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CorbinFisher: Cain fucks Thad

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Cain is working out at the baseball park. Of course, our muscled stud doesn’t have an ordinary routine! From tricep dips on a trash barrel in the dugout, to effortlessly scaling the fence, Cain isn’t easy to keep up with at the gym, or in bed.

New freshman Thad meets up with Cain at the bleachers. He’s eager to get things going, so they head out to the bedroom. I’m not sure Thad knew what he was getting into, now that Cain’s all pumped up and ready to pump him!

Cain sucks Thad’s cock, then Thad enjoys sucking off Cain. Thad’s a good cocksucker and manages to go all the way down on Cain’s big cock. Cain tells him he’s going to fuck the shit out of him.

Thad and Cain 69 each other. Thad gets too aggressive, and Cain decides to show him who’s boss. He pushes Thad down and makes him suck his toes. Thad licks and sucks every single toe.

After worshipping Cain’s feet, Thad sucks Cain’s thick uncut cock again. Cain slaps his dick onto Thad’s tongue, and pushes his feet back into Thad’s mouth again.

Thad sucks on Cain’s nuts. Cain shoves his cock back in Thad’s mouth before moving around to sit on Thad’s face. Thad drives his tongue deep into Cain’s tight hole.

Cain feeds Thad his cock again, choking Thad with it. His balls slap Thad in the face as he drills Thad’s throat. He pushes Thad down on his stomach and slides his cock into Thad’s hole.

Thad loves that big dick deep in his ass. Cain pulls him back by the hair and pounds him. Cain jackhammers him, relentlessly slamming into him. Thad takes every inch, smiling even when Cain pulls his hands back behind him and fucks him harder.

Now that he knows Thad can take it, Cain moves Thad onto his hands and knees and slams into him doggy-style. Thad yells out as Cain gives it to him even harder, showing no mercy!

Thad sprays his load all over the bed. He flips onto his back and sucks the cum out of Cain’s cock. Cain shoots into Thad’s mouth. He eagerly licks it up. Cain wipes the last of his cum from Thad’s cheek into his mouth and kisses him. Looks like Thad proved he can hang with the big dogs!”

– Download this hot scene at CorbinFisher.com

CorbinFisher: Cain pounds Jon

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Who knew a nice, easy-going Southern boy like Jon would end up responding so intensely to Cain’s rough treatment? But respond he did. And as we’ve seen before, being aggressive only turns Cain on even more!

However, Cain starts out nice and easy with our freshman. He kisses Jon. But he foreshadows what’s coming,when he spends some extra time biting and licking Jon’s nipple.

Once he gets Jon flat on the bed, Cain works his way slowly down Jon’s lean body, commenting on how soft Jon’s skin is. Jon’s dick swells as Cain pulls it out and sucks on it.

Jon is loving watching Cain go up and down on his dick. Cain teases the head of Jon’s cock, then swallows it again. But things shift into high gear once Cain straddles Jon’s face!

Cain pushes Jon’s head into his crotch. He slaps Jon’s face before feeding him his cock. Then Cain dickslaps Jon, telling him to choke on that thick uncut cock. Cain pushes Jon’s head down on his dick until he does choke on it!

Jon swallows as much cock as he can. Cain’s gotten so turned on, he lapses into Romanian. I never know what he’s saying, but it sounds dirty … and hot! Jon sucks Cain’s nuts. Cain tells him to lick his asshole. Jon eagerly sticks his tongue up as far between Cain’s ass cheeks as he can.

“I want a piece of that ass, now,” Cain growls. Jon lays on his stomach. Cain spanks his ass and teases Jon’s hole with his big cock. Jon moans loudly as Cain shoves his cock into his tight hole. Jon’s only had one dick in his ass before – and Cain is packing a lot of cock for Jon’s sophomore fucking!

