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CollegeDudes: Josh O’Brian gets fucked by Bobby Clark

CollegeDudes: Bobby Clark fucks Josh Obrian

CollegeDudes.com writes:

“Bobby’s back and ready to go before we even set these two loose on each other! He’s bulging out of his pants for our hot stud Josh, and when the boxers come off it doesn’t look like Josh is going to take much to get him hard either!

There’s lots of kissing and cock rubbing before these boys get started on the oral, Bobby gets a mouth full of meat first and he shoves that thing way down his throat.

As much as Bobby loves to give, he also likes to be on the receiving end of that cock-sucking, and Josh lies down and gets a little messy as he drools all over Bobby’s long prick. But they both know the best is yet to come and once they’re rock hard and horny as fuck, these guys are ready for some ass-pounding!”

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DallasReeves: Vadim Black gets fucked raw by the Johnny and Donny Forza

Dallas Reeves: Vadim Black gets fucked raw by the Forza brothers

Vadim Black bottoms for Johnny and Donny Forza in this update at DallasReeves.com.

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RandyBlue: Killian James

Randy Blue: Killian James fucks himself
Randy Blue Special Offer

Randy Blue writes:

“Killian James has one of those gregarious personalities that just makes you feel like you have known him for years after your first conversation. He knows how to make you feel at ease. This man hails from New York and is definitely a fan of the dick.

This gay boy knows how to please a man and the things he can do with his ass has literally won awards. No really. The only problem he had with the solo is that he wanted another man there to jam a dick inside of him.”

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Men.com: Trevor Spade and Dylan Drive’s hot flip-fuck in “Neighbors, Part 2”

Men.com: Dylan Drive and Trevor Spade flip fuck in "Neighbors, Part 2"

Part 2 of Men.com‘s “Neighbors” series features a hot flip fuck between Dylan Drive and Trevor Spade.

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CorbinFisher: Quinn fucks Tanner bareback

Corbin Fisher: Quinn barebacks Tanner

Corbin Fisher writes:

“When Tanner first arrived at CF, he was one we weren’t entirely certain would get in to guy/guy action. Once Tanner did try out some guy/guy action, he wasn’t one we anticipated would become one of our best bottoms. As we know by now, though, not only has Tanner gotten fucked here at CF but he’s also taken to it quite well, clearly loves it, and looks hot as hell doing it.

In Tanner’s initial bottom scenes there was no denying he was still getting used to both the idea of getting fucked, and the sensations involved. He has fully embraced all of that by now, though, and one of the clearest signs of that is seeing his cock get harder and harder until it’s pointing straight up and skyward while Quinn fucks his big dick up in to Tanner’s hole. Granted, Tanner’s loud moans also make it obvious he’s loving getting railed by Quinn’s cock.

Quinn, with his lithe, lean, and tight build has his way with a more buff and stocky Tanner, unleashing a long, deep, intense fuck that Tanner can’t get enough of and feeding him a load that seems like it will never stop shooting.”

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CollegeDudes: Bryan Cavallo nails Jaden Bentley

CollegeDudes: Jaden Bentley bottoms for big-dicked Bryan Cavallo

Jaden Bentley’s heard the rumors about Bryan Cavallo’s big dick, but he’s about to find out for himself just how huge it really is!

Watch as Jaden takes Bryan’s huge cock up his tight little ass!

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LucasEntertainment: Adam Killian barebacks Joseph Rough

Lucas Entertainment: Adam Killian fucks Joseph Rough bareback

LucasEntertainment.com writes:

“It’s been a long time since two gay porn stars have had an onscreen conversation at Lucas Entertainment, but since the studio has started producing hardcore gay bareback porn, we thought we’d open up the conversation once again like in the old days of the “Auditions” series. And who better to open the talk than Adam Killian with the young Joseph Rough.

Joseph usually likes being the top, but there’s some age roleplay in this scene because Adam takes control and pounds Joseph bareback after getting a long blowjob!”

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RagingStallion: Shawn Wolfe, Boomer Banks, Trelino, Tyson Tyler and Dato Foland in “Into Darkness”

Raging Stallion: Shawn Wolfe, Boomer Banks, Trelino, Tyson Tyler and Dato Foland blow each other in "Into Darkness"

Five grunting men engage in dark rites and a cock feeding frenzy in Raging Stallion’s “Into Darkness”.

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CollegeDudes: Troy Taylor fucks Asher Hawk

CollegeDudes: Troy Taylor fucks Asher Hawk

Troy Taylor and Asher Hawk have been trying to control their urge to fuck each other for awhile now, but once the guys of CollegeDudes.com set them loose these boys fuck, suck and rim their way to release!

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BrokeStraightBoys: Damien Kyle bottoms for newcomer Adam Stripz

Broke Straight Boys: Adam Stripz tops Damien Kyle
Broke Straight Boys Special Offer

Broke Straight Boys Adam Stripz and Damien Kyle are back and hot as ever! Adam isn’t afraid to show off a little, including when he’s pounding Damien hard and deep!

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