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FalconStudios: JP Dubois gets fucked by Lance Luciano in “Guys Like Us: Down To Business”

Falcon Studios: Lance Luciano fucks JP Dubois in “Guys Like Us: Down To Business”

FalconStudios.com writes:

“When two Alphas occupy one room the battle begins for dominance. JP Dubois starts the competition with his piercing eyes and sly smile. He tests the waters with a slow caress down his button down shirt until his hand is resting on his cock tempting his prey.

Lance Luciano, drop-dead gorgeous in black, shows his interest by groping himself back and unbuckling his belt. One-upsmanship leads to both men showing off their big uncut cocks. JP stretches his foreskin so much it’s gotta hurt, then steps over the table and plunks him meat squarely in Lance’s hand.

Their tongues connect next. Fascinated by what JP was doing with his foreskin, Lance aligns their hard ons and docks them, sliding his foreskin over JP’s cock, then reversing the process.

JP challenges himself to swallow Lance’s cock while Lance reaches around to slip a finger into JP’s hole. Lance ups the ante by sliding in two, then feeds Lance the juices.

The fingers are soon replaced by Lance’s cock, and the juices continue to flow. JP is a pro and he twists and turns his cock every which-way as Lance drills him.

They separate briefly for Lance to have a taste of JP’s foreskin, then reconnect with JP straddling Lance from above, grimacing as he shoots all over his belly, then kneeling with open mouth to drink Lance’s load.”

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FalconStudios: Liam Harkmore rides Joey Rico in “Guys Like Us: Down To Business”

Falcon Studios: Joey Rico bangs Liam Harkmore in “Guys Like Us: Down To Business”

FalconStudios.com writes:

“Blond Liam Harkmoore is suited up for action as he kisses suave Joey Rico. Liam soon unbuttons Joey’s shirt exposing his ripped tanned and tattooed body. Then Joey flexes his muscles by lifting Liam onto a table. Joey yanks Liam’s pants down to suck his up-curved cock and low-hanging balls.

Liam has a surprise in store for Joey. He gets on the floor in a shoulder stand and sucks himself, simultaneously jamming a couple of fingers in his ass. The curvature of his cock is perfect for the occasion. Joey helps out by adding three more fingers, drilling, scooping and twisting as Liam works to gets his entire cock head in his mouth.”

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RagingStallion: Jimmy Durano fucks Trelino in “Tight”

Raging Stallion: Jimmy Durano pounds Trelino in "Tight"

Raging Stallion writes:

“Sculpted Jimmy Durano is making out intensely with caramel-skinned stud Trelino.

Every square inch of Jimmy’s body is hard, from his bulging traps to his defined thighs. His V-shaped torso is smooth down to his cum gutters.

Trelino is a tight-bodied, clean-shaven guy whose giant ass competes with Jimmy’s abs for your attention.

Trelino is focused intently on sucking Jimmy’s thick, curved, prize winning cock, but Jimmy can’t wait to get to Trelino’s ass.”

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BiLatinMen: Jay Jay rides Salchicha bareback

Aggressive Costa Rican top Salchicha barebacks his buddy Jay Jay with his big uncut cock in this hot update from BiLatinMen.com.

Don’t miss Jay Jay’s amazing cumshot at the end of this scene… :-D

- Download the full-length scene at BiLatinMen.com


LucasEntertainment: Fernando Torres bottoms for Damien Crosse in “Lucas Men”

Lucas Entertainment: Damien Crosse fucks Fernando Torres in "Lucas Men"

LucasEntertainment.com writes:

“If there’s one thing that’s better than an uncut Latin cock, it’s two uncut Latin cocks! That’s why Lucas Entertainment is proud to bring you a pair of Exclusive Fernando Torres and Damien Crosse, and it’s of epic proportions.”

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CocksureMen: Justin Coxx bangs Armond Rizzo raw

CocksureMen: Justin Coxx creampies Armond Rizzo

CocksureMen.com writes:

“Justin Coxx and Armond Rizzo make out on the couch. They take their shirts off and stand up to feel each other’s hard bodies. They kiss and Armond sucks Justin’s chocolate nips as he makes his way down to the cock.

Armond sucks Justin’s thick pipe all the way down, getting him nice and hard. Armond removes his clothes and they sit on the couch. Justin deep throats Armond’s uncut cock. He plays with the thick foreskin while he sucks.

Armond lays back and props his legs up, opening his ass for Justin. Justin eats his warm hole, spitting and licking hungrily. Armond turns around and prepares to be penetrated.”

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MaverickMen: Cole and Hunter pop Thiago’s ass cherry in “Raw in Rio”

Maverick Men: Thiago gets his vigin ass fucked in "Raw in Rio"

MaverickMen.com writes:

“Okay, all you Brazilian-lovers out there that have been begging to see this Virgin Cherry Pop video from our visit to Rio de Janeiro; here it is!

This video just exudes sex as it has the makings of a MaverickMen classic; exotic location with amazing beaches and Thiago, our beautiful and masculine eighteen-year old Brazilian virgin.”

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BiLatinMen: Hemp fucks Ian

BiLatinMen.com writes:

“Lucky for us, model Hemp needed more money to pay the rent, so this time he agreed to go further and fuck a guy in the ass.

Fine boy Ian was the luck cock sucker we found to swallow Hemp’s cock. Ian also looks good with his nice trim body, taking Hemp’s long pole up his ass.”

- Download the full-length scene at BiLatinMen.com


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LucasEntertainment: Valentino Medici and Fernando Torres fuck each other bareback

Lucas Entertainment: Fernando Torres and Valentino Medici flip fuck bareback

LucasEntertainment.com writes:

“Valentino Medici has been the object of Fernando Torres’ affection for a long time, and he’s finally landed the man he’s been after.

Fernando looks killer in his briefs – his rock hard body is complimented only by big uncut Latino cock and Valentino loves to use his hands and mouth on it.

Fernando and Valentino both enjoy bottoming, but when they see an ass they love they want to use their throbbing cocks.”

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LucasEntertainment: Jed Athens gets double penetrated in the final episode of “Bareback Sex Fest”

Lucas Entertainment: Jed Athens gets double-fucked in the finale of “Bareback Sex Fest”

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“The gay bareback sex party has reached it’s conclusion and everyone is on board to make sure Jed Athens’ birthday bash is a smash hit! That includes all of the guys: Draven Torres, Shane Frost, Marcus Isaacs, Rafael Carreras, Hot Rod, and Fabio Stallone.

Who’s going to get fucked and who is going to be doing the ass pounding? You’ll have to watch the scene. But here’s a hint: Jed Athens gets to enjoy raw bareback double penetration!”

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