Cain thrusts in harder. Jon moans even louder. Cain pulls Jon up a little, slamming his dick all the way into Jon’s ass. Once Cain gets Jon on his hands and knees, Cain pounds him doggy-style. Jon strokes his cock, telling Cain to fuck him.

Jon shoots his load all over the bed. Jon slides under Cain so he can spray his load into Jon’s mouth. Jon sucks Cain’s dick dry. The two kiss and head outside for the pool. Outside, they notice the shutters were open the whole time.

Guess the neighbors got quite a show!”

– Download the full scene at CorbinFisher.com

CorbinFisher: Cain drills Martin

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Brash, handsome Martin always makes an impression! I can see how his confident personality could come off cocky. But he’s actually one of the nicest and most fun people to have around.

Martin was definitely nervous about getting fucked for the first time, (especially by Cain’s monster cock!) Martin quickly got into it.

Starting off was making Martin the most nervous. But Cain knows the drill when it comes to breaking in newbies! The guys kiss. Cain throws Martin down on the bed. Cain kisses Martin’s chest and works his way down to his cock.

Cain is a little surprised to find out Martin is uncut like him! It was the first time Cain had been with another uncut guy. He relishes the chance to show Martin what he likes. Cain sucks Martin’s dick and strokes it.

Martin lays back and enjoys the blow job. Martin’s rock hard and now wants to see Cain’s stiff cock. Cain feeds Martin his dick, who eagerly sucks Cain’s big cock.

Cain stands up. Martin worships that huge dick, treating it as well as Cain treated his. Cain bends Martin over and spits on his hole. Cain slides a wet finger inside. “Tight enough for ya?” Martin asks. Cain responds, “I’m gonna fuckin’ stretch that hole tonight.”

Cain teases Martin’s ass with the head of his dick. He shoves his cock in and yells, “Oh my god, it’s so fucking tight!” He smacks Martin’s ass and Martin grins. He’s loving the feel of Cain inside him. Cain tells him he’s taking it like a champ – and it’s true!

Martin gets on his back so Cain can fuck him sideways. Cain shoves his dick back inside Martin, who moans in ecstasy. Cain jackhammers Martin, driving them both wild … and nearly pushing Martin off the bed!

Cain loves breaking in a tight virgin ass. He’s enjoying every second of fucking Martin. He thrusts in deeper. He pulls Martin back onto the bed and tells him he wants to fuck the cum out of him. Martin’s looks nearly delirious as Cain pounds him harder.

Martin shoots a big load all over his abs. Cum keeps dripping out of his cock as Cain continues to fuck him. Cain blasts his huge load inside Martin, then pulls out the condom to show Martin how much he came!

Guess now Martin knows the drill!”

– Download this scene at CorbinFisher.com

CorbinFisher’s AmericanCollegeSex: Cain stuffs Jackie

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Cain’s gotten to play with Jackie during some tag team action. But now, the buff bodybuilder takes his turn with her alone – and gets to go wild with our newest coed!”

– Download the full-length video at Corbin Fisher’s American College Sex

CorbinFisher: Cain fucks Quinn

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Photo shoots are a lot of fun, especially when you have models as hot as Cain and new freshman Quinn. We start off with some footage of their shoot. It never ceases to amaze me how hard Cain stays – all the time! I think he could get hard just reading furniture assembly instructions!

Lucky Quinn gets to play with that thick, uncut (and rock-hard!) cock all through the photo shoot – and in bed! He licks Cain’s incredibly muscled chest, sucks that cock and sits on top of it, all before they even get into action.

Once they do get into bed, the energy only ramps up. Quinn starts out by sucking Cain’s toes. Cain turns out to be ticklish, but enjoys Quinn’s hot mouth on each toe. Cain unzips his jeans and jerks his cock as Quinn gives his feet a tongue-bath.

Cain pulls out his thick boner. Quinn licks the shaft, then sucks the head. He swallows Cain to the root, surprising Cain with his talent. I haven’t heard Cain moan like this in a while, and he says Quinn is better than most girls.

