max he’s a natural. I think he’s right!”

– Download the full-length scene at CorbinFisher.com