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LucasEntertainment: Jacen Zhu and Alexander Volkov flip fuck raw in “Gentlemen 22: Jizz Is the Bizz”

Lucas Entertainment: Alexander Volkov and Jacen Zhu flip fuck bareback in "Gentlemen 22: Jizz Is the Bizz"
Lucas Entertainment Special Offer

LucasEntertainment.com writes:

“Alexander Volkov is a Russian businessman who enjoys the taste of white-collar cock in New York City.

A business deal Alexander is closing with Jane Zhu can only be finalized one way: by stripping off their clothes and playing with each other raw erections!

Both Jacen and Alexander suck each other’s cocks before taking raw dick up their asses!”

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NextDoorStudios: Rex Cobra tops Jacen Zhu in “Raunchy Rendezvous”

Next Door Studios: Rex Cobra bangs Jacen Zhu in "Raunchy Rendezvous"
Next Door Studios Special Offer

NextDoorStudios.com writes:

“As Jacen Zhu scans the internets he happens across an escort ad featuring a guy he recognizes from his gym, so he decides to give him a call and see what services are provided.

Fortunately for Jacen, Rex Cobra is a full service provider, and within an hour, he’s knocking on Jacen’s door ready for action.”

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NextDoorStudios: Andre Donovan fucks Jacen Zhu in “The Wait Is Over”

Next Door Studios: Andre Donovan fucks Jacen Zhu in "The Wait Is Over"
Next Door Studios Special Offer

NextDoorStudios.com writes:

“Andre and Jacen finally are back home from the club and Andre has been waiting all night for this moment. He takes Jacen by the neck and they start to make out passionately.

Jacen goes down to his knees and pulls out Andre’s massive cock and begins to suck and pull on his massive shaft. Andre face fucks Jacen and then bends him over so he can rim his ass deep and hard before he fucks his tight eager ass.

Andre fucks Jacen all over his apartment and finally when he’s ready to unload he pulls out and Jacen drops to his knees where Andre unleashes a huge load all over his eager face.”

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LucasEntertainment: Damon Heart pounds Jacen Zhu in “Young, Hung & Raw”

Lucas Entertainment: Damon Heart bangs Jacen Zhu in "Young, Hung & Raw"

LucasEntertainment.com writes:

“Damon Heart loves showing off his versatility in bed. He’s quick to service a top’s hard cock with his mouth and ass – and the action is always bareback sex — but when he feels the need he’s not shy about finding a bottom to breed in the butt.

In this encounter Damon is hungry for some black hole. Jacen Zhu gives it up to Damon and swallows his cock before getting his ass pumped by the French exclusive model!”

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LucasEntertainment: Jacen Zhu gets pounded by Alejandro Castillo, Alex Kof, Mario Domenech and Viktor Rom in “Raw Roughnecks”

Lucas Entertainment: Jacen Zhu gets pounded by Alejandro Castillo, Alex Kof, Mario Domenech and Viktor Rom in "Raw Roughnecks"

LucasEntertainment.com writes:

“There’s a lot of work going on around the farm: Viktor Rom, Mario Domenech, and Alex Kof are hard at work making repairs to the equipment. Alejandro Castillo brings Jacen Zhu over to the equipment garage to offer everyone some water. But it’s his throat and ass the guys are interested in, and each guy gets his turn with Jacen.

At 4:50 you can see Jacen working on all of the uncut cocks as he gets his ass licked. And at 7:45 the fucking begins with Alex raw-dogging Jacen while he makes out with Alejandro and Mario sucks his hard-on. Viktor is close behind to be the second to plow Jacen bareback.”

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LucasEntertainment: Jacen Zhu and Devin Franco flip fuck raw in “Gentlemen 17: Oral Office”

Lucas Entertainment: Devin Franco flip fucks with Jacen Zhu in "Gentlemen 17: Oral Office"

LucasEntertainment.com writes:

“Devin Franco is a young professional with a strong libido. He’s always horny, even at his demanding white-collar job. He stays after hours one evening, but it’s not to work. He allows his perverted side to take over and he starts jerking his big dick to porn on his office computer.

He doesn’t realize his suited colleague Jacen Zhu is still around — but he isn’t offended by Devin. He’s turned on and starts rubbing his hard black cock. Jacen joins Devin and they stroke together.

But the longer Devin looks at Jacen’s hard-on the more he wants to taste it. The blowjob leads to the guys stripping off more of their suits and fucking each other in the ass bareback.

At 22:50 you’ll see Devin completely naked, but Jacen still has his dress shirt and tie partially on — revealing action-figure stomach of Jacen Zhu as he pumps his dick in Devin Franco’s tight ass.”

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LucasEntertainment: Zander Craze, Jacen Zhu, Wolf Rayet and Ibrahim Moreno’s raw orgy in “Seriously Hard Fucking”

Lucas Entertainment: Zander Craze, Jacen Zhu, Wolf Rayet and Ibrahim Moreno's bareback orgy in "Seriously Hard Fucking"

Ibrahim Moreno takes on the huge raw dicks of Zander Craze Jacen Zhu, and Wolf Rayet for hole-bending double penetration in Lucas Entertainment’s “Seriously Hard Fucking”.

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