Once Quinn is flat on the bed, Cain kisses and licks Quinn all over. Cain’s pretty damn talented himself! After kissing Quinn’s nipples, chest and abs, Cain goes down on Quinn’s cock. He sucks it eagerly – no surprise, there. Cain’s competitive and if Quinn can suck cock well, Cain’s going to show he can do it even better!

Quinn watches with admiration as the hot bodybuilder goes down on him. The guys move into a 69, and they are so hungry for each others’ dicks, they don’t bother to get their underwear off. It’s one of the hottest things in the world to see two hot guys truly enjoying each others’ equipment like this.

Cain wants to face fuck Quinn. Quinn leans off the bed and Cain towers over him, pumping his cock down Quinn’s throat. Quinn takes Cain’s balls into his mouth before deepthroating Cain’s big dick again.

Quinn bends over the bed and Cain spits on his hole. He buries his tongue deep into Quinn’s ass. He slides in one finger, then his tongue again. “Tastes so fucking good,” Cain says. He then sticks two fingers inside Quinn’s ass, prepping it for the thick dick that’s coming.

Cain teases Quinn’s hole with the head of his dick, and smacks Quinn’s ass with his cock. He lets the lube drip down into Quinn’s ass crack and spreads it out with his cock. Then he plunges in, splitting Quinn’s tight ass apart with his dick.

Quinn moans as Cain pounds his ass. Quinn hangs onto the bedspreads as Cain drills him. Cain pulls out and Quinn begs him to tease his hole again, before Cain slams it back inside him.

Cain pulls all the way out and piledrives back inside Quinn, one slow thrust at a time. Quinn gets on his side and takes Cain’s dick that way. “Oh, yeah give it to me!” he says. Cain pumps his cock deep inside Quinn’s tight hole.

Quinn moans in ecstasy as Cain jackhammers him. He pushes Quinn’s knees up in the air and fucks him in a missionary position. Quinn can’t stop telling Cain how good he feels inside him. Quinn shoots a thick load all over his abs while Cain pounds him.

Cain shoots his load inside Quinn’s ass, pulling off the rubber to show Quinn how big his load is. “You’re ass felt amazing!” Cain says as they kiss passionately.”

– Download the entire scene at CorbinFisher.com

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CorbinFisher: Kenny gets fucked by Cain and Philip

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Ever wonder if they guys in our videos watch their own scenes? Sometimes they do … and sometimes the results are even wilder than the original video!

Philip and Cain are hanging out and watching Philip’s video of the first time he got fucked – and of course, Cain was the one who first fucked Philip. They talk about how much fun they had with each other. Cain mentions it would be hot to reenact it, and Philip says adding in more guys would be great.

Kenny walks in and sees what the guys are up to. Cain tells Kenny they’d love to re-enact the video they’re watching with another guy. Kenny’s more than willing! As Cain and Philip’s video plays on the big screen, Philip and Cain strip Kenny’s clothes off and prepare to add a new twist to the scene.

Philip and Cain take turns sucking Kenny’s cock. Kenny moans in ecstasy as Cain tells Philip to lick Kenny’s balls. Cain gets Kenny’s dick nice and wet by spitting on it and sucking it deeply.

Kenny sits in the chair and sucks Cain then Philip. Cain stuffs Kenny’s mouth with his cock as Kenny jerks Philip’s cock. The guys pick Kenny up and get him on the futon.

As the video shows Cain feeding Philip his cock onscreen, he feeds his real-life cock to Kenny. Philip comments that Cain is a real mouthful! Kenny sucks Cain’s balls as Philip swallows Kenny’s dick.

Cain tells Philip to eat Kenny’s asshole. He gets it good and wet for Cain’s thick dick. “Put your tongue deep in there,” Cain orders. Philip drives his tongue in, then he teases Kenny’s hole with his finger.

Philip tells Cain Kenny’s ready for him. “Want me to stretch that little hole?” Cain asks. Philip tells him to work him good, just like he worked him during his first time. Cain slides his dick into Kenny, as Kenny sucks Philip’s cock.

