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MormonBoyz: Bishop Hart barebacks Elder Zachary in “Initiation”

MormonBoyz: Elder Zachary rides Bishop Hart bareback in "Initiation"

MormonBoyz.com writes:

“Elder Zachary’s attraction to Bishop Hart couldn’t be denied, leading the handsome leader to bring him immediately into the Order.

Cleaning up the cum from the boy’s body, he led him to a ceremonial room to bless his body and initiate him into the Higher Priesthood’s induction process.

Bishop Hart couldn’t take his hands off the boy as he consecrated him from head to toe. No longer wanting to deny his desires and eager to give himself to the handsome man, Elder Zachary sucks his first cock before getting his virgin boy hole fucked and bred by Bishop Hart.”

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MormonBoyz: Bishop Hart jerks off Elder Zachary in “The Interview”

MormonBoyz: Bishop Hart jerks off Elder Zachary in "The Interview"

MormonBoyz.com writes:

“Elder Zachary’s boyish face and body have attracted the men of the Order, eager to see what kind of recruit he could make. Bishop Hart has been charged with testing the boy’s desires and seeing if he’s a good candidate for service.

Before Hart even touches him, he can see that the boy is becoming aroused. The missionary firmly says he’s not attracted to men, but his body says otherwise.

After tying him up and teasing his cock, Elder Zachary’s denials soon become drowned out by the sound of his moans… and him begging the bishop to cum.”

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MormonBoyz: Bishop Hart and Elder Ingles suck each other in “The Interview”

MormonBoyz: Bishop Hart and Elder Ingles blow each other in "The Interview"

MormonBoyz.com writes:

“When asked about it, newcomer Elder Ingles vehemently denies his same-sex attraction. He’s been around other men naked, and even been aroused, but claims this is not a sign of anything damning.

Nevertheless, Bishop Hart knows when a boy is attracted to him, and Elder Ingles can barely answer a question without gazing at his crotch.

He interrogates the nervous boy before giving him the ultimate test of his sexuality: stripping him down and having his way with him.

The freshman missionary can’t hide his true feelings when his giant cock is in the older man’s mouth!

Bishop Hart strokes him right to the edge, making him beg for more!”

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MormonBoyz: Elder Campbell, President Lee and Bishop Hart in “Atonement”

MormonBoyz: Elder Campbell gets his hole stretched in "Atonement"

MormonBoyz.com writes:

“Now that Elder Campbell has made his covenant with Bishop Hart, he belongs to him in a way that he couldn’t have imagined. The older man has commanded his fantasies for so long, but now he controls his body as well.

Hart loves nothing more than flaunting his authority, especially on his new dedicated submissive.

The handsome priest brings Elder Campbell to the temple to push the limits of his body and to prove once more just how loyal he is to the Order.”

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MormonBoyz: Bishop Hart fucks Elder Campbell bareback in “The Covenant”

MormonBoyz: Bishop Hart fucks Elder Campbell raw in "The Covenant"

MormonBoyz.com writes:

“Elder Campbell has shown to be not only incredibly handsome and pure, but a loyal servant as well.

In this chapter, the Brethren have decided that he should make his covenant with Bishop Hart, someone who knows well how to use a good servant.

Elder Campbell is nervous, but eager to not disappoint the handsome man of his dreams.”

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MormonBoyz: Bishop Hart barebacks Elder Campbell in “The Calling”

MormonBoyz: Bishop Hart fucks Elder Campbell raw in "The Calling"

MormonBoyz.com writes:

“After fixating and fantasizing about Bishop Hart’s sexual interrogation, Elder Campbell was desperate to see him again. He knew he shouldn’t, but he wanted to experience more of the handsome man’s dominance.

Fortunately, the bishop could see his effect on the boy’s innocence and was eager to bring him into the Order. He stripped him down, touched his bare body, and had him service his cock all before breeding him on his desk, officially beginning his induction.”

