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SeanCody: Hector, Deacon and Asher’s bareback threesome

Sean Cody: Hector, Deacon and Asher's raw threeway
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SeanCody.com writes:

““They are really sexy… they make me feel things.” Hector started touching himself with the thought of fucking around with Sean Cody’s sexy couple, Deacon and Asher.

He had a bit of a surprise in store for them to start the day off on the right foot… a double-sided dildo!

Of course, our hot couple was excited about it… but also eager to have Hector fuck them… and to fuck Hector; a good ol’ free for all!”

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SeanCody: Jess fucks Hector raw

Sean Cody: Hector takes Jess massive cock bareback
Sean Cody Offer

SeanCody.com writes:

“Sexy Latin stud Hector is back, but this time he’s on the receiving end and isn’t taking the easy route either… Jess is certainly going to make things interesting with his huge cock!

Jess and Hector wasted no time chatting and headed straight for pound town. We added a trampoline in the mix just to switch things up a little…let’s just say trampoline sex is something everybody should try!

Even after blowing a load, cum-machine Jess didn’t give Hector a break and went in for another round. Taking it like a champ is definitely something Hector can put under his belt now.”

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SeanCody: Hector fucks Manny bareback

Sean Cody: Hector creams Manny

SeanCody.com writes:

“Hot Latino Hector is back to give a passionate pounding, and Manny’s ass was there for the taking!

It doesn’t hurt that Hector has a sexy accent either; it really does a number on people, and Manny was no exception.

Having Hector tell Manny what he wants to do to him in Spanish was enough to make anybody fall on all fours with their ass in the air, and ready to take his thick dick… which is exactly what Manny did!”

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SeanCody: Joey bottoms for newcomer Hector

Sean Cody: Newcomer Hector creampies Joey

SeanCody.com writes:

“The moment Hector met Joey, we immediately knew that he was definitely his type.

Even being on a hike in the great outdoors didn’t stop him from taking Joey and feeling him up.

Eventually, the sexual tension got so intense that we had to bring it indoors where Hector took it nice and slow and showed his bottom the joys of taking every inch of his thick cock!”

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SeanCody: Hector

Sean Cody: Hector busts a nut

SeanCody.com writes:

“Hector is a sexy Latin guy with a thick, uncut cock… and he knows how to use it!

“I know that I have a very thick dick and it could be painful, so I always like to start slowly, and then when everything is going good I could go faster.”

He definitely brought some spice to Sean Cody, and we’re not complaining!”

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