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Men.com: Jackson Grant fucks Paul Canon in “The Lost Tapes, Part 3”

Men.com: Jackson Grant tops Paul Canon in "The Lost Tapes, Part 3"
Men.com Special Offer

Furry stud Jackson Grant fucks Paul Canon in part 3 of Men.com’s “The Lost Tapes” series.

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GayRoom: Wesley Woods fucks Zach Covington in “Redhead Seduction”

GayRoom: Wesley Woods fucks Zach Covington in "Redhead Seduction"

Wesley Woods seduces ginger bottom Zach Covington into the shower for a steamy, hot pounding at GayRoom.com.

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SeanCody: Hector

Sean Cody: Hector busts a nut
Sean Cody Trial Offer

SeanCody.com writes:

“Hector is a sexy Latin guy with a thick, uncut cock… and he knows how to use it!

“I know that I have a very thick dick and it could be painful, so I always like to start slowly, and then when everything is going good I could go faster.”

He definitely brought some spice to Sean Cody, and we’re not complaining!”

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MenAtPlay: Dato Foland fucks Andy Star in “Morning, Tiger!”

MenAtPlay: Dato Foland fucks Andy Star in "Morning, Tiger!"

MenAtPlay.com writes:

“OK we’re not gonna lie, this is hands down one of the best sex scenes we’ve ever had on MENATPLAY – and we’ve filmed a LOT of sex scenes. But very rarely, when the elements and the energy all align, the result is pure magic.

‘Morning Tiger’ starts with a sensuality that we don’t often see in porn, however this quickly turns into some seriously nasty fucking once the guys let loose.

Dato Foland and Andy Star give us an amazing performance, if you can call it that. Because it genuinely feels like you’re right there watching two hot guys fuck each other senseless.

The chemistry between the men is absolutely intense! Dato’s dick game is probably the best we’ve ever seen on MENATPLAY. Giving it hard and fast, and manoeuvring the muscular bottom into every position imaginable, trying to ram his thick dick in deep into Andy’s welcoming hole.

And as for Andy, well he’s simply proving to be the ultimate MENATPLAY fuck boy, and he does an envious job of taking such a hard pounding form the Russian beauty.

“Morning Tiger!’ is already one of the top rated scene by MENATPLAY members so check out what everyone is shooting their load over!”

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CorbinFisher: Beau bangs Barron bareback

Corbin Fisher: Beau fucks Barron raw

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Barron isn’t shy about showing how much he likes dick in this episode! The way he goes after Beau’s cock is impressive – and you can both see and hear Beau’s appreciation for it!

Beau’s lean and hard body looks amazing, with his short and dark hair accenting his bulging chest and ripped abs perfectly. Beau fucks Barron hard and deep – and Barron wouldn’t want it any other way!

As much as I love to see Barron top, he really enjoys getting fucked too! On the receiving end of a good dicking, Barron’s load sprays all over – but Beau’s load is perfectly aimed into Barron’s hungry mouth! Not a drop is wasted!”

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Men.com: Max Wilde gets fucked by Diego Sans in “The Artist”

Men.com: Diego Sans fucks Max Wilde in "The Artist"
Men.com Special Offer

Men.com writes:

“This artist may not be as good as he thinks unless taking a hard dick up his ass counts as an art; then he’s a pro!

Diego Sans rams Max Wilde’s artistic little hole after catching him jerking off during a portrait session.”

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RagingStallion: Michael Roman and Pierce Paris tag team Bruno Bernal in “Gun Show”

Raging Stallion: Bruno Bernal, Michael Roman and Pierce Paris' hot threeway in "Gun Show"

In Raging Stallion’s “Gun Show”, Michael Roman and Pierce Paris don’t trust the looks of Bruno Bernal and start bullying him by chanting ‘build the wall’.

The two rednecks take Bruno to a back room where he sucks their dicks and gets fucked up the ass. He gets the last laugh, though, when he steals the hunks’ clothes and tells them to fuck off before he disappears.

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TitanMen: Adam Thicke fucks Hunter Marx in “Boom”

TitanMen: Adam Thicke fucks Hunter Marx in "Boom"
TitanMen Special Offer

Big-dicked, furry stud Adam Thicke fucks muscle daddy Hunter Marx in TitanMen’s “Boom”.

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Men.com: Teddy Torres tops Beau Reed in “SuPERVisor, Part 1”

Men.com: Teddy Torres fucks Beau Reed in "SuPERVisor, Part 1"
Men.com Special Offer

Men.com writes:

“Beau Reed enforces a strict new dress code for his hired help, Teddy Torres. The new dress code turns both guys on for a hot home-office fuck-fest.”

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Men.com: Jimmy Durano bangs Jacob Peterson in “Private Lessons, Part 1”

Men.com: Jimmy Durano fucks Jacob Peterson in "Private Lessons, Part 1"
Men.com Special Offer

Men.com writes:

“Jacob Peterson’s horny new yoga instructor, Jimmy Durano, comes over to teach him some new poses that aren’t typically practiced for yoga. After this hot session Jacob’s gonna be more loose than he’s ever been.”

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