Kenny’s getting pounded hard by Cain’s uncut dick. Philip can’t help but glance at the TV, seeing himself get plugged by Cain a while ago, while Kenny sucks his cock now.

Philip wants his turn, so Kenny flips over. Philip drills into Kenny’s ass. Cain feeds Kenny his dick. Kenny tells them it feels so good. Suddenly, Cain shoots his load all over Kenny’s tightly-muscled torso.

Cain’s cum sprays all over Kenny’s chest. He kisses Kenny and tells them he’s going to let them finish up. Philip keeps pounding away.

Kenny blasts his own load all the way up to his shoulder! Philip continues to drill Kenny, fucking every last drop of cum out of his cock.

Philip jackhammers Kenny. He pulls out and sprays his load all over Kenny. Kenny’s drenched in cum! Philip strokes their cocks together and then kisses Kenny.

See what happens when you put a CF video on?”

– Download the full-length scene at CorbinFisher.com

CorbinFisher: Aiden fucks Cain

Corbin Fisher writes about this hot scene:

“It’s the matchup I’ve been waiting to see … and I bet more than a few CF fans out there have been waiting for this as well! In this corner, wearing nothing – Cain! And in this corner, also wearing nothing – Aiden!

These two muscle gods joke around and laugh before they start their scene. Once the clothes come off, though, it’s no joke how hot these guys are for each other. Aiden compliments Cain on his massive chest, and strokes his uncut cock. Cain says, “Look who’s talking!” and jerks Aiden’s cock in return.

Aiden was hesitant about full-on guy/guy action when he first came to us – and now he’s taken to it like a champ! He sucks Cain’s thick cock and kisses his chest and nipples. Cain spits on Aiden’s dick and sucks him hard.

Cain gets so turned on sucking Aiden’s long cock, he moves straight into a doggy-style position. “I want you to fuck me,” Cain says. Aiden’s got no problem with that!

“That’s so tight!” Aiden says as he works his big cock into Cain’s ass. Cain moans with intense pleasure. He’s able to take Aiden’s entire cock. In fact, Cain actually backs up into Aiden to get it fully inside him.

Aiden fucks Cain deeply. “You’re so fucking big!” Cain says. Aiden does pushups on top of Cain, driving it all the way in. It’s been a while since Cain’s bottomed, but he’s loving Aiden’s dick inside him. Aiden pushes deeper, driving Cain wild with ecstasy.

Cain tells Aiden how much he loves that big cock pummeling his ass. Aiden slows down and thrusts it slowly in and out of Cain’s perfectly muscled butt. Cain’s almost getting fucked off the edge of the bed!

Aiden flips Cain onto his back to pound him missionary-style. Aiden’s cock slams in and out, taking Cain closer and closer to the brink. Suddenly, Cain shoots his load all over his abs. He tells Aiden to keep fucking him.

Aiden slams his cock into Cain a few more times, then pulls out and blasts a huge load all over Cain. “I’m fucking covered in cum,” Cain says. Aiden tells him it was amazing, and that he came so hard.

The guys get in the shower (and with all that muscle there’s hardly room for the water!) and Cain says he’ll be feeling that for weeks. Aiden soaps Cain up and cleans him off. Cameraman Conner jokes with Cain about how quickly Aiden is rising up to the major leagues in topping.

I can’t argue!”

– Download the full-length scene at CorbinFisher.com

CorbinFisher: Brady’s first time

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Hot football running back Brady is back – and Cain’s bottoming for Brady’s first time!

These two muscled studs have an easy chemistry together. Brady had never done anything with a guy, but he picked up on things quickly. They kiss and Brady looks like he’s relishing every second. Who wouldn’t, getting to kiss Cain?

