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LucasEntertainment: Dominic Pacifico gets pounded by big-dicked Sean Xavier in “Deep Dicking”

Lucas Entertainment: Sean Xavier bangs Dominic Pacifico in "Deep Dicking"
Lucas Entertainment: Sean Xavier bangs Dominic Pacifico in "Deep Dicking"

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“Sean Xavier and Dominic Pacifico are both passionate lovers — they love lots of body contact and deep energized kissing, which they do plenty off as they strip their clothing off.

Dominic Pacifico can be versatile, but his true skills as a lover shine when he’s on the bottom and takes cock up his ass!

Sean and Dominic both take great pleasure in sucking cock, and they fervor that goes into their blowjobs back and forth is admirable, but it’s not compared to just how deep he takes Sean’s cock up his ass. And when we say he takes it deep, we mean he takes it balls deep!”

- Download the full-length scene at LucasEntertainment.com

Lucas Entertainment

MenOfMontreal: Ivan Lenko pounds Dominic Pacifico in “The Language Of Love”

Men of Montréal: Ivan Lenko pounds Dominic Pacifico in “The Language Of Love”
Men of Montréal: Ivan Lenko pounds Dominic Pacifico in “The Language Of Love”

MenOfMontreal.com writes:

“When two studs hook up but can’t speak to each other because of different languages, there is always one way to communicate to bridge the gap and that’s by using the language of love. And, Dominic Pacifico and Ivan Lenko have got that language down pat.

So after Marko Lebeau introduced the two to each other, no time was wasted with formalities as the two just got right into kissing, petting, stripping and sucking. First, Dominic was onto Ivan’s cock while they were still on the couch. Then Ivan showed us just how much his cock sucking talents have improved. Dominic was in boner heaven.

We all know that Ivan originally defined himself as straight but curious. In this scene he was definitely more curious than straight as he was totally into Dominic. He admitted as much after the shoot. Ivan is a pretty passionate guy and he always brings that intensity to the set. It’s just him in his natural state. But today he was well served as Dominic was equally intense and passionate.

After some mutual blow jobs, Dominic moved onto the coffee table where Ivan just dove his stiff tongue and his pierced lip into Dominic’s ass crack licking and lubing it up for the fucking that our bottom boy was begging for.

Seeing Ivan pierce open Dominic’s ass hole with his dick was hot as hell. Seeing Ivan’s ripped abs flexing with every fuck was equally hot. Progressively, the guys started talking to each other as they were making out, but each in his own language. Neither one of them seemed to have a problem understanding the other though. They were as one, both in French and in English.

After the coffee table fuck, the guys moved to the bed. But just as Ivan was motioning Dominic onto the mattress, Dominic took the bull by the horns so to speak and shoved Ivan up against the wall. Ivan was a bit surprised by the move but he let Dominic take on this dominant streak for a few seconds of kissing, nipple and pit licking. That was short lived though. With an assertive look on his face, he pushed Dominic to the bed, kissed him and then shoved his cock in his bottom’s mouth.

They then got into some extended 69 action, before Ivan again took over and instructed his fuck toy to get on his back. After teasing Dominic’s hole with his hard cock and spitting in it, he shoved his dick back in. This was the most intense we’ve seen Ivan fuck a guy, banging loudly against his ass with every stroke. He wasn’t holding anything back.

It wasn’t long before he had to pull out to shoot as Dominic begged for him to cum in his face. Our American DJ/porn star lapped up Ivan’s baby batter’s every drop and just kept licking and sucking on him until he began milking a load out of his own cock. And what a load did he spew out!

After massaging Dominic’s seed into his partner’s abs, Ivan bent over and kissed his Dominic tenderly as they were both coming down from their high.”

- Download the full-length scene at MenOfMontreal.com

Men of Montreal

MenOfMontreal: Dominic Pacifico and Félix Brazeau flip fuck in “A French Lesson Worth A Fucking”

Men of Montréal: Dominic Pacifico and Felix Brazeau fuck each other in “A French Lesson Worth A Fucking”
Men of Montréal: Dominic Pacifico and Felix Brazeau fuck each other in “A French Lesson Worth A Fucking”

MenOfMontreal.com writes:

“DJ & Porn Star Dominic Pacifico was in Montreal recently and it was only fitting that this seasoned porn actor took on some of our new recruits. So for this first installment, Dominic met up with life guard Félix Brazeau.

Dominic is a great guy, with such a down to earth and friendly attitude. He was really cool to work with.

To allow the pro and the newbie to get better acquainted, we took them into Old Montreal, along the popular Place Jacques-Cartier square. Across the street from the square, there is a beautiful water fountain that served as the backdrop for the opening segment.

Félix offered Dominic a French lesson that could help him out while he was staying in Montreal. Knowing how Félix’s mind can quickly turn to all things sexual, there was no guessing at what would happen when he invited Dominic back to his place for his lesson.

