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GuysInSweatpants: Ash Hendricks, Griffin Barrows and Miller Axton’s raw threeway in “Every Hole Gets Filled”

GuysInSweatpants: Ash Hendricks, Griffin Barrows and Miller Axton fuck each other raw in "Every Hole Gets Filled"

GuysInSweatpants.com writes:

“‘That was the best sex I’ve ever had in my entire life.’ A direct quote from Griffin Barrows, Miller Axton, and Ash Hendricks.

The boys started off with some yoga to get “loosened up”, but that only lasted for about 5 minutes because the sexual tension was too much to focus on anything other than ripping each other’s clothes off, and devouring every cock and hole in sight.

Griffin loves to worship nice big cocks, and today was no exception. He licked and sucked every inch of Miller and Ash’s beautiful, fat cocks… shoving them completely down his throat, over and over.

Between tag teaming Miller, taking turns pounding Griffin’s tight hole, and then Miller fucking the loads out of both of them, everyone ended up covered in sweat and cum.

Griffin even busted a second load all over and in Ash’s mouth (which he happily shared).”

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GuysInSweatpants: Griffin Barrows and Karson Ambrose fuck each other raw in “Griffin’s New Playtoy”

GuysInSweatpants: Griffin Barrows and Karson Ambrose flip fuck raw in "Griffin's New Playtoy"

GuysInSweatpants.com writes:

“This is Karson’s first video ever. It started with him sending us a tweet, and ended with him eating the infamous Griffin Barrow’s load.

If you know Griffin, you know how much he loves to worship and suck cock, and this was no exception.

The look on Karson’s face as Griffin swallows his entire cock and balls together is enough to make you want to hop on a plane and visit Griffin and his skills.

It’s one of the hottest, most verbal, finger-banging, bareback flip-fucks we’ve had in a long time!

Did we mention both of these cum-hungry boys got exactly what they wanted… a face and mouth full of cumContinue »

Men.com: Justin Matthews fucks Griffin Barrows in “Generous”

Men.com: Griffin Barrows rides Justin Matthews in "Generous"

Men.com writes:

“Griffin and Justin haven’t seen each other for a while and can’t wait to get in each other’s pants.”

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ActiveDuty: Hot and muscular Jason Richards shows off his big dick

ActiveDuty: Big-dicked muscle stud Jason Richards rubs one out
ActiveDuty Join The Troops For $1

ActiveDuty.com writes:

“Boy do we have a hot built soldier for you today. Jason Richards is at a ripe age of just 26 years and weighing in with great muscle mass of 185lbs.

He’s as active as you get and we are hoping you like him so we can get him in the trenches with some of our top vets.

Jason gives us a small introduction and soon after his clothes are gone revealing his amazing physique. His ripped abs are out of a movie and his cock is almost perfection. Once you take your eyes off this sexy man’s hard cock you will see his gigantic full balls hanging.”

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Men.com: Connor Maguire tops Griffin Barrows in “Retreat Yo’Self, Part 3”

Men.com: Connor Maguire bangs Griffin Barrows in "Retreat Yo'Self, Part 3"

Men.com writes:

“Owner of the retreat Connor Maguire gives Griffin Barrows a private session on how to be truly free from his virtual connections and how to physically connect with Connor’s eager willing mouth.”

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Men.com: Adam Thicke fucks Griffin Barrows in “Retreat Yo’Self, Part 2”

Men.com: Adam Thicke pounds Griffin Barrows in "Retreat Yo'Self, Part 2"

Men.com writes:

“Adam Thicke helps Griffin Barrows forget all about his work emails and focus on the best stress reliever, his thick throbbing veiny cock.”

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Men.com: Noah Jones tops Griffin Barrows in “Retreat Yo’Self, Part 1”

Men.com: Noah Jones fucks Griffin Barrows in "Retreat Yo'Self, Part 1"

In part 1 of Men.com’s “Retreat Yo’Self” series, Griffin Barrows joins Noah Jones for a special vacation that ensures both men are super relaxed.

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Bromo: Pierce Paris pounds Griffin Barrows in “Dippin’ Balls”

Bromo: Pierce Paris fucks Griffin Barrows hard and raw in "Dippin' Balls"
Bromo.com Special Offer

Bromo.com writes:

“Pierce Paris is rock hard and ready to play with his obedient fuck toy Griffin Barrows. Paris more than proves his worth as a power fucker, starting things off with a tonsil smashing throatfuck session.

Paris treats his ‘toy’ to a sweaty bareback ass pounding from every imaginable angle until both he and Griffin blow their massive loads.”

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Men.com: Brad Banks tops Griffin Barrows in “Heating Things Up, Part 1”

Men.com: Brad Banks fucks Griffin Barrows in "Heating Things Up, Part 1"

Men.com writes:

“A steamy sauna session leads Brad Banks to cheat on his boyfriend right in front of him, without him seeing until it’s too late.

Griffin Barrows squeals with delight as Brad rams his rod deep into his pleasure center.”

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Men.com: Vadim Black fucks Griffin Barrows in “Couples Massage”

Men.com: Vadim Black fucks Griffin Barrows in "Couples Massage"

Men.com writes:

“Vadim Black and his girlfriend didn’t expect this type of couples massage, but Vadim’s cock is more than happy to find a home in his masseuse Griffin Barrows’ tight asshole.”

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