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ActiveDuty: Carson, Dixon and Gamble’s hot threeway

Active Duty writes:

“Gamble and Dixon’s first foray into some guy on guy action has got to be among the absolute best scenes I’ve ever filmed that featured two wet-behind-the-ears performers getting into the action for the first time ever.

I fast-tracked these two on our recent trip to Hawaii and had them ready for the next step before I packed my bags to leave. Since they’d hung out around the beach house a lot and played pool with Carson and had a few nights of drinking together I decided these three would make a great trio.

My hunch paid off big as you’ll soon see and these three “bromigos” take us on trip through a fascinating journey of discovery.

The contrast between personalities is a big part of what makes the dynamics here so interesting. What I (and I think they) realized is that differences can be the strongest thing that attracts us. At the end of the day, we’re all just horny creatures that want to get our groove on and sometimes the attraction is strongest to those who we perceive to be so much different than ourselves.

Three fine examples of three different groups of today’s youth make up this scene but the common thread that makes it so worth watching is the strongest of all — they are young, wild and free. I’m excited to share this with you and I hope you’ll come away being as satisfied as they all seemed to be at the end.”

- Download the full scene at ActiveDuty.com