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ChaosMen: Bronson barebacks Lorenzo

ChaosMen: Bronson creams Lorenzo
ChaosMen Special Offer

ChaosMen.com writes:

“Bronson really took some time and thought into coming back. He wavered on doing more with a guy. I don’t think money was a deciding factor, just trying to determine if he could do it. But when he committed, he said he was 100 percent sure.

He is very used to being photographed and filmed naked, so that was not the issue. Just the regular nerves about staying hard and sucking a cock for the first time.

I put him with Lorenzo because he is the most laid-back model, plus their body sizes matched. And Lorenzo is patient and he loves the idea of these straight guys exploring with him for the first time.”

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BrokeStraightBoys: Hunter Lopez fucks Drake Tyler bareback

Broke Straight Boys: Newbie Hunter Lopez barebacks Drake Tyler
Broke Straight Boys Special Offer

New guy Hunter Lopez has some boundaries he’s a little hesitant to cross, so the BSB guys brought in Drake Tyler to help break him in nice and slow.

Watch as Drake shows Hunter how it’s done, sucking his dick then letting him fuck him raw and deep!

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GayHoopla: Newcomer Julian Rodriguez fucks a guy for the first time

GayHoopla: Julian Rodriguez fucks a guy for the first time, Zach Douglas bottoms
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GayHoopla.com writes:

“Julian Rodriguez makes his hardcore debut teaming up with Zach Douglas.

Although Julian was quite nervous for this scene, he was certainly excited. When Zach first felt his heartbeat in the pre-interview, Julian was pumped.

It didn’t take much to get Julian’s big cock hard. Zach gave him a great blowy then let him penetrate those cheeks. Julian’s first time in a man was amazing. Much tighter then he ever expected and plans on coming back for more!”

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CorbinFisher: Rocky pops Beau’s ass cherry

Corbin Fisher: Rocky fucks Beau's virgin ass

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Beau has been contemplating this moment for a while, and truly goes for it for his first bottom scene.

He drives his mouth down and around Rocky’s huge cock and aims to get it as far down his throat as he can. All the while his cock points straight up – hard as a rock!

Rocky wants him as horny as can be for what’s to come, so he puts Beau’s ass up in the air and flicks and plummets his tongue against his hole until Beau’s moans turn into whimpers.

Rocky’s got a lot of dick to give – and he gives every inch to Beau! Watching Beau, it’s clear Rocky’s pumps and thrusts are doing the trick. He goes through long periods of time where he just enjoys the sensation of a fat dick in his ass and doesn’t even need to grab his cock to feel good.

There’s nothing hotter than a long satisfying orgasm from a guy being fucked by a warm hard dick for the first time – surprised of how hard he busts and how hungry for his top’s cum it makes him!”

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ActiveDuty: Scotty Dickenson gets his ass cherry popped by Princeton Price

ActiveDuty: Princeton Price and Scotty Dickenson bang each other bareback
ActiveDuty for $1 only

Princeton Price fucks Scotty Dickenson’s virgin ass in a hot flip-fuck at ActiveDuty.com!

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ActiveDuty: Billie Starz gets his virgin ass fucked raw by Kevin Grey

ActiveDuty: Kevin Grey and Billie Starz flip fuck bareback
ActiveDuty for $1 only

Kevin Grey pops Billie Starz’ ass cherry in a hot flip-fuck scene at ActiveDuty.com.

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ChaosMen: Barton and Phillip flip fuck bareback

ChaosMen: Barton pops Phillip's ass cherry

Newcomer Phillip gets his virgin hole fucked by Barton in a hot and raw flip-fuck at ChaosMen.com.

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BrokeStraightBoys: Newbie Ashton Taylor fucks Tanner Valentino raw

Broke Straight Boys: Newbie Ashton Taylor barebacks Tanner Valentino
Broke Straight Boys Special Offer

BrokeStraightBoys.com newcomer Ashton Taylor has his first experiences with a guy, sucking dick and pounding Tanner Valentino’s tight ass raw.

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NextDoorStudios: Johnny Hill is Donovan Wilde’s first gay fuck

Next Door Studios: Johnny Hill pops Donovan Wilde's ass cherry
Next Door Studios Trial Offer

NextDoorStudios.com writes:

“Stationed in the bed this time around, Rocco has found himself a couple of studs. Johnny Hill makes his first appearance in the captain’s seat, and today he gets the chance to break in fellow hunk Donovan Wilde.”

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SeanCody: Newbie Casper fucks Dean raw

Sean Cody: Newcomer Casper fucks Dean bareback

SeanCody.com writes:

“Casper is already back and it’s his first time doing anything sexual with a guy.

Dean clearly liked what he saw and couldn’t stop touching Casper, impatiently waiting for the moment to suck his dick and show him a good time.

Casper loved every second of it, “I like when he touches me, it feels good.”

Dean explained himself, “I’m a slut!” Enough said!

At that point, our eager newbie was very ready to start exploring the wonderful world of Sean Cody and, of course, blow his hot load all over Dean’s ass!”

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