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CorbinFisher: Galen fucks Jace bareback

Corbin Fisher: Jace rides Galen bareback

CorbinFisher.com writes:

“This scorching scene kicks it right off with Galen and Jace hard and naked engaging in some foot play!

Galen puts that hot mushroom tip of his to work – and Jace’s holes! Galen fucks Jace silly and Jace moans so loud with every single one of Galen’s big-dicked thrusts. So Galen plays Jace like an instrument, lowering and raising his cries by changing up his tempo and depth of thrusts.

Watching Galen give (and have) an intense orgasm is a pretty hot sight – especially when his load is dropped in Jace’s hungry mouth!”

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CorbinFisher: Bryson

Corbin Fisher: Bryson rubs one out

CorbinFisher.com writes:

“Happy-go-lucky and laid back, Bryson has always enjoyed being physically active. He’s more than happy to show us his ball-handling skills on the basketball court and with a football in the park.

We were eager to get him to engage in quite a different kind of physical activity, though, and he had no complaints about the idea of stripping down for that!

Bryson’s ass looked great as he fucked his hand for us – bent over the couch is definitely a good look for him!”

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NextDoorStudios: Mikey Junior gets fucked raw by Gunner Canon in “Sexually Frustrated”

Next Door Studios: Gunner Canon creams Mikey Junior in "Sexually Frustrated"
Next Door Studios Trial Offer

Gunner Canon enjoys drilling Mikey Junior’s butthole at NextDoorStudios.com.

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Corbin Fisher: Colt fucks Baker raw

Corbin Fisher: Colt barebacks Baker

CorbinFisher.com writes:

“This episode starts with Colt’s fingers lightly gripping Baker’s neck as they make out, and that really sets the scene well. Colt is definitely in a bossy mood for this video, and it’s lucky for him that Baker’s in a mood to take orders – and his big cock!

Colt makes Baker worship his dick, fucking his hot, wet mouth as a warm-up for taking on his tight ass. After sliding all the way inside him, Colt gives Baker a light slap on his handsome face.

Colt really has his way with Baker and Baker is totally turned on by it. When Colt manhandles Baker into the piledriver position off of the end of the bed, Baker is so turned on that he cums in his own mouth, before swallowing Colt’s load seconds later!”

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CorbinFisher: Thomas fucks Quinn bareback

Corbin Fisher: Thomas fucks Quinn raw

CorbinFisher.com writes:

““You really treat my ass right,” Quinn notes, with his legs in the air as Thomas really goes to town eating him out.

Quinn is in full power-bottom mode, demanding that Thomas slap his ass and goading him on as they fuck. Thomas looks great as he pounds Quinn, his hairy body contrasting well with Quinn’s manscaping, and you can really tell that they’re both enamored with one another.

After cumming all over his own abs, Quinn takes Thomas’s load in his mouth, sucking every drop out of his big dick before pushing him back down onto the bed and sharing it with him!

“Fuck, you taste good!” Quinn says, with a smirk.”

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CorbinFisher: Max and Barron’s gym fuck

Corbin Fisher: Max barebacks Barron

CorbinFisher.com writes:

“You’ve been chomping at the bit to see Max in action, and we don’t think you’ll be disappointed by seeing him pound Barron in the CF gym! Max has the kind of dick that bottoms dream about – long and thick in just the right ways. Lucky for us, and for him, Barron isn’t shy at all about how excited he is to take it!

After showcasing his oral talents with Max’s cock, Barron bends over for him. Even just the whimper he makes before Max is even all the way in is well worth the price of admission all on its own. From the way Barron was rock hard and leaking as he took Max’s dick, we could tell that he was on the edge for the whole fuck.

For Max’s part, he’s just as much enthralled with taking Barron’s jock ass as Barron is with giving it to him. He definitely has the talent to use his huge cock to keep Barron moaning and begging for more – definitely a successful topping debut!”

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CorbinFisher: Dave drills Ellis bareback

Corbin Fisher: Dave creams Ellis

CorbinFisher.com writes:

“Dave and Ellis had a lot of fun with Evan, so we thought we’d put them together on their own, since they’ve quickly become two of our most talented guys in their time here at CF!

After exchanging blow jobs, Dave bends Ellis over and goes to town fucking him.

Ellis, as always, takes it like a champ and they both really get into it. In fact, Ellis enjoys it so much and is precumming so much that he needs to switch positions and ride Dave to avoid blowing a load.

Changing positions only delays the inevitable and Dave still manages to fuck a load out of Ellis before cumming all over his ass, and then fucking it inside him with his big dick!”

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CorbinFisher: Jacob and Trenton fuck each other raw

Corbin Fisher: Jacob and Trenton flip fuck bareback

CorbinFisher.com writes:

“Jacob actually reminds me of Trenton quite a bit – he’s young, hot-bodied, extremely good-looking, and when he first arrived at CF I so hoped he’d give guy/guy action a shot.

When he did take that plunge and get in to some action with his fellow CF studs, he blew me away with how quickly he took to it, how hot he looked while doing it, and how much energy and enthusiasm he showed. Trenton was and had done all of the same.

Now, we’re seeing both of these guys together! As you’d expect, they’re the ideal match – once in action, these two guys each get completely overwhelmed by their hormones.

They turn one another on immensely, are themselves incredibly turned on by every little thing, and there is absolutely no stopping them until they’ve each blown massive loads.

There’s passionate kissing, deep eye contact, loud moaning and thoroughly hot sex throughout – and there was no way we could ever keep these two from ensuring each one got to spend some time getting drilled by a hard dick, and being the one doing the drilling!”

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CorbinFisher: Quinn fucks Beau bareback

Corbin Fisher: Beau rides Quinn bareback

CorbinFisher.com writes:

“Like the rest of us, Quinn has been eyeing Beau for a while, so we weren’t at all surprised when a friendly game of touch football got even friendlier and even more hands-on, with Beau ending up firmly pinned down in the grass as Quinn kissed him right there in the park.

As soon as they hit the showers, Quinn was all over Beau, sucking him off before flipping him around and worshipping his hot ass. As much we like Beau’s clean-cut, put-together look, seeing him turn into a moaning, whimpering mess is even better!

Dominant streak on full display, Quinn fucked Beau’s mouth, before flipping him over and pounding him until his pretty brown eyes rolled back into his head. Beau loved every second of being fucked, slapped, and choked until he blew his load all over his hairy abs, and Quinn kept fucking him until he added his own cum to the mix and then shoved his dick back inside him.

Always considerate, Quinn gave Beau a thorough tongue bath, eating both of their cum, before praising him for taking it like a champ!”

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CorbinFisher: Dane barebacks Baker

Corbin Fisher: Baker swallows Dane's load

CorbinFisher.com writes:

“Skater boys Dane and Baker love showing off, so I was more than happy to let them show off their moves – not to mention their ripped bodies!

Lucky for us, their mutual interests also extend to the bedroom.

After watching Dane show him a few tricks, Baker didn’t waste any time showing his appreciation of Dane’s skills on a board with a demonstration of his own oral talents.

Dane got so worked up that Baker’s mouth wasn’t enough and rimmed Baker until he was begging to be fucked. Dane was more than happy to oblige in multiple positions, and Baker enjoyed himself so much that he nearly came in his own mouth!”

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