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BelAmiOnline: Jerome Exupery fucks Henrik Bjorn bareback

BelAmi: Jerome Exupery barebacks Henrik Bjorn
BelAmi Special Trial Offer

BelAmiOnline.com writes:

“Every now and then, Marty’s wry sense of humor can leak it’s way into a clip, and the introduction to this scene is one of those cases, when he offers to organize the best oral that the boys have ever experienced.

Once we get past Marty’s little jest however we are left to see what our two blonds can do for us today.

Jerome is definitely in his ‘tender lover’ mood with Henrik here and he takes the lead right from the start, with Henrik being left to enjoy every bit of the foreplay.

When we get to the fucking though Jerome manages to work up quite a sweat while delving deep into Henrik.”

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Freshmen.net: Peter Annaud barebacks Felix Gaul, Dylan Maguire and Henrik Bjorn

Freshmen.net: Peter Annaud fucks Felix Gaul, Dylan Maguire and Henrik Bjorn bareback

Three eager bottoms (Felix Gaul, Dylan Maguire and Henrik Bjorn) try out Peter Annaud’s thick cock at Freshmen.net.

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BelAmiOnline: Jack Harrer fucks Henrik Bjorn bareback

BelAmi: Henrik Bjorn takes Jack Harrer's big dick raw
BelAmi Special Trial Offer

BelAmiOnline.com writes:

“GD has introduced Henrik as one of our up and coming power bottoms, so we thought that we would give him the opportunity to prove it to us in today’s scene with Jack Harrer.

Jack can sometimes be heard complaining that he does not get to top enough as there are not so many guys around who can handle his big dick as he would like. At least today he seems to be perfectly happy with the abilities of his partner.”

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Freshmen.net: Hoyt Kogan fucks Henrik Bjorn bareback

Freshmen.net: Hoyt Kogan barebacks newcomer Henrik Bjorn

Freshmen.net writes:

“Fans cannot fathom the efforts it takes to find our models. Sometimes we will get a beautiful blond who struggles with low sexual energy. Other times we’ll find a boy with a huge and beautiful dick and discover half of our models balk at taking a dick that size.

Finally, we have boys who look a little average but are sexually flexible and uninhibited. Henrik Bjorn falls into this last category.

He has very few sexual inhibitions and can take any size dick. He’ll demonstrate this ability in a later scene when he receives a double penetration without blinking an eye.

Today’s scene is nothing so extreme but it is one of his very first. His trainer is Hoyt.”

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