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Freshmen.net: Joaquin Arrenas gets fucked raw by Kieran Benning

Freshmen.net: Kieran Benning creams Joaquin Arrenas

Freshmen.net writes:

“The following scene is a very free form affair, especially considering it comes from director Marty Sevens. Maybe it is because the two guys he was directing were just horny and experienced enough to perform without his instructions.”

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BelAmiOnline: Kieran Benning and Jarrod Lanvin fuck each other raw

BelAmi: Kieran Benning and Jarrod Lanvin flip fuck bareback
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BelAmiOnline.com writes:

“As you are able to tell from the introduction to this video, Helmut and Jerome’s apartment is our second filming location in Prague. Luckily for them (or not) they were both away when we needed to use the apartment to film this scene with Jarrod and Kieran.

While this series is about Kieran, we feel that we should note that this is probably the best performance to date from either of these guys..

Kieran gives us a very passionate and sensual performance, showing us exactly why he is the ‘Perfect Package’ while Jarrod also gives us what is probably his best performance to date.

Next week we will have the conclusion of our Perfect Package mini series with what was supposed Kieran’s solo (but with Jason Bacall around, things get a little out of control).”

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BelAmiOnline: Jamie Durrell fucks Kieran Benning raw

BelAmi: Jamie Durrell barebacks Kieran Benning
Up to 30% off at BelAmiOnline

BelAmiOnline.com writes:

“You may have the impression of Kieran from our series trailer that he is a wild and crazy lover. While that is generally true, he also does have his soft and tender side as well, so we decided to start our special off with one of his more gentle scenes.

His partner here today is Jamie Durrell with a special guest appearance from Benny (No prizes for guessing how Benny the bunny got his name!).

As our little series progresses you will see Kieran get wilder and wilder. Afer his interview you will see him fucking Jarrod and the final segment, which was supposed to be a double solo with Jason, but things got a bit out of hand and we ended up with a blow job scene instead of just a jerk off.”

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Freshmen.net: Kieran Benning and Dylan Maguire’s bareback flip fuck

Freshmen.net: Kieran Benning and Dylan Maguire flip fuck bareback

Dylan Maguire and Kieran Benning fuck each other raw at Freshmen.net.

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