Dominic was hesitant with his first few words ‘I want to kiss you’. So Félix, in response, just dove right in and locked lips with the handsome but bashful looking Dominic. Dominic’s shyness with words quickly gave way as his body was evidently responding well to all the attention Félix was giving his chest, abs and cock, licking and sucking eagerly. Both guys stripped down and kept kissing. This is when Dominic asked Félix how to say ‘suck me’. ‘Suce moi’ was his response and ‘suce’ is exactly what our local guy did. Félix gave Dominic’s cock quite the servicing. Sucking and gagging away as Dominic kept plunging his cock deeper into Felix’s mouth.

Then Félix got up and, in turn, told Dominic to ‘suce moi’. Dominic didn’t forget the meaning of those words and got on all fours and went down on Felix’s hard cock. Things really started to cook when Félix got a bit more aggressive and started face fucking Dominic, holding his cock sucker’s head firmly in place, and throwing in some ‘suck, yeah suck me man’ and slapping Dominic’s ass loudly. Then, Félix yelped ‘Mange mon cul’. Dominic had a puzzled look and asked what that meant, but he figured it out pretty quickly when Félix turned around and shoved his ass in Dominic’s face.

Felix suggested they go to the bedroom, but on the way there, Dominic stopped and shoved his French Canadian partner up against the hallway wall and started poking his dick at Felix’s hole. Felix was hungry and Dominic decided to feed his partner’s hole with his large cock. Felix was feeling that large tool filling his hole up and once it was fully stretched, he started begging for more.

Dominic was delivering the goods and Felix was feeling them fully. The guys then moved to the bedroom and Felix, still being the assertive bottom, got Dominic to sit on the foot stool and there he started to ride his American top man for his own and our pleasure. Intense, hot!!

It wasn’t surprising that after that good fucking, Felix was in the mood to give as much as he took. He got Dominic to blow him so his cock could get back to full attention; then Dominic got on his back and Felix shoved his cock up his guest’s butt hole. Felix was definitely aggressive this day. He slapped Dominic’s face a couple of times and even braced himself around Dominic’s neck and head while fucking him. This was hot!

And, Felix was getting close. He pulled out fast and came all over Dominic’s butt cheek. Félix move down to kiss Dominic and from there he motioned his French teacher over to the armchair so he could shoot his load on his face and neck. Felix smiled, said ‘Merci’ and started playing with Dominic’s cum load.

Telling Dominic that he had passed his French lesson, our American porn star, chimed in with a ‘Ah ouin’, a French Canadian vernacular meaning ‘Oh Yeah!?’ And Felix respond in kind… A+!”

- Download the full-length scene at MenOfMontreal.com

Men of Montreal

FalconStudios: Dominic Pacifico and Valentin Petrov pound each other in “Right Here / Right Now”

Falcon Studios: Dominic Pacifico and Valentin Petrov flip fuck in "Right Here / Right Now"
Falcon Studios: Dominic Pacifico and Valentin Petrov flip fuck in "Right Here / Right Now"

Falcon Studios writes:

“It’s splendor in the grass for Dominic Pacifico as he reaches inside Valentin Petrov’s pants to free his swollen cock and suck it up. The feel of that hefty horsedick swimming inside his mouth has Dominic reeling with excitement.

Valentin then takes his turn to service his buddy and he goes to town going down on Dominic. The guys twist into a 69-ing position so both can share the sensation of sucking and being sucked as they picnic on each other’s bounty.

The guys kiss and then Dominic spreads his lover’s legs open to fuck his manhole. Valentin grunts with every jab and his body glistens with sweat.

Dominic pulls out and then mounts Valentin’s pole, screwing himself down onto the erect cock so he can ride. He bobs up and down, his own swollen dick slapping Valentin’s stomach with every bounce.

They take turns bottoming for each other until Valentin gets Dominic down on his back and he fucks him hard. Dominic jacks off and cums and Valentin pulls out to finish by shooting his load all over.”

- Watch the entire scene at FalconStudios.com

Falcon Studios

NakedSword Originals: “Christmas With Christian”

NakedSword Originals: "Christmas With Christian"
NakedSword Originals: "Christmas With Christian"

NakedSword writes:

“Christian Wilde’s been checking his list — and he’s found stuff that’s nice and naughty.

In this special year-end bonus clip, the NakedSword Exclusive talks about the hottest sex of 2012 — from his creepyhot blowjob with Philip Aubrey to his off-screen (but luckily not off-camera!) sex with the boys of Grindhouse.

It’s been a year of sex in wheelbarrows and motorcycles and trucks and Truck, and Christian’s coming to give you the behind-the-scene scoop on what it was like to be in some of the hottest scenes of the year.

So clean out your chimney and warm up the milk — old St. Dick has one last gift to make your XXXmas merry and bright!”

