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CorbinFisher: Ellis barebacks Truman

Corbin Fisher: Ellis bangs Truman raw

Corbin Fisher writes:

“With his tight body, great ass, hot dick, and sexy face, Ellis is one I wanted to see in some action with a guy the instant we first laid eyes on him. As hot as it was to see him in action at ACS, that episode just made me want to see him paired up with a guy even more!

Ellis’ body was hot as hell to see while he fucked, his expressions were priceless, and he has this endearing quality that really comes to life on camera – you can see, in the look on his face, just how horny he gets and how turned on he is. Once we teamed him up with Truman here, you could also see just how nervous he was – until those hormones and incredible sensations took over!”

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BrokeStraightBoys: Zeno Kostas and JJ Masters and suck each other off

Broke Straight Boys: JJ Masters and Zeno Kostas blow each other

BrokeStraightBoys.com writes:

“Zeno seems a little more on edge than usual…we think it may have something to do with the fact that he’s about to get his big Greek dick sucked by a guy for the first time, or maybe he’s a little nervous about having some dude’s meat in his mouth?”

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CorbinFisher: Zeb fucks Braxton’s virgin ass

Corbin Fisher: Zeb barebacks Braxton

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Zeb’s back! Zeb’s back! And… Zeb is back! It’s also worth pointing out that, along with Zeb’s being back, he’s looking even hotter!

He’s looking so hot, in fact, that when it came time to decide just who would break in Braxton and get a dick up his ass for the first time for us, Zeb came to mind immediately.”

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BrokeStraightBoys: Romeo James pops Vadim Black’s ass cherry

Broke Straight Boys: Romeo James barebacks Vadim Black's virgin ass

Little Russian hottie Vadim Black gets his ass cherry popped by Romeo James before they flip and Vadim takes revenge on Romeo’s tight ass.

Lots of hot bareback action in this scene from BrokeStraightBoys.com!

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CorbinFisher: Tom fucks Jacob’s virgin ass bareback

Corbin Fisher: Tom barebacks Jacob's virgin ass

This truly is a special Corbin Fisher scene. Tom and Jacob, two insanely hot guys, have at it in Costa Rica.

As if that wasn’t enough, we’re seeing Jacob get fucked for the first time!

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CorbinFisher: Colt fucks Taylor bareback

Corbin Fisher: Colt barebacks Taylor

Corbin Fisher writes:

“We all knew Colt had tremendous potential the first time we laid eyes on him – he’s hot as all hell, has an incredible body, a big dick, a great ass, and an even greater attitude; he’s young, hung, horny, and fun-loving!

Once we saw him in action with a girl, the evidence of his having such huge potential just grew – this young stud knows how to fuck, and that body and dick of his look amazing in action!

The real test of how well Colt would do at CF and whether he’d fulfill that potential, though, was if he’d give some guy/guy action a shot and how he’d do with that.”

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ChaosMen: Jonas barebacks Alec’s virgin ass

ChaosMen: Jonas barebacks Alec
Special Offer from Chaosmen.com

Chaosmen.com writes:

“There is just no guessing what these guys will be down for their first time filming.

Based on Alec’s solo, I thought for sure he would bottom. Then his Serviced video happened, and he talked more about topping and a little fearful of any ass play. So when he said he was down for more, and he would try bottoming to start, I was actually surprised.

A few of you wrote in that you were eager to see his massive cock in a dude’s ass, and I am sure that will happen soon. Alec was just not sure he could stay hard long enough to top.

I asked him if his girl plays with his ass, and he said “No” quite emphatically. Other than his own finger, that was about it. I got online, found the vibrating butt-plugs I like, sent a couple toys to him to test out. He said that they fit fine, didn’t hurt, he stayed hard, and they made him cum!

So we were off to a good start!”

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BrokeStraightBoys: Vadim Black fucks Tate Thompson raw

Broke Straight Boys: Vadim Black barebacks Tate Thompson
Broke Straight Boys Special Offer

Broke Straight Boys writes:

“Vadim Black’s schlong has been sucked. The time has cum for him to return the favor to a guy, and to put his tasty treat in a dude’s tight hole.

Tate Thompson will get that honor. “You gotta do it, so I’m going to do it,” the nervous, but ever so cute, newbie says to the cameraman. Tate, always the pragmatist, offers Vadim sound advice. “Make the money, man. There is money to be made,” Tate says. Another T-shirt quote!

Once the models are naked, they instantly turn around to compare backsides. “Why am I bottoming for you,” Tate wonders as he grabs some of Vadim’s booty flesh. That, Tate is a great question! Anyone have an answer? LOL!

“The studs start by making out. This causes their rods to stiffen. Vadim kisses his way to Tate’s tool and carefully puts it in his mouth. The newbie takes his time sucking the sausage, even spends a few seconds on the pink head. “Is that good,” Vadim asks. “Damn,” Tate replies. Vadim looks up when he sucks, which makes half of North America cream! Those eyes are irresistible.

Tate brings him up, plants a kiss on those newbie lips, and pushes Vadim to the bed. Tate, a boy with a silvery tongue boy, laps at Vadim’s dick. He swallows it all, all the way to those cum filled nuts. “That’s so good,” Vadim whispers.

Time for someone to be busted.”

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Men.com: Christian Wilde fucks Joey Carter in “First Time Bottom”

Men.com: Christian Wilde pops Joey Carter's ass cherry in "First Time Bottom"

Men.com writes:

“Christian Wilde is sly industry vet who tricked Joey Carter into his first time bottoming. It works out well for the viewers who get to watch Christian’s skilled cock fucking Joey’s virgin bubble butt!”

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SeanCody: Matt bangs Joey’s virgin ass raw

Sean Cody: Matt pops Joey's ass cherry

A lot of “firsts” in this update over at SeanCody.com

Joey kisses another dude, gets his dick sucked, sucks cock, and gets his ass cherry popped by Matt!

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