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NextDoorStudios: Quentin Gainz, Gunner Canon, Zey Hardy and Eric Turner in “Bros Before Hoes”

Next Door Studios: Quentin Gainz, Gunner Canon, Zey Hardy and Eric Turner's raw foursome in "Bros Before Hoes"
Next Door Studios Special Offer

NextDoorStudios.com writes:

“When buddies Quentin Gainz and Eric Turner make their way over to their bros house to see what’s happening, they can hardly believe what they see through the window: their boy Gunner half naked and sucking off fellow bro Zey Hardy in the dining room.

Seeing that they are clearly unashamed, Quentin and Eric decide they might like to join them, so instead of knocking, they burst through the door and confront their bros with the proposition.”

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NextDoorStudios: Mikey Junior gets fucked raw by Gunner Canon in “Sexually Frustrated”

Next Door Studios: Gunner Canon creams Mikey Junior in "Sexually Frustrated"
Next Door Studios Special Offer

Gunner Canon enjoys drilling Mikey Junior’s butthole at NextDoorStudios.com.

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NextDoorStudios: Gunner Canon tops Scott Finn bareback in “Bangin’ Best Friends”

Next Door Studios: Gunner Canon fucks Scott Finn bareback
Next Door Studios Special Offer

Big guy Gunner Canon enjoys fucking Scott Finn’s tight butthole raw at NextDoorStudios.com.

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CorbinFisher: Rowan barebacks Kennedy

Corbin Fisher: Kennedy rides Rowan bareback

Corbin Fisher writes:

“It’s an action-packed day today! We get two big-dicked studs in to some hot fucking, with Rowan pounding Kennedy!

Quite frankly, these two are perfect for one another. Each has flawless bodies, endless enthusiasm, and they’re each permanently horny as hell. They’re passionate, love to kiss and suck, love to eat ass and fuck, and neither has any qualms about making it plainly apparent they feel great when in action with another guy.

Further, Rowan’s cock is the perfect length and girth to really pound Kennedy the way Kennedy likes it. Kennedy’s loud wails make that clear, and they seem to encourage Rowan to fuck him harder and faster for what very well could be the hardest fuck Kennedy’s ever been on the receiving end of!”

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CorbinFisher: Marc fucks Rowan raw

Corbin Fisher: Marc bangs Rowan bareback

Corbin Fisher writes:

““Oh! Fuck me! Oh, that feels so good!” Rowan is gasping and even yelling out those words after Marc’s been drilling his hole here and as he finally blows his load.

Not only could he simply not get enough of Marc’s hot cock inside him, he then wanted every single drop of Marc’s big load in his mouth and whimpers and moans as Marc feeds it to him.

Everything that led up to that tremendous climax was just as hot – these two, hard-bodied studs going at it, all over one another, and getting in to some supremely passionate and intense action, with Marc pounding Rowan’s hole and Rowan wanting nothing more than to feel every inch of Marc’s cock deep inside him.

This is one of those wonderfully hot episodes where all we had to do was flip on the cameras and let the two studs go at it – needing absolutely no direction, they fed off one another’s energy, knew precisely what the other wanted, and were so eager to fuck there was just no stopping them until both had blown their loads.”

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NakedSword: Corbin Fisher’s “Collegiate Cum Swapping”

NakedSword: Corbin Fisher's "Collegiate Cum Swapping"
NakedSword Special Offer

Corbin Fisher writes at NakedSword:

“The kinky young jocks of Corbin Fisher go at it like testosterone-charged machines, sucking and fucking each other furiously deep and raw – but it doesn’t stop there!

Being all horned up and turned on by one another, the guys are intent on savoring their fun to the very last drop – filling each other’s hungry holes with white-hot jizz from pulsing, throbbing, shooting cocks!”

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CorbinFisher: Rowan bangs Truman raw

Corbin Fisher: Rowan tops Truman bareback

Corbin Fisher writes:

“This is an episode that absolutely had to happen. With Rowan’s hot cock, stamina, and ability to pound away non-stop; with Truman having fully embraced how much he enjoys getting fucked and so undeniably enjoying how it feels, we needed to get Rowan and Truman paired up with one another, and Rowan’s hard cock in Truman’s ass.”

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Bromo: Jeff Powers pounds Gunner Canon bareback in “Cream Pie”

Bromo: Jeff Powers bangs Gunner Canon raw in "Cream Pie"
Bromo.com Special Offer

Bromo.com writes:

“Gunner seems to have a pretty good ‘lock’ on Jeff Powers and gets him to do pretty much anything he wants. Right now though, Gunner wants to get fucked bareback hard and fast, but on his own terms.

Gunner gets Jeff to blow him long and hard, then ‘allows’ him the freedom to plow his hot ass until he cums all over it.”

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Bromo: Brenner Bolton gets double fucked by Gunner Canon and Zane Anders in “Breed My Boyfriend, Part 4”

Bromo: Brenner Bolton, Gunner Canon and Zane Anders' hot raw threeway in "Breed My Boyfriend, Part 4"

Bromo.com writes:

“Turned on by the idea of barebacking someone else’s boyfriend on camera, Brenner Bolton and Zane Anders decide to have a threesome with Gunner Canon and film it for his boyfriend.

The guys don’t waste any time and right away start sucking on each other’s big cocks. Before long, Zane is pounding Brenner’s hot ass raw, then moves on to Gunner. The rest is something Gunner’s boyfriend will definitely beat his meat to, and so will you.”

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Bromo: Gunner Canon barebacks Zane Anders in “Breed My Boyfriend, Part 3”

Bromo: Gunner Canon bangs Zane Anders in "Breed My Boyfriend, Part 3"

Bromo.com writes:

“Next up on Gunner’s list is Zane Anders. This pretty boy comes with a hot body, amazing ass, and a massive cock, which Gunner can barely fit in his mouth.

As Gunner slowly slides raw into Zane’s hot ass, their loud moans, and hot bareback action is sure to please his horny boyfriend while he’s away.”

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