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ChaosMen: Big-dicked Calhoun fucks Kodi raw

ChaosMen: Kodi rides Calhoun's thick dick bareback
ChaosMen Special Offer

ChaosMen.com writes:

“I feel like we have had so many amazing videos with hot energy, that I am running out of superlatives!

Kodi is back to take on Calhoun’s monster cock. We had only one moment where he had to take a quick minute for him to adjust, but the rest of the time Calhoun is pounding Kodi like a sledgehammer.

Kodi works-up quite a sweat too. Hair mussed, sweat pouring off of him, all with a greedy desire to get all of Calhoun’s cock in him.”

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Men.com: Beaux Banks rides John Magnum in “The DILF Diaries, Part 1”

Men.com: John Magnum fucks Beaux Banks in "The DILF Diaries, Part 1"

Men.com writes:

“Beaux Banks’ crush on his friend leads him to ask for a mutual jerk off session. Someone agrees, but it’s not his friend…”

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Bromo: Scott Ambrose fucks Titus in “Raw Lock Up, Part 2”

Bromo: Scott Ambrose pounds Titus in "Raw Lock Up, Part 2"
Bromo.com Special Offer

Bromo.com writes:

“Scott Ambrose is a muscle hunk who knows what he wants. He’s no stranger to the deal at Raw Lock Up, where he’s quick to sniff out the fresh meat for his personal pleasure. When a hand-cuffed Titus catches his eye, Scott proceeds to use him like the cum slut he is.”

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LucasEntertainment: Damon Heart and James Castle fuck Dakota Payne in “Bareback Auditions 09: Eager to Please”

Lucas Entertainment: Damon Heart and James Castle double team Dakota Payne in "Bareback Auditions 09: Eager To Please"

Damon Heart and James Castle get up close and very personal with Dakota Payne in Lucas Entertainment’s “Bareback Auditions 09: Eager To Please”!

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Men.com: Hunter Adrian bangs Johnny Rapid in “Neighborhood Pervert”

Men.com: Hunter Adrian fucks Johnny Rapid in "Neighborhood Pervert"

Men.com writes:

“The neighborhood scoundrel, Johnny, is at it again and gets caught by his lover’s partner. Looking for an escape he runs right into Hunter’s home where he shows Hunter why he’s the go-to dick in the surrounding area.”

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RagingStallion: Rikk York and Daymin Voss fuck each other in “TSA Checkpoint”

Raging Stallion: Rikk York and Daymin Voss flip fuck in "TSA Checkpoint"

In Raging Stallion’s “TSA Checkpoint”, Rikk York sets off the alarms and Officer Daymin Voss finds some contraband shoved up Rikk’s fuzzy ass.

Daymin probes the traveler until he sets off both of their explosive devices.

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CorbinFisher: Thomas fucks Quinn bareback

Corbin Fisher: Thomas fucks Quinn raw

CorbinFisher.com writes:

““You really treat my ass right,” Quinn notes, with his legs in the air as Thomas really goes to town eating him out.

Quinn is in full power-bottom mode, demanding that Thomas slap his ass and goading him on as they fuck. Thomas looks great as he pounds Quinn, his hairy body contrasting well with Quinn’s manscaping, and you can really tell that they’re both enamored with one another.

After cumming all over his own abs, Quinn takes Thomas’s load in his mouth, sucking every drop out of his big dick before pushing him back down onto the bed and sharing it with him!

“Fuck, you taste good!” Quinn says, with a smirk.”

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SeanCody: Kaleb fucks Sean raw

Sean Cody: Kaleb barebacks Sean
Sean Cody Offer

SeanCody.com writes:

“The first thing you notice right off the bat is that there is a significant size different between Kaleb and Sean, but that didn’t stop Kaleb from doing what he wanted to do.

When we asked him what he was looking forward to doing to Sean, he answered “I just wanna make him feel good.”

Even though Sean was the bottom, his aggressive and dominant personality shined through, but Kaleb did exactly what he set out to do… make Sean feel good!”

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Men.com: Connor Maguire tops Griffin Barrows in “Retreat Yo’Self, Part 3”

Men.com: Connor Maguire bangs Griffin Barrows in "Retreat Yo'Self, Part 3"

Men.com writes:

“Owner of the retreat Connor Maguire gives Griffin Barrows a private session on how to be truly free from his virtual connections and how to physically connect with Connor’s eager willing mouth.”

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LucasEntertainment: Ty Mitchell gets fucked by Andre Donovan and his huge dick in “Gentlemen 21: Top Management”

Lucas Entertainment: Ty Mitchell bottoms for big-dicked Andre Donovan in "Gentlemen 21: Top Management"

Andre Donovan tests Ty Mitchell’s ability to submit to the raw needs in Lucas Entertainment’s “Gentlemen 21: Top Management”.

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