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MormonBoyz: Elder Campbell busts a nut fantasizing about Brother Hart in “Same-Sex Attraction”

MormonBoyz: Elder Campbell rubs one out fantasizing about Brother Hart in "Same-Sex Attraction"

MormonBoyz.com writes:

“Elder Campbell’s world was shaken when Brother Hart stripped him down and toyed with his body. The feeling of total submission scared him, but also excited him more than he could imagine. It’s been hard to shake off those feelings and to ignore the pleasure he got.

Now, in the quiet and comfort of his bed, the boy can’t help but touch himself thinking of the man who changed his life.”

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SeanCody: Jeffrey fucks Lance

Sean Cody writes:

“Lance has always admitted to being a bit wild when it comes to sex, and well, he always looks great with a fat dick in his mouth and and in his ass. It didn’t hit me at first, but he is a few years older than Jeffrey. Lance enjoys the extra experience that comes with age and I thought that he would really enjoy Jeffrey!

There really was no sign that there was an age difference at all. In fact, I think that Jeffrey liked the fact that he was about to fuck someone a few years older so that he could show him what he was capable of. He couldn’t even wait to pop his balls into Lance’s mouth!

And it was on from there. Lance worked on Jeffrey’s cock and balls — in what I would say was an interesting position. Then once Lance was ready to take it, Jeffrey didn’t hold back. He fucked Lance’s hairy hole hard and deep, teasing him with slow strokes and then really pounding into him.

Lance couldn’t stop moaning as he was getting fucked over the weight bench. But Jeffrey likes sucking on a dick too, so he put those skills to work before finally spreading Lance open again, fucking the cum right out of him…

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SeanCody: Curtis, Lance and Calvin’s hot threeway

Sean Cody writes about this hot scene:

“Curtis never ceases to amaze me. His return was completely unexpected, and in the short time he’s been back, he’s managed to take Ethan’s and Oscar’s formidable dicks! He certainly has been getting his fill around here and has probably never been happier. He conveniently brought up his summer adventure with Rylan and Trey during a conversation after his previous film. And I could tell what he was getting at… Curtis wanted to get fucked by two guys again!

Getting schedules synched up around here can be difficult.. A lot of these guys are balancing school and work and barely have time to get away for a day or two. So getting three guys together (and with dicks big enough to satisfy Curtis) was a challenge! But, I had to make it happen and somehow managed to pull it off. Lance has always been up for a good time and Calvin is really good at sucking cock and fucking a nice ass. And they are all versatile. Done and done!

They were all very excited, their faces eager with anticipation and ready to fuck every which way. The original plan was to make sure that Curtis got his brains fucked to the point of no return. But both Calvin and Lance have also enjoyed taking a good fucking so they changed it all around. The new plan? Everyone was going to fuck someone!”

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SeanCody: Johnny fucks Lance

Sean Cody writes:

“Take a guy from the city and a guy from the farm and you get some “trouble!” It’s the age old social experiment. Johnny drives a tractor and loves swinging his dick around in the fields. Lance drives his car through the city streets and swings his dick around in his bedroom. Take their clothes off and put a dick in their mouths and they have everything they need to have in common.

“So what do you think of this guy here?” I asked Johnny.

“He’s pretty interesting… he’s got lots of stories,” he laughed.

Lance does have a habit of performing a lot of online “research” when it comes to porn. I am not sure what he shared with Johnny but it didn’t seem to scare him off. In fact, I think the big grin on his face was a result of wanting to become one of Lance’s stories one day!

Once they got undressed, Johnny deep throated Lance, and Lance choked on Johnny’s fat dick as they 69’ed each other. You could see Lance’s legs shake as Johnny’s thick cock slid inside his ass. After a thorough and deep pounding, both of them were spent but obviously happy.

“Good work dude,” Lance said as he patted Johnny on the back. “You’re a champion buttfucker!”

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