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RagingStallion: Tegan Zayne bottoms for Eddy CeeTee in “TSA Checkpoint”

Raging Stallion: Eddy CeeTee fucks Tegan Zayne in "TSA Checkpoint"

In Raging Stallion’s “TSA Checkpoint”, Tegan Zayne is heading home for spring break and decides to take a nap in the air lounge.

When hot daddy pilot, Eddy Ceetee, enters the lounge Tegan is no longer tired and goes straight for Eddy’s cockpit before getting his hairy asshole filled with dick.

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Men.com: Jordan Levine fucks Johnny Rapid in “Pool Dick”

Men.com: Jordan Levine bangs Johnny Rapid in "Pool Dick"

Men.com writes:

“It’s closing time at the bar and Jordan is taking his sweet time finishing up his pool game. When Johnny comes around for last call, Jordan’s stick ends up right between Johnny’s ass.”

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IconMale: Big-dicked Noah Donovan fucks Troy Accola’s tight hole in “His Sister’s Lover”

IconMale: Troy Accola rides Noah Donovan's massive cock in "His Sister's Lover"

IconMale.com writes:

“Sexy and muscular ebony stud Noah Donovan fucks pretty young twink Troy Accola with his monster cock, until the slender teen squeals with a mixture of pain and pleasure, before cumming in a show-stopping orgasm.”

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MormonBoyz: Bishop Gibson barebacks Elder Land in “Atonement”

MormonBoyz: Bishop Gibson barebacks Elder Land in "Atonement"

MormonBoyz.com writes:

“Elder Land would do anything for President Faust and the men of the Order. Despite his efforts, he’s can’t stop thinking about being back in their powerful, dominant hands. President Faust has become uniquely infatuated with his submission, and is eager to push the limits of his body and his obedience.”

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Men.com: Jacob Peterson bottoms for Bennett Anthony and Jaxton Wheeler in “Just Fuck the Third Wheel”

Men.com: Bennett Anthony and Jaxton Wheeler tag team Jacob Peterson in "Just Fuck the Third Wheel"

Men.com writes:

“Bennett and Jaxton are in love and headed on a couples trip. They let Jacob join the trip at the last minute… but that’s not all he joins in on.”

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TitanMen: Big-dicked Tristan Jaxx fucks Luke Adams in “Big Brother”

TitanMen: Big-dicked Tristan Jaxx fucks Luke Adams' bubble butt in "Big Brother"
TitanMen Special Offer

TitanMen.com writes:

“Luke Adams gets caught in his jockstrap by gym bud Tristan Jaxx: “Damn dude, that’s a big ass.” Tristan fingers the jock’s muscle butt, slapping it as they smooch. Luke grabs the big bulge in Tristan’s shorts, the tent pole grinding against him.

Luke frees the beast (“Fuck, dude! Holy shit!”), sucking it deep before Tristan wraps his scruffy lips around the smooth stud’s thick boner.

Tristan eats him out and pounds him from behind. Luke sits on it, his own pole slamming up against his stomach. “I love that big dick!” he moans on his back, slamming his own cock against Tristan’s abs.

The top shoots a monster load on Luke, rubbing it into his stomach and feeding it to him.”

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TimTales: Mario Galeno deep-dicks Seth Santoro bareback

TimTales: Mario Galeno fucks Seth Santoro hard and raw

Mario Galeno bangs Seth Santoro’s hungry hole bareback at TimTales.com.

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Men.com: Jack Kross and William Seed fuck Marco Vallant in “Daddy Gets Seconds”

Men.com: William Seed and Jack Kross tag team Marco Vallant in "Daddy Gets Seconds"

Men.com writes:

“William Seed goes to visit his boyfriend Jack, but Jack’s stepdad Marco wants more time with William than he anticipated.”

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MormonBoyz: President Faust fucks Elder Land bareback in “Second Anointing”

MormonBoyz: Elder Land rides President Faust bareback in "Second Anointing"

MormonBoyz.com writes:

“Elder Land’s obsessed over how the handsome leader had taken total control of him. He wanted more, but was scared of what the older man would do. The handsome man was greatly impressed with the boy and wanted to reward him for his submission and make love to him on the sacred altar.”

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LucasEntertainment: Ben Batemen and Tomas Brand bang each other in “Bareback Auditions 09: Eager to Please”

Lucas Entertainment: Ben Batemen and Tomas Brand flip fuck in "Bareback Auditions 09: Eager to Please"

LucasEntertainment.com writes:

“Tomas Brand, the King of All Muscle Daddies, loves the chance to give a new Lucas Man a proper introduction to the studio.

Tomas is known for being sweet and strong at the same time, and he’s as tender when fucking a guy as he is rough and dominant. Ben Batemen gets this special treatment from Tomas, but it’s not just Ben taking it up the ass.

Every once and awhile, Tomas likes bending over and giving up the goods, and Ben’s adorable smile grins ear to ear at the chance to bang a guy as sexy as Tomas raw in this awesome gay sex scene!”

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