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ChaosMen: Alonso creampies Camillo

ChaosMen: Alonso bangs Camillo raw
ChaosMen Special Offer

ChaosMen.com writes:

“What a way to end Monster Cock week!

Camillo mentioned he liked fetish play, and I had to grill him about what exactly that meant. Mostly he likes to be tied-up and dominated. We added some bondage elements and Alonso really got into making Camillo his Boy.

Camillo obviously loves the Daddy play, and the guy can take a dick!

This is a long video with just too many hot moments to trim down.”

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BrokeStraightBoys: Hunter Lopez fucks Damien Nichols raw

Broke Straight Boys: Hunter Lopez bangs Damien Nichols bareback
Broke Straight Boys Special Offer

Damien Nichols gets his tight little ass pounded hard and raw by Hunter Lopez!

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ChaosMen: Lorenzo and Jacob Marteny fuck each other raw

ChaosMen: Jacob Marteny and Lorenzo flip fuck bareback
ChaosMen Special Offer

Lorenzo and newcomer Jacob Marteny fuck each other raw at ChaosMen.com.

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RagingStallion: Seth Santoro, Rikk York and Damian Taylor in “Trapped”

Raging Stallion: Seth Santoro, Rikk York and Damian Taylor's hot threesome in "Trapped"

In this scene from Raging Stallion’s “Trapped”, Damian Taylor, Rikk York, and Seth Santoro take turns stretching each other’s holes and gobbling up all the cum they can get!

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Men.com: Max Wilde bottoms for Jimmy Durano in “Side Piece, Part 3”

Men.com: Jimmy Durano bangs Max Wilde in "Side Piece, Part 3"

Men.com writes:

“Jimmy and his wife are having a quiet movie night when his side piece Max interrupts. Refusing to go away, Max comes up with an excuse to get in and manages to get Jimmy’s pants off in the other room.”

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TimTales: Andy Star gets pounded by Rodrigo and his massive cock

TimTales: Andy Star gets fucked by Rodrigo and his enormous cock

Big-dicked Brazilian stud Rodrigo fucks Andy Star hard and deep at TimTales.com.

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GayHoopla: Michael Santos fucks James Manziel

GayHoopla: James Manziel rides Michael Santos
GayHoopla Membership Sale

GayHoopla.com writes:

“We’re REALLY proud of this scene. Michael Santos and James Manziel arrive on set all ready to go. We could tell they didn’t want to waste much time talking, so we just asked a few questions before letting them go for it.

Michael is still pretty new to the whole game, but said he was feeling “Comfortable and Confident.”

We warned James that Michael was a pretty strong guy, but James said he was ready for “some man handling.”

We like to do everything in as few takes as we can. You all tell us that what you like the most about GayHoopla scenes is how real and natural they are. Most of this scene you’ll see is just one continuous take. The guys just naturally go for it and just let themselves get into it.

That first kiss you can always tell how a scene is going to go. Michael rolls James right over on his back and kisses with a LOT of tongue. He’s not faking this, he’s really into it and can’t wait to get his hands on James’ smooth body and REALLY can’t wait to get his dick up James’ butthole.”

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LucasEntertainment: Dylan James and Angel Duran sample Tom Faulk’s mouth and ass in “Gentlemen 21: Top Management”

Lucas Entertainment: Dylan James and Angel Duran share Tom Faulk in "Gentlemen 21: Top Management"

LucasEntertainment.com writes:

“Business associates Dylan James and Angel Duran are hanging around the office waiting for Dylan’s package to arrive before they head out after a hard day at work. They keep it professional during the workday, but they are casual fuck buddies after hours.

However, when Tom Faulk shows up as the gay delivery boy, Dylan and Angel decided to take advantage of their office setting — and that involves them having their way with Tom!

Dylan especially takes a liking to Tom, as you can tell when you see how long and hard he fucks the skater-punk’s hole raw.”

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Men.com: Diego Sans tops Cris Knight in “Couples Counseling”

Men.com: Diego Sans fucks Cris Knight in "Couples Counseling"

Men.com writes:

“Couples counseling turns sexy when the therapist suggests some one-on-one and the two-man session gets hot and heavy.”

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ChaosMen: Jalen and Jerome fuck each other bareback

ChaosMen: Jalen and Jerome breed each other
ChaosMen Special Offer

ChaosMen.com writes:

“Jerome always bring the hottest energy to the videos and I knew pairing him with Jalen would be magic. Both are extremely passionate, and this video sizzles!

I believe there are four cumshots in this video, though one of them we will have to take Jalen’s word for it. You can be the detective and try to find all four.”

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