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SeanCody: Parker and Tanner fuck each other bareback

Sean Cody: Parker and Tanner flip fuck raw

Tanner pops Parker’s ass cherry in this hot flip-flop scene at SeanCody.com!

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BrokeStraightBoys: Damien Kyle bottoms for newcomer Adam Stripz

Broke Straight Boys: Adam Stripz tops Damien Kyle
Broke Straight Boys Special Offer

Broke Straight Boys Adam Stripz and Damien Kyle are back and hot as ever! Adam isn’t afraid to show off a little, including when he’s pounding Damien hard and deep!

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CorbinFisher: Simon fucks Truman raw

Corbin Fisher: Simon barebacks Truman

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Simon had himself a blast his first time out at CF, getting in to some hot guy/girl action at ACS and showing off that great body and his skills in the bedroom. Selling him on guy/guy action took a little while, though.

As you can imagine, taking such a leap is a big deal in and of itself. Doing so when you know there’s going to be quite an audience and there are cameras in the room makes it an even bigger deal and quite the intimidating prospect for a lot of the guys.

Thankfully for Simon and us, Truman was around to guide him along. I didn’t quite realize it until these guys were sitting side by side on the bed at the outset of this episode, but Simon and Truman could pass for brothers!

With Truman being just a slight bit older than Simon, it’s fitting that he guides the younger “brother” along here and shows him how hot some action with another guy can be.”

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ChaosMen: Silas fucks a guy for the first time

ChaosMen: Palmer barebacks Silas

Gay porn newcomer Palmer fucks a guy for the first time in this hot bareback scene with Chaosmen veteran Silas.

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BrokeStraightBoys: Sergio Valen and Jake Tipton flip fuck

Broke Straight Boys: Sergio Valen and Jake Tipton pop each other's ass cherries
Broke Straight Boys Special Offer

BrokeStraightBoys.com writes:

“Sergio and Jake have one big thing in common…both of these boys have never taken a dick up the ass before.

So of course we’re going to help them both lose their anal virginity together as these hotties do it for the first time!”

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BrokeStraightBoys: Sergio Valen fucks Dimitri Thomas’ virgin hole

Broke Straight Boys: Sergio Valen pops Dimitri Thomas' ass cherry
Broke Straight Boys Special Offer

Dimitri Thomas is about to get his ass-cherry popped by Sergio Valen!

That’s right, it’s his very first time taking a dick, and you know Sergio’s going to enjoy fucking that tight little virgin ass hole!

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ChaosMen: Glenn and Byron fuck each other bareback

ChaosMen: Glenn and Byron's raw flip-fuck

ChaosMen.com writes:

“Byron said he was down to try doing a full scene. His wife is fine with him making some extra money, and with her VERY pregnant right now, he is also extra horny.

Many of have been waiting for Glenn to get back into full-action while he went to cock-sucking school, so it is good to see him with his ankles in the air, and his big cock jammed into a dude’s hairy hole.

We push Byron’s limits right away by getting him to suck cock. He does a really good job of getting Glenn hard and standing at full-attention. Byron actually looks a bit more uncertain as he gets his own cock sucked. At first glance it may be Glenn’s cock-sucking ability, but I think it has more to do with Byron liking to be passive…the one who does all the ‘work’.

Byron of course wanted to start by topping, but he did confess his girl uses a good size toy on him, and it makes him hard and makes him cum super fast, and that bottoming likely wouldn’t be a problem. He is little wobbly as he fucks Glenn, and again there is some uncertainty there that just doesn’t make sense until you see Glenn take over the fucking.

Byron is clearly a bottom!”

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SeanCody: Mac’s first gay fuck

Sean Cody: Mac barebacks Duke

Sean Cody newcomer Mac fucks a guy for the very first time in this scene with Duke.

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BrokeStraightBoys: Jake Tipton fucks another guy for the first time

Broke Straight Boys: Jake Tipton fucks Paul Canon raw
Broke Straight Boys Special Offer

It’s Jake Tipton’s first time fucking a guy in the ass! He’s always been curious about anal, so he finally gets to live out that fantasy and see what it’s like as he tops Paul Canon and fucks him hard and raw!

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CorbinFisher: Jacob fucks Alec’s virgin ass raw

Corbin Fisher: Jacob pops Alec's ass cherry

Corbin Fisher writes:

“While this episode brings us newcomer muscle-stud Alec getting fucked by Jacob, I don’t think there’s any denying Alec’s first guy/guy episode at CF – where he topped Quinn – played a big role in helping make this one happen.

There was just no way Alec could have ignored how much pleasure his own hard cock was giving Quinn as he drilled Quinn’s ass; seeing just how much another guy can enjoy bottoming must be intriguing and must make a guy at least a bit curious about how that same experience might feel for them.

After he was done fucking Quinn in his first guy/guy action at CF, it didn’t take long for Alec to agree to try bottoming.”

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