Cain kisses his way up and down Brady’s buff chest and chiseled abs. He rubs Brady’s cock through his jeans, feeling it harden. Cain sucks Brady’s dick, spitting on it to get it wet. Cain has learned how to suck some great cock during his time at CF, and here he teaches Brady how to do it right.

Brady goes down on Cain’s massive dick. Some straight guys are too hesitant, or simply too uncomfortable to get into sucking cock – especially on camera. But Cain points out that Brady is pretty good for a first timer – so Brady keeps on sucking!

Cain goes down on Brady’s dick again, stroking his own huge dick. Brady tells Cain how nice it feels. Then Cain asks Brady if anyone has ever eaten his ass out before. Brady gets on all fours and Cain gives him a long, wet rim job.

Brady gets on his back and Cain asks if he’s ready for this. Cain eases his bubble butt down onto Brady’s cock. Cain rides Brady’s dick like a champ. They kiss and Brady drills up into Cain’s ass.

“Oh, you’re fucking me so good!” Cain says. Brady has a smile on his face as he pounds the bodybuilder stud. Cain lays on his side and Brady slides back in. Brady is clearly more turned on than ever. He rams his cock in faster and faster.

It isn’t often you hear Cain tell someone to fuck him! So Brady fucks him with gusto. Cain’s big uncut cock is rock-hard as Brady rams his ass.

Cain gets on all fours and Brady fucks him doggy-style. Both guys are clearly enjoying it. Cain is almost face down on the bed as Brady takes his ass, slamming into that hot ass. Cain strokes his dick and shoots a huge load across the bed.

Brady pulls out and shoots a thick load on Cain’s back. They guys kiss and then head to the shower. In the shower, Cain and Brady talk a little about Brady’s first time. Then they wash each other and talk about working out and football.”

– Download the full scene at CorbinFisher.com

CorbinFisher: Cain fucks Glen

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Cain’s back! As Pete’s Attic listeners know, he was in an accident, but he’s all in one piece and raring to go. And lucky Glen is the first one to play with him!

Glen’s curly, surfer-dude hair and lean body have made him a quick favorite here at CF. And superstar Cain is always in demand. Putting the two of them together is sure to be a hot video.

The two guys kiss, and Cain quickly gets Glen on his back. He kisses Glen’s nipple, then tongues it. He pulls Glen’s stiff dick out of his pants and sucks hard. He spits on Glen’s to lube it up and swallow it even more deeply.

Glen moans as Cain gives him an amazing blow job. Cain pulls his own massive cock out and strokes it as he sucks Glen. Cain’s definitely ready to get back in action. He tells Glen it’s time for him to suck his dick. Glen sucks Cain, who pulls him back by that curly hair and face fucks him.

Cain’s ready to take Glen’s ass. He smacks Glen’s cheeks before fingering his hole. Once he’s gotten Glen good and ready, he shoves his cock inside him. “Oh, man, it’s so tight in there!” Cain says.

Cain moans with pleasure as he drives his cock in faster. Glen holds onto the side of the bed for support as Cain jackhammers his tight ass. Cain pulls Glen back onto the bed and fucks him slow and deep.

Glen gets on all fours and Cain fucks him doggy-style. Glen says he likes that cock in his ass and Cain penetrates even deeper. Glen gasps at how much cock is stuffed inside him.

Getting on their sides, Cain takes him from behind. He jerks Glen as he fucks his ass. Glen strokes his dick quickly and shoots his load all over his stomach while Cain pounds him.

Cain continues to fuck Glen’s ass until he’s ready to shoot too. He sprays jet after jet across Glen’s chest. “I came all over you,” Cain says.

It’s great to see one of our favorite Dean’s Listers back in action!”

– Download the full scene at Corbin Fisher

CorbinFisher’s AmericanCollegeSex: Cain fucks a chick

Delila and Cain have never gotten to play just by themselves. So when Corbin Fisher finally turn them loose on each other, it is one of the hottest ACS scenes they’ve had in a while!

– Download the full-length scene at Corbin Fisher’s American College Sex

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