- Watch “Christmas With Christian” at NakedSword.com
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NakedSword Video on Demand

NakedSword: “Private Party”

NakedSword writes:

“Are you on the list? Based on an actual San Francisco sex club (and starring some of its members), NakedSword’s takes you as a plus-one into an underground world of no strings attached sex.

Follow San Francisco’s hottest men as they cruise the low-lit hallways like hunters, finding prey in dark corners and darkened rooms.

From intense one-on-ones to glory holes and double-penetrations: at this party everything goes. We’ve left your name at the door, and you’d be nuts not to come.”

- Watch “Private Party” at NakedSword.com
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NakedSword Video on Demand

LucasEntertainment: “Position to Fill”

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“If a hot guy is willing to work long and hard, there will always be a “Position to Fill” — especially when he’s making full use of his mouth and ass to get ahead!

Adrian Long’s photo shoot of Issac Jones quickly turns into an aggressive flip-fucking session. Dominic Pacifico gets up close and personal with Johnny Venture’s fat uncut cock during a blog interview. Brandon Jones scouts Lorenzo Star at a club after closing, where they make use of their privacy for a hardcore audition. Johnny Venture returns to bend Hayden Colby over the casting couch to see how much of his tree-trunk cock the bottom can handle. And Adam Avery’s photo shoot with Adrian Long concludes with a lot of uncut cock sucking and ass pounding.

All of the hunks and studs here are more than capable of filling every position available!”

- Watch this movie online at LucasEntertainment.com

LucasEntertainment: Johnny Venture pounds Dominic Pacifico in “Position to Fill”

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“Johnny Venture is one of Lucas Entertainment’s most popular models, and it’s no wonder after seeing his rugged good looks, toned and compact body, and fat uncut cock — it’s as wide as a tree trunk!

Meanwhile, Dominic Pacifico does some blogging on the side and decides to fly up to Canada to interview the porn star. But Johnny prefers showing instead of telling, so he leads Dominic into the bathroom where he draws a bath. Dominic is given the royal treatment by Johnny, who is both passionate and dominant in his kissing.

The guys take off their clothes and slip into the warm water: Johnny begins by sucking on Dominic’s uncut cock. But the main event is when Dominic moves over to what Johnny is packing between his legs: Johnny’s uncut cock is easily the thickest piece of meat ever displayed by a porn star at Lucas Entertainment — and he knows how to use it!

Dominic’s handsome face opens wide as he tries to swallow Johnny’s dick and massages his foreskin with his tongue. But it’s an Olympic challenge when Dominic bends over the edge of the tub and Johnny stuffs his cock into the bottom’s hole. Dominic lets out loud moans, and Johnny takes each one as a sign of encouragement to pump harder!”

- Watch the entire scene at LucasEntertainment.com

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NakedSword Originals: Drew Cutler and Christian Wilde fuck Dominic Pacifico in “Private Party, Episode 2: Make Mine A Double”

NakedSword.com writes:

“At this San Francisco Sex Party, service comes with a smile. In the second episode of Private Party, the San Francisco staff stirs up more than drinks.

Jockstrapped cocktail boy Dominic Pacifico wants to make sure that everyone is satisfied, and when he sees Drew Cutler working on a big dick though a glory hole, he decides to lend a hand … and a mouth. But that’s no ordinary dick, and soon Christian Wilde emerges from behind the glory hole to place an order that’s a little more personal.

Drew and Christian both work over Dominic’s hole, double-penetrating him and serving up a double load of cum that Drew chugs like a frat boy at a beer keg.

When the party is this hot, who cares about scoring drink tickets?”

- Watch “Private Party Episode 2” at NakedSword.com

NakedSword Video on Demand

NextDoorBuddies: Kevin Crows pounds Dominic Pacifico

NextDoorBuddies.com writes:

“Kevin Crows has been holding it in all day and now he’s way past due to bust a nut. All prepped and ready to go, he’s got his Iporn and his hand down his pants. There’s only one problem: he has no inspiration. His imagination just isn’t doing it for him, so he looks around for something a little more tempting.

Cue Dominic Pacifico, hard at work out in the garden, working up a sweat out in the afternoon heat. Kevin stares at Domingo secretly through the window, until Dominic catches him spying. After that it becomes pretty obvious that neither one of them can take his eyes off the other, so Kevin invites Dominic in to take a load off. Or put a load on, depending on how you look at it.

Dominic takes Kevin up on his offer and in no time he’s going down on Kevin’s rock hard dick, slobbering all over it and getting it nice and ready for stabbin’. Domingo then rides Kevin on the couch as Kevin reaches full intensity, exploding all over Domingo in a sticky mess that makes the Domingo forget all about his work outside in the field.”

- Download the full scene at NextDoorBuddies.com

Next Door World

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