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NakedSword: Falcon Studios’ “Mojave Heat”

NakedSword: Falcon Studios' "Mojave Heat"
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Falcon Studios writes at NakedSword.com:

“When there’s nothing else to do but to stay out of the sun, the studs of ‘Mojave Heat’ will show you how it’s done.

Watch eight desert hunks get down and dirty under the direction of award-winning director, Tony Dimarco. These studs are in heat and they’ll raise the temperature anywhere they go.”

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FalconStudios: Carter Michaels fucks Kyler Ash in “Mojave Heat”

Falcon Studios: Carter Michaels fucks Kyler Ash in "Mojave Heat"
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In Falcon Studios’ “Mojave Heat”, hot jock Kyler Ash meets up with hunky Carter Michaels.

After exploring each other’s bodies with their mouths, Kyler offers up his open hole. Carter pumps with a steady rhythm in the hot desert sun until he finishes up on Kyler’s smooth, toned ass.

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Men.com: Carter Michaels fucks Clark Campbell in “Plug the Hole”

Men.com: Carter Michaels fucks Clark Campbell in "Plug the Hole"
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Men.com writes:

“Carter is having some plumbing issues and calls Clark the plumber over to fix it. While Clark is busy trying to plug the hole, Carter can’t help but get turned on at the sight of his ass and decides that he too will be plugging a hole.”

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