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CorbinFisher: Matt creams Hugh’s hole

Corbin Fisher: Matt creampies Hugh

Corbin Fisher writes:

“I know we have some button-up fans out there and I can’t say that I don’t get it. Two handsome, well-dressed men slowly undressing each other to reveal gorgeous bodies… what’s not to like?

The guys take the party inside and Hugh is all over Matt, sucking and fucking him. He feels good too and Matt tells him to ride his dick. The sex is intense! First Hugh rides Matt’s cock like it’s the last dick on earth and then Matt rails into Hugh just as hard!

Pausing for a moment to blow and finger Hugh, Matt gets an idea. He grabs his belt and wraps it around Hugh to hold him like a Bronco while he fucks him from behind. Moving onto the floor, Matt jackhammers down into Hugh – which makes Hugh cum directly into his own mouth! Then Matt unloads right on Hugh’s hole and gives him one of the hottest creampies I’ve ever seen!”

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CorbinFisher: Kellan bangs Grayson raw

Corbin Fisher: Kellan fills Grayson's hole

Corbin Fisher writes:

“My, how far Kellan has come. Remind yourself of the fact that it was literally years between his first appearance at CF and his return to do guy/guy action scenes.

Then, watch him here with Grayson. It’s as if he had spent that time away conceiving of things he could do to blow our minds!

He doesn’t just eat Grayson’s hole. He buries his face so deep in Grayson’s ass and goes to town on it, you expect to see him come out the other end! He doesn’t just fuck Grayson, he drills his ass mercilessly.

This scene is passionate, intense, and sizzling hot!”

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CorbinFisher: Logan

Corbin Fisher: Logan rubs one out

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Logan blows in like a breath of fresh air. First off, you absolutely can’t miss him. It’s almost comical how much taller he is than everyone around him, which is probably part of the reason he has the personality that he does! His motto, “If everyone is going to be looking at you, might as well make it entertaining.”

Hearing that, I totally see why he was drawn to shoot porn. He’s obviously not shy, reveling the camera’s attention. Plus, he’s got big ol’ cock begging to be flaunted!

Logan wants to be seen and suggests we film outdoors. Like his motto, he certainly made it entertaining! He loses himself in the feeling and lets out moan after moan as he works his hand up and down his thick, long shaft. When he blows, it’s a bucket load of gooey, cream-white, hot satisfaction!”

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CorbinFisher: Galen fucks Ellis bareback

Corbin Fisher: Galen tops Ellis raw

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Galen brings his beautiful body, great smile, and hard rod. Ellis brings his hot body, hungry ass, and voracious sexual appetite. Together, they feast with some great guy-on-guy sex!”

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CorbinFisher: Henry fucks Steven raw

Corbin Fisher: Henry bangs Steven raw

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Since both Henry and Steven have proved themselves as capable to give as to take cock, I asked them what should we do today. Steven made no effort to hide his intentions – he wanted to be fucked by a big dick!

Flattered, Henry strove to give Steven a fucking he can remember – and reuse over and over again in his spank bank!

True to his word, Henry really gave Steven something to work with, fucking deeper than Steven thought possible! Shoving his dick all the way up Steven’s ass, Henry’s cock is fully stimulated by Steven’s tight hole.

Eyes rolling backward, Henry knows he’s getting close and can feel Steven readying for an orgasm! Revving up to jackhammer pace when he sees Steven’s first drop of cum, Henry holds out till the last drop before he pulls out and blasts Steven with his load!”

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Corbin Fisher: Quinn and Trey fuck each other bareback

Corbin Fisher: Quinn and Trey flip fuck bareback

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Putting Quinn and Trey together almost felt like putting together mirror images in a way. They’re so much alike in personality and, of course, their craving to get fucked. In thinking about who would be the better one to top, I came up with the perfect solution – a flip fuck!”

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CorbinFisher: Calan and Quinn’s raw POV flip-fuck

Corbin Fisher: Calan and Quinn's POV

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Both Quinn and Calan have really been looking forward to working with each other on camera. After all, Quinn didn’t push his incredibly hot friend to come to CF to not have some fun with him!

So we handed the buddies a camera to see what they see – and get as close to the action as we can get!”

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CorbinFisher: Dane creampies Alex

Corbin Fisher: Dane creams Alex

Corbin Fisher writes:

“The action between Dane and Alex starts even before the cameras start rolling! As we’re setting up we notice that the guys have moved on from talking to full out making out and groping. By the time I grabbed my camera Alex has already stripped down and Dane’s face is buried in his ass!

I’m not sure who’s enjoying themselves more – Alex getting eaten out or Dane tonguing Alex! When Dane stands up we see just how much he’s loved it – he can’t get any harder!

Alex has really let his freak flag fly since he’s arrived. He never turns down a good fucking and the rougher the play the better! Knowing he can fuck as rough, deep, and hard as he wants, Dane holds nothing back and plants his seed in deep in Alex’s ass!”

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CorbinFisher: Colt creams Zeb

Corbin Fisher: Colt creampies Zeb

Corbin Fisher writes:

“By now, both Zeb and Colt know what it’s like to be the young, new, hot, big-dicked rising star at CF. Here, we step back and take a look back to a scorching hot scene that helped propel them to be such fan favorites!

Zeb shows off his upperclassman status at the outset of this episode, showing Colt how to sink some shots at pool. He goes from mentoring Colt to getting thoroughly railed by him in no time, though, as the hormones take over with both of these studs.

Zeb looks hotter than ever after returning from a short break, and we’re reminded of just what a total stud he is as he gets that mouth fucked by Colt’s big cock. For his part, Colt shows us just how hot he can be as he assaults Zeb’s tight hole non-stop until Zeb gets filled up with one load, and feeds another to Colt!”

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CorbinFisher: Nash creampies Ryder

Corbin Fisher: Nash creams Ryder

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Knowing Nash has the ability, and quite likes, to fuck deep and hard, it was a must we pair him up with Ryder.

Probably because of how talented he is at dishing out intense fuckings, Ryder really appreciates when a strong Alpha stud can exert his power of him. He’s by no means an easy guy to conquer, but Nash is confident he’s up for the task.”

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