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TitanMen: Dallas Steele rides Dakota Rivers in “Bad Cop 2”

TitanMen: Dakota Rivers bangs muscle daddy Dallas Steele in "Bad Cop 2"
TitanMen Special Offer

In TitanMen’s “Bad Cop 2”, big-dicked daddy Dallas Steele gets aroused at the station, exchanging expert baton work with Dakota Rivers before offering his ass to the jock cop.

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TitanMen: Jeremy Spreadums gets fucked by Dakota Rivers in “Bad Cop 2”

TitanMen: Dakota Rivers tops Jeremy Spreadums in "Bad Cop 2"
TitanMen Special Offer

In the first scene from TitanMen’s “Bad Cop 2”, towering cop Dakota Rivers takes aim at Jeremy Spreadums, tasering his admirer with a few loaded weapons.

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HotHouse: Dakota Rivers, Johnny V and Jack Vidra’s threesome in “One Night at the Ready”

HotHouse: Dakota Rivers, Johnny V and Jack Vidra's threeway fuck in "One Night at the Ready"
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HotHouse.com writes:

“Jack Vidra is the bartender at the Ready Bar and he’s seen a lot of action come and go on his watch. He never gets to join in on the action and usually has to live vicariously through all the other patrons. When he has to kick Johnny V out at closing time, Johnny wants to give something special back to Jack for all his hard work.

His surprise is Dakota Rivers, a hunky stud with a body full of muscles who’s ready to please the bartender and his friend.”

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HotHouse: Josh Conners gets fucked by Dakota Rivers in “The Trainer: No Excuses”

HotHouse: Dakota Rivers tops Josh Conners in "The Trainer: No Excuses"
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Hunky Dakota Rivers and Josh Conners have an anal workout session in HotHouse’s “The Trainer: No Excuses”.

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HotHouse: Gabriel Cross gets fucked by Dakota Rivers in “Overpowered”

HotHouse: Dakota Rivers fucks Gabriel Cross in "Overpowered"
3-Day Trial for $1 at HotHouse.com

HotHouse.com writes:

“Cute ginger, Gabriel Cross, is a house boy whose only job is to make his sugar daddy happy.”

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RagingStallion: Dakota Rivers tops Peter Marcus in “Drive Thru”

Raging Stallion: Dakota Rivers bangs Peter Marcus in "Drive Thru"

In Raging Stallion’s “Drive Thru”, hopeful new hire Peter Marcus shows General Manager Dakota Rivers just how far he’ll go to get the job. Will he get it?

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Bromo: Dakota Rivers bangs Brendan Phillips in “Raw Slut Hole”

Bromo: Dakota Rivers fucks Brendan Phillips in "Raw Slut Hole"
Bromo.com Special Offer

Bromo.com writes:

“Dakota Rivers and Brendan Phillips waste no time getting to know each other.

The two are more than eager to discover each other’s perfect bodies, quickly tearing their clothes off and Brendan going straight for Dakota’s beautiful cock.

Dakota face-fucks Brendan until he’s ready to penetrate him raw. The rest is one of the hottest scenes we’ve produced to date.”

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NakedSword: Falcon Studios’ “Indiscretion”

Falcon Studios writes at NakedSword:

“Dakota Rivers confronts his boyfriend, Jesse Santana, about his flagrant infidelities. Jesse’s a horny little devil who can’t seem to keep his cock in his pants. He’s got gypsy feet and a whole crew of partners to dance with. So what’s it going take for Dakota to tame his young buck and help him curb his indiscretions? Even if Jesse is going to stop, he wants to get some hot fun in before he settles down.”

– You can watch “Indiscretion [HD]” at NakedSword.com
– Watch scenes from Falcon’s movies at FalconStudios.com

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FalconStudios: Dakota Rivers fucks Jesse Santana in “Indiscretion”

FalconStudios.com writes:

“Jesse Santana lays naked in bed, his tits and dickhead pierced with enough hardware to suggest what a badass he is; but he’s really just a pretender suffering with guilt. When Dakota Rivers finally returns home, Jesse is more than ready to apologize for being a cheat. He wraps his arms around his lover and their make-up sex lovingly and passionately plays out.

Unaware of Dakota’s unfaithful tryst, Jesse is turned on by his partner’s energized command and renewed sexual prowess. It’s like a new man is gobbling him up and the excitement is baffling yet absolutely appreciated.

The two men lose themselves completely in their sexual skirmish, lavishing each other with enough blows to rival a cage match.

Both studs are invigorated with rediscovering their hot manlove for each other, and only after they each shoot their loads, do they realize what they really mean to each other. Jesse’s turnaround driven by guilt and Dakota inspired his own little indiscretion.”

– Watch the full-length scene at FalconStudios.com

FalconStudios: Dakota Rivers gets plowed by Tom Wolfe in “Indiscretion”

FalconStudios.com writes:

“Upset by the sorrowful state of his shaky relationship, Dakota Rivers tries to relax with a soothing massage. Big Tom Wolfe senses his client’s sadness and offers some sensible counsel, a relaxing rubdown and then a vigorous blowjob.

Rivers isn’t sure how to respond to the manly masseur’s advances, but understandably after all the grief he’s been through, the suckoff is paying off. The feel of having his dick being so deftly tongue-swabbed in another man’s mouth is wickedly redeeming and Dakota surrenders himself wholeheartedly to Tom’s thrilling treatment.

Soon Tom climbs aboard the table and sits on Dakota’s chest, thrusting his big dick into his receptive patient’s mouth.

After facefucking a bit more, the men reposition themselves so Tom can plow Dakota’s hole, churning in and out until they both finally cum. Tom is pleased with the outcome; Dakota likewise satisfied, yet unsure of how he’s really feeling.”

– Watch the full scene at FalconStudios.com

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