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CorbinFisher: Max fucks Lane raw

Corbin Fisher: Max plows Lane bareback
Corbin Fisher Special Offer

CorbinFisher.com writes:

“Lane has certainly been feeling like the big man on campus lately, adding several notches to his bedpost, but he really hits the jackpot when he hooks up with Max, who’s eager to put him through his paces!

These two smoking hot studs are horny and drooling at the thought of getting to make each other cum, and, as soon as the clothes come off, Max is on top of Lane rubbing his huge cock against Lane’s ass!

Lane swallows as much as Max’s cock as he can, before Max takes control and starts pounding him silly. Really letting himself indulge, Lane moans and takes it like a champ until Max fucks the cum out of him and then covers him in a barrage of his own – even managing to shoot past his head!

Now, there’s a lot of Max and it definitely goes a long way, but just once isn’t enough for Lane, so he happily sucks yet another hot load of cum out of Max’s big dick in the shower!”

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CorbinFisher: Lane fucks Conrad raw

Corbin Fisher: Lane barebacks Conrad
Corbin Fisher Special Offer

CorbinFisher.com writes:

“Conrad is not a natural batter – in fact, we have to say that he’s more of a catcher, judging from his performance in a snowy game of baseball with Lane, and Lane felt so bad for poor Conrad that he knew he had to cheer him up – and what better way to do that than to fuck his brains out!

Lane starts by sucking Conrad’s thick cock, before the hairy study goes down on him in return. Before you know it, Conrad is splayed out on the bed moaning as he takes a nice hard fuck from Lane!

His tight, smooth muscles flexing and bulging as he fucks, Lane takes charge of the situation, loving how Conrad lets him do whatever he wants.

After pounding and pounding Conrad’s tight ass, Lane feeds him a hot load of cum – just the right thing to cheer Conrad up!”

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