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FalconStudios: Brandon Jones gets fucked by Ryan Rose in “Best Buddies”

Falcon Studios: Ryan Rose pounds Brandon Jones in "Best Buddies"

Falcon Stuios writes:

“Christening his new place is the perfect excuse for Ryan Rose to invite Brandon Jones over for a hot afternoon tryst. Once in the bedroom they can’t wait to start peeling off the clothes.

Brandon is smooth and pale, with a body that promises lots of flexibility for fucking.”

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FalconStudios: Liam Harkmore rides Joey Rico in “Guys Like Us: Down To Business”

Falcon Studios: Joey Rico bangs Liam Harkmore in “Guys Like Us: Down To Business”

FalconStudios.com writes:

“Blond Liam Harkmoore is suited up for action as he kisses suave Joey Rico. Liam soon unbuttons Joey’s shirt exposing his ripped tanned and tattooed body. Then Joey flexes his muscles by lifting Liam onto a table. Joey yanks Liam’s pants down to suck his up-curved cock and low-hanging balls.

Liam has a surprise in store for Joey. He gets on the floor in a shoulder stand and sucks himself, simultaneously jamming a couple of fingers in his ass. The curvature of his cock is perfect for the occasion. Joey helps out by adding three more fingers, drilling, scooping and twisting as Liam works to gets his entire cock head in his mouth.”

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FalconStudios: Liam Magnuson pounds Ray Han in “California Dreamin’ 2”

Falcon Studios: Ray Han gets pounded by Liam Magnuson in “California Dreamin’ 2”

FalconStudios.com writes:

“Ray Han leans back in the hot tub, enjoying the warm sun on his face. Liam Magnuson slides into the water across from him wearing an expectant grin. The water turns Liam’s white trunks transparent. Their feet seek out each other’s baskets under the water and Liam accelerates the momentum by exposing his cock for Ray to grab with his toes.

Ducking underwater, Ray gives Liam a deep blow job. Ray’s mouth feels so good, Liam doesn’t want it to stop, so he stands up so Ray can suck and breathe at the same time. Liam eat Ray’s ass, which quivers and vibrates until Ray’s entire body jiggles.

Ray squats lower and Liam slides his cock inside. Light glints off the post in Liam’s nipple and the sparse blond hairs on his chest. Liam hops on top of Ray delivering his meat nuts. Ray bucks and moans.”

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FalconStudios: Bobby Clark fucks Dylan Knight in “Guys Like Us: Down To Business”

Falcon Studios: Bobby Clark bangs Dylan Knight in "Guys Like Us: Down To Business"

FalconStudios.com writes:

“Bobby Clark stops waiter Dylan Knight in his tracks with a tractor-beam gaze and a huge bulge in his pants.

Bobby is the pro and Dylan is the hugely hung novice who is schooled in how to suck, rim and bottom.

Dylan’s cum shot could put an eye out.”

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FalconStudios: Trenton Ducati fucks Donnie Dean in “California Dreamin’ 2”

Falcon Studios: Trenton Ducati fucks Donnie Dean in “California Dreamin’ 2”

FalconStudios.com writes:

“Trenton Ducati and Donnie Dean stand nipple to nipple and navel to navel, making out. The fabric of their skimpy swim trunks is stretched taut by hard flesh. Donnie swoops down to grab the bull by the horn — and what a horn!

Firm and fat, thick at the tip and thicker at the base, with an upward curve guaranteed to tickle any prostate.”

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FalconStudios: Landon Conrad and Ryan Rose pound each other in “California Dreamin’ 2”


FalconStudios.com writes:

“Landon Conrad wakes with an erection. Bearded and chiseled with hard, hairy muscle, he looks so great, your eyes can’t decide where to look. One hand tends to the demands of his cock while the other roams from balls to nipples and any erogenous zone between. The space beside him is empty, so he pulls on a pair of skimpy briefs and sets off in search of his man, Ryan Rose.

Ryan’s in the kitchen, wearing matching briefs and eating berries. He feeds some to Landon. Landon is about to make Ryan’s day, starting with a trail of berry juice kisses that begins at Ryan’s lips and travels to his nipples, navel and cock. Ryan grasps Landon by the neck and feeds him cock, his smooth body pulsing and Landon gulping with the surges.

Landon bends Ryan over the countertop and spreads the globes of his buns, spearing the crack with his tongue while using his nose to inhale and nuzzle Ryan’s balls. Heat emanating from Ryan’s butt fans the flames of Landon’s desire until he can’t hold off any longer…”

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FalconStudios: Lance Luciano fucks Ray Diaz in “California Dreamin’ 1”

Falcon Studios: Lance Luciano fucks Ray Diaz in "California Dreamin' 1"

FalconStudios.com writes:

“Lance Luciano asleep on the lawn is a bronze Apollo, his smooth skin burnished, the hint of a hardon under his scarlet swim trunks. Ray Diaz spreads a towel inches away, eying Lance’s athletic body, reaching out to brush his hand across Lance’s cock.

Lance’s eyes open and he pulls down his suit. Ray kisses Lance’s armpit and works his way down to his nipple, his stomach finally landing on his fat erection with his tongue.

He hunkers down on that tasty cock, using his mouth to slip the foreskin back and forth. Lance moans and tosses his head. Sweat drips down his flanks. Ray smiles. Lance captures a strand of precum and feeds it to him.

Ray straddles Lance, positioning his hairy crack over Lance’s face while continuing to suck. Sweat courses down Ray’s back into his crack as Lance drills his hole with his thumb and tongue.

Their bodies radiate pure, sublime horniness in the California sun.”

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FalconStudios: Chris Tyler gets pounded by Trenton Ducati

Falcon Studios: Trenton Ducati pounds Chris Tyler

FalconStudios.com writes:

“It’s a full-immersion make-out when beefy, muscular and hyper-masculine Trenton Ducati’s so turned on by Chris Tyler’s hard body and tough guy look.

Chris plays rough, pumping his tightly clenched jaws rapidly up and down the swollen length Trenton’s steely rod, before Trenton goes mad over the younger man’s mammoth, uncut meat with its savory ‘skin.”

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FalconStudios: Adam Wirthmore gets fucked by Angel Rock in “California Dreamin’ 1”

Falcon Studios: Angel Rock fucks Adam Wirthmore in "California Dreamin' 1"

FalconStudios.com writes:

“A sparkling turquoise pool to cool in on a warm summer day provides the perfect enticement for Adam Wirthmore and Angel Rock to hook up. They cruise each other hard, inspecting and drawing closer.

Adam is slim with a fine coat of dark body hair. Angel is more compact and muscular, with an hourglass of dark hair on his torso.

They connect with splashing and kissing. Adam jumps onto the edge of the pool and slips his trunks off, displaying pale, plump buns covered in down. Angel swims over, grabs a cheek in each hand, spreads them and savors the aroma before plunging his tongue in.”

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FalconStudios: Liam Magnuson bangs Donnie Dean in “California Dreamin’ 1”

Falcon Studios: Liam Magnuson fucks Donnie Dean in “California Dreamin’ 1”

Donnie Dean and Liam Magnuson fuck like they mean it in this hot and sweaty scene from Falcon Studios‘ “California Dreamin’ 1″

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