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NakedKombat: Paul Wagner vs Hayden Russo

Beefy Paul Wagner takes on lean and fast Hayden Russo and the winner gives the loser a hot ass pounding.

– Get the full-length scene at NakedKombat.com
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Naked Kombat

CocksureMen: Hayden Russo barebacks Park Wiley

CocksureMen.com writes:

“As hot as Hayden Russo’s first two scenes were, they were just an appetizer compared to this bareback scene with Park Wiley.

As per usual Park is running at 110% but it’s his ability to draw that little extra out of his partners that really sets him apart from the other studs in our stable. For most, deep throating Hayden’s cock would be quite an accomplishment but for Park it’s just another day at the office. Just thinking of Hayden’s dick inside your ass would be a challenge but for Park…heaven.

Park jumps on that monster and within no time he’s spraying a load over Hayden’s chest while still bobbing up and down. Hayden makes him pay, fucking Park as hard as he can with his bare cock. Park is sent into orgasm once again right before Hayden blows his load all over Park’s ass. Hayden isn’t finished though. He sticks it right back into Park and continues to pound away.”

– Download the entire scene at CocksureMen

CocksureMen: Hayden Russo barebacks Tex Gemmell

CocksureMen.com writes:

“If you like big dicks then Hayden Russo will send you to heaven. His cock is HUGE and Tex can’t wait to shove it deep into his bubble-butt.

Before Hayden dives in, he spends a little time licking Tex’s gorgeous feet and sucking Tex’s thick tool. Now that everyone’s hard (including you) Hayden slides his bare cock into Tex’s hungry hole. He pounds Tex relentlessly from behind until he can’t hold back any longer and sprays his load all over Tex’s ass and back. Tex follows suit, blasting his load all over his hands and bed. Hayden licks Tex’s fingers clean. HOT!”

– Download the entire scene at CocksureMen

TommyDxxx: Tommy pops Hayden’s ass cherry

TommyDxxx.com writes:

“Last time TommyD and Hayden hooked up, they sucked each other off. That’s all the could have been done since Hayden’s cock is far to big for Tommy’s tight as, and Hayden has never taken anything more than a finger of his pucker hole… until today that is. We had to bribe the tall 19 year old a bit, but in the end, it was well worth it.

This is a rare occasion. Be prepared to enjoy the devirginizing of Hayden’s ass. Tommy is thrilled to be the man chosen for the job and does a great one at that.

So sit back, unzip and see these two make out, suck and then finally fuck.”

– Download the full scene at TommyDxxx

CocksureMen: Hayden Russo barebacks DJ Mann

CocksureMen.com writes:

“Wow. We’ve seen some LONG dicks before but it’s been a while since we’ve seen anything like the 10 INCHES of uncut dick that Hayden Russo has between his legs.

DJ Mann, proud owner of a big, thick uncut dick himself, knows what’s coming and makes some silly excuse about needing shoes before Hayden wins him over, strips him naked, bends him over and fucks him bareback.

DJ squirms and moans while Hayden slams his tight ass with his bare boner. The passion hits the brink and both guys blow their loads all over DJ’s ripped stomach.”

– Download the full scene at CocksureMen