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NakedSword: Corbin Fisher’s “College Fuck Buddies Vol. 4”

NakedSword: Corbin Fisher's "College Fuck Buddies 4"
NakedSword Special Offer

Corbin Fisher writes at NakedSword:

“Corbin Fisher’s College Fuck Buddies Vol. 4 features eight ripped, hot, and horny collegiate jock studs together in some epic, hardcore, wild and raw action that’ll leave you breathless!

Colt pounds Kellan, Jacob rides Kennedy, Marc dicks Ellis, and Truman swallows Zeb’s load as these four hardcore pairings reveal just how far these college buds are willing to go to make each other feel good and get their rocks off!”

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CorbinFisher: Jacob bangs Truman raw

Corbin Fisher: Jacob fucks Truman deep and raw

CorbinFisher.com writes:

“Truman Takes It Deep – and man does he ever! Not only has Jacob proven himself to be the kind of top stud that can deliver it deep and hard, but Truman has shown himself to be the kind of guy that can take it hard and deep – with both of these guys looking fantastic while doing it.

Truman is a thoroughly dominated bottom here, spending most of the action face down and ass up, getting drilled hard. Jacob’s ripped body has him in prime form to deliver a relentless fuck that goes on and on, with Truman grunting and wailing with each pump.

If you are a fan of ripped young studs going at it, you’ll love this one. If you also like ass-to-mouth and massive facials, you’ll love this one as well. The facial Jacob drenches Truman in is huge, and apparently being completely covered in cum is all it takes to send Truman over the top!”

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CorbinFisher: Kellan fucks Jacob bareback

Corbin Fisher: Kellan barebacks Jacob

Kellan creams Jacob’s eager hole in this update at CorbinFisher.com.

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CorbinFisher: Jacob and Trenton fuck each other raw

Corbin Fisher: Jacob and Trenton flip fuck bareback

CorbinFisher.com writes:

“Jacob actually reminds me of Trenton quite a bit – he’s young, hot-bodied, extremely good-looking, and when he first arrived at CF I so hoped he’d give guy/guy action a shot.

When he did take that plunge and get in to some action with his fellow CF studs, he blew me away with how quickly he took to it, how hot he looked while doing it, and how much energy and enthusiasm he showed. Trenton was and had done all of the same.

Now, we’re seeing both of these guys together! As you’d expect, they’re the ideal match – once in action, these two guys each get completely overwhelmed by their hormones.

They turn one another on immensely, are themselves incredibly turned on by every little thing, and there is absolutely no stopping them until they’ve each blown massive loads.

There’s passionate kissing, deep eye contact, loud moaning and thoroughly hot sex throughout – and there was no way we could ever keep these two from ensuring each one got to spend some time getting drilled by a hard dick, and being the one doing the drilling!”

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CorbinFisher: Thomas fucks Jacob raw

Corbin Fisher: Jacob rides Thomas bareback

Corbin Fisher writes:

“After a long and sweaty one-on-one game, these two hot-bodied studs were ready to play another type of intense one-on-one game!

Eager for action, Jacob didn’t waste time getting Thomas’s dick in him. Jacob and Thomas gave each other the royal treatment. “Give it to me” Jacob begged Thomas – and Thomas complied in spades!

Thomas and Jacob worked themselves into a frenzy, with Thomas spreading Jacob wide and burying his hot cock into him fast and hard – only pulling out to spray his load all over a well-fucked Jacob!”

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CorbinFisher: Jacob barebacks Quinn

Corbin Fisher: Jacob fucks the cum out of Quinn

Corbin Fisher writes:

“At CF we hope to bring real passion and intensity out of our guys, show them thoroughly and truly enjoying what they’re doing, and making it obvious they genuinely are having fun and feeling good.

This episode perfectly showcases that, as Jacob gets paired up with Quinn in some hot action that is by no means one-way or unilateral but, rather, deeply passionate and full of mutual pleasure-giving and pleasure-receiving.

You’re not seeing any awkwardness or discomfort – you’re seeing two hot young men entirely caught up in one another and the great feelings they’re giving each other as Jacob fucks Quinn’s hot ass until both reach explosive orgasms, with Jacob using his cock and hand to work a big load out of Quinn and Quinn getting on his hands and knees get a mouthful of Jacob’s load.”

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CorbinFisher: Thomas and Jacob’s cum swap

Corbin Fisher: Jacob bangs Thomas raw

Corbin Fisher writes:

“We know that both Jacob and Thomas are super tops with nice cocks. We also know that both enjoy getting fucked and going wild with a dick in his ass. This video was a toss-up on who would top and who’d bottom, but after tasting Jacob’s hard cock – Thomas wanted his ass plowed!

You have to see the blowjob that Thomas gives Jacob. How he didn’t cum in his mouth from it is beyond me! Thomas makes it messy, juicy, and puts his all into giving that dick as much satisfaction as he could.

Of course Jacob had to thank him by turning him out with an intense ass stuffing!”

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CorbinFisher: Jacob fucks Baker bareback

Corbin Fisher: Jacob creams Baker

Baker rides Jacob’s big cock before getting his hole creamed in this hot update at CorbinFisher.com.

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CorbinFisher: Jacob barebacks Barron

Corbin Fisher: Jacob bangs Barron raw

Corbin Fisher writes:

“After his hiatus, I asked Jacob what brought him back. “The fun! Checking out what I was missing and, of course, the super good looking guys doing it.”

Well, this video reminds us why we’ve missed him! Jacob goes full force on Barron’s tight ass! Not only that, but his presence is undeniable. Not only does he want to fully dominate Barron – he makes Barron want to submit completely!

They both have a lot of fun, and have some great sex. Barron didn’t know what he was in store for – but he’s definitely coming back for more!”

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NakedSword: Corbin Fisher’s “College Shower Fucks”

NakedSword: Corbin Fisher's "College Shower Fucks"
NakedSword Special Offer

Corbin Fisher writes at NakedSword:

“Even when these studs are getting clean, they can’t help but want to get dirty and put their hungry mouths, tight holes, and stiff dicks to work!”

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