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MormonBoyz: Bishop Hart fucks Elder Dalton’s tight ass bareback in “Ordination”

MormonBoyz: Elder Dalton rides Bishop Hart's thick cock bareback in "Ordination"
MormonBoyz Special Offer

MormonBoyz.com writes:

“The day has come for Elder Dalton to take one of the biggest steps in his life: that of Ordination into the Order. The young missionary is excited to become a high priest, but he’s also still full of adolescent anxiety and nerves. He trusts the handsome older men to show him what to do, grateful for all they’ve shown him so far.

Bishop Hart is eager to bring the boy to his spiritual calling, giving him his final insemination before priesthood.

Many in the Brethren have fought to have such an honor, but Hart’s passion for the boy’s tight hole and submission have won out above all others!”

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MormonBoyz: Bishop Hart fucks Elder Dalton bareback in “Covenant”

MormonBoyz: Bishop Hart fucks Elder Dalton in "Covenant"
MormonBoyz Special Offer

MormonBoyz.com writes:

“Elder Dalton is an absolute dream. With his boyish body, innocent face, and burgeoning hunger for the cock of his superiors, he’s everything the Brethren could ask for.

President Lee and Bishop Hart, especially, have grown to crave the young boy’s tight hole and body.

Bishop Hart has called the missionary to the temple to make a holy covenant with him, claiming Elder Dalton as his forever, sealing him with his cock and seed.

Bishop Hart has asked President Lee to be a witness, knowing well his colleague would relish the chance to see the sweet boy thoroughly fucked and filled.”

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MormonBoyz: Bishop Hart gives Elder Dalton a helping hand in “The Interview”

MormonBoyz: Bishop Hart gives Elder Dalton a helping hand in "The Interview"
MormonBoyz Special Offer

MormonBoyz.com writes:

“Elder Dalton can barely say the word “sex,” let alone act on it. His super strict upbringing shielded him from any and all outlets for sexual exploration, leaving this teenage missionary completely unaware of what’s in store.

When Bishop Hart interviews him about his sexuality, he sees that Dalton is more repressed than most. He will need quite a lot of coaching to get him to understand his urges, even just how to touch himself to completion.

Luckily, Bishop Hart knows how to inspire true, uncensored desire, bringing out the horny animal in even the most timid of missionaries.”

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MormonBoyz: Bishop Hart barebacks Elder Ingles in “Initiation”

MormonBoyz: Bishop Hart fucks Elder Ingles raw in "Initiation"

MormonBoyz.com writes:

“Elder Ingles couldn’t believe how good it felt to fuck Bishop Hart. The older man was showing him more and more about his own sexuality, unlocking chambers of his erotic imagination he never even knew he had!

Impressed with the boy’s performance, Bishop Hart brought the missionary into the temple to be anointed in preparation for his initiation. Elder Ingles is excited and humbled by the invitation, but still unsure what will be expected of him. But he’s learning to trust the handsome leader, submitting to him completely and doing as he says< .

Things get exciting when the ritual blessing arouses Ingles’ erection, prompting Bishop Hart to take action.”

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MormonBoyz: Elder Ingles fucks Bishop Hart raw in “The Calling”

MormonBoyz: Elder Ingles creams Bishop Hart in "The Calling"

MormonBoyz.com writes:

“Bishop Hart has called Elder Ingles to his office for another private meeting. The horny boy is eager to see what he’ll be asked to do next! He’s had a taste of sex and he wants more!

The handsome older man wastes no time in getting Ingles to strip down for a full inspection.

With every invasive touch, the young missionary gets more and more excited. He can’t hide his massive erection, making the bishop want to experience what it’s like.

Elder Ingles is told to rim his leader’s smooth, bubble butt before being instructed to fuck him raw! Ingles is so excited to breed his handsome leader and to make him proud!”

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MormonBoyz: Bishop Hart barebacks Elder Campbell in “Ordination”

MormonBoyz: Bishop Hart barebacks Elder Campbell in "Ordination"

MormonBoyz.com writes:

“Bishop Hart holds a sacred authority over Elder Campbell. He knows that the boy belongs to him, but he also appreciates him. He loves his submissive heart and smooth body, not to mention his tight, insatiable hole.

The time has come for Elder Campbell to be ordained into the Order, and Hart couldn’t be happier to oversee it. To celebrate the momentous occasion, Bishop Hart plans to make sweet, passionate love to the beautiful, freckled boy, kissing him all over before pounding him deep with his raw, hard cock.”

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MormonBoyz: Bishop Hart barebacks Elder Zachary in “Initiation”

MormonBoyz: Elder Zachary rides Bishop Hart bareback in "Initiation"

MormonBoyz.com writes:

“Elder Zachary’s attraction to Bishop Hart couldn’t be denied, leading the handsome leader to bring him immediately into the Order.

Cleaning up the cum from the boy’s body, he led him to a ceremonial room to bless his body and initiate him into the Higher Priesthood’s induction process.

Bishop Hart couldn’t take his hands off the boy as he consecrated him from head to toe. No longer wanting to deny his desires and eager to give himself to the handsome man, Elder Zachary sucks his first cock before getting his virgin boy hole fucked and bred by Bishop Hart.”

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MormonBoyz: Bishop Hart jerks off Elder Zachary in “The Interview”

MormonBoyz: Bishop Hart jerks off Elder Zachary in "The Interview"

MormonBoyz.com writes:

“Elder Zachary’s boyish face and body have attracted the men of the Order, eager to see what kind of recruit he could make. Bishop Hart has been charged with testing the boy’s desires and seeing if he’s a good candidate for service.

Before Hart even touches him, he can see that the boy is becoming aroused. The missionary firmly says he’s not attracted to men, but his body says otherwise.

After tying him up and teasing his cock, Elder Zachary’s denials soon become drowned out by the sound of his moans… and him begging the bishop to cum.”

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MormonBoyz: Bishop Hart and Elder Ingles suck each other in “The Interview”

MormonBoyz: Bishop Hart and Elder Ingles blow each other in "The Interview"

MormonBoyz.com writes:

“When asked about it, newcomer Elder Ingles vehemently denies his same-sex attraction. He’s been around other men naked, and even been aroused, but claims this is not a sign of anything damning.

Nevertheless, Bishop Hart knows when a boy is attracted to him, and Elder Ingles can barely answer a question without gazing at his crotch.

He interrogates the nervous boy before giving him the ultimate test of his sexuality: stripping him down and having his way with him.

The freshman missionary can’t hide his true feelings when his giant cock is in the older man’s mouth!

Bishop Hart strokes him right to the edge, making him beg for more!”

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MormonBoyz: Elder Campbell, President Lee and Bishop Hart in “Atonement”

MormonBoyz: Elder Campbell gets his hole stretched in "Atonement"

MormonBoyz.com writes:

“Now that Elder Campbell has made his covenant with Bishop Hart, he belongs to him in a way that he couldn’t have imagined. The older man has commanded his fantasies for so long, but now he controls his body as well.

Hart loves nothing more than flaunting his authority, especially on his new dedicated submissive.

The handsome priest brings Elder Campbell to the temple to push the limits of his body and to prove once more just how loyal he is to the Order.”

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