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BelAmiOnline: Jack Harrer gets fucked bareback by Andre Boleyn and Ronny Lamarr

BelAmi: Andre Boleyn and Ronny Lamarr tag team Jack Harrer bareback
$2 Trial at BelAmiOnline.com

BelAmiOnline.com writes:

“Most of our boys start to get worried every time Jack says ‘I have a super idea’ as it normally involved Jack’s huge dick going into someone’s butt… This time it is not the case though, and his great idea turns out to be someone fucking him instead.

Ronny Lamarr is the lucky one to get to fuck Jack this time around while Andre is there to make sure that everything goes smoothly, and also to get himself a taste of both boys dicks. 3 experienced models usually makes for a very hot scene, and we are not disappointed here.”

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BelAmiOnline: Joel Birkin fucks Bastian Dufy bareback

BelAmi: Bastian Dufy gets fucked bareback by Joel Birkin and his 10-inch cock
$2 Trial at BelAmiOnline.com

BelAmiOnline.com writes:

“Bastian opens today with a list of everything that he has tried sexually, and adds one thing to his wish list of sexual desires… A really BIG dick.

Lucky for Bastian we are always happy and able to satisfy a wish like that and we called in Joel Birkin to help make his dream come true.

Given that it was Bastian’s request to try out a really big dick, Joel was asked not to hold anything back and to give him the ‘whole hog’ so to speak. Take a look here and see how well you think Bastian did.”

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BelAmiOnline: Dylan Maguire fucks Jon Kael raw

BelAmi: Dylan Maguire fucks Jon Kael bareback
$2 Trial at BelAmiOnline.com

BelAmiOnline.com writes:

“Unusual for one of our night scenes, this pairing was not filmed in our Bratislava studio, but rather Marty made the short trip down to Budapest for a bit of a change of scenery.

Right from the opening sequence you can see that we are dealing with two very passionate young guys in Jon Kael and Dylan Maguire.

Both guys have a sexual hunger that is hard to completely satisfy coupled with a desire to cater for their partners every wish.

Even with some cooler blue lighting this scene manages to be scorchingly hot.”

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BelAmiOnline: Jeff Mirren, Marcel Gassion and Roald Ekberg cream Helmut Huxley in “Summer Break, Episode 10” (Part 2)

BelAmi: Jeff Mirren, Marcel Gassion and Roald Ekberg cream Helmut Huxley in “Summer Break, Episode 10” (Part 2)
$2 Trial at BelAmiOnline.com

BelAmiOnline.com writes:

“In last week’s Summer Break diary you got a little taste of this scene that we referred to as ‘The Pot Plot’ and we are happy to bring you the full scene over 2 days this week.

It is filmed a little differently than most 2 day scenes in that it is a group flipflop. On day one, Helmut gets to fuck everyone, and on day 2, very democratically, everyone then gets their turn to fuck Helmut.

It is nice to see Helmut’s scene partner, Jeff, Roald and Marcel (all remarkably talented bottoms) also get the chance to show us what they can do as tops as well.

2 day scenes always require a lot more planning and effort, so we are very pleased that this one worked out so well. The chemistry between the boys is charming and the action itself is 1st class throughout.”

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BelAmiOnline: Helmut Huxley bangs Roald Ekberg, Jeff Mirren and Marcel Gassion raw “Summer Break, Episode 10” (Part 1)

BelAmi: Helmut Huxley fucks Roald Ekberg, Jeff Mirren and Marcel Gassion bareback in "Summer Break, Episode 10 (Part 1)"
$2 Trial at BelAmiOnline.com

In episode 10 of BelAmiOnline’s “Summer Break” series, everybody – Roald Ekberg, Jeff Mirren and Marcel Gassion – get fucked by Helmut Huxley and his long cock!

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BelAmiOnline: Marc Ruffalo fucks Joaquin Arrenas bareback

BelAmi: Marc Ruffalo barebacks Joaquin Arrenas
$2 Trial at BelAmiOnline.com

BelAmiOnline.com writes:

“Today we have Joaquin’s training scene with Marc Ruffalo. It was set up so that the boys could meet the day before the scene and get to know each other a bit, but it seems that they were both eager to be fresh for the scene and had an early night (in the same bed of course) instead.

After watching the scene I think you will agree that it is not so easy to spot that Joaquin is the newbie and Marc the trainer as they both give an outstanding show. Our cameraman Marty decided to be a bit loose with his directions today and let the boys take the lead in the scene and just film whatever it was that they wanted to do and the results are quite good.

Luckily we will get to see a lot more of Joaquin in the future as one of the new members of our regular team.”

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BelAmiOnline: Jean LaBete

BelAmi: Jean LaBete 'Pin- Up'
$2 Trial at BelAmiOnline.com

BelAmiOnline.com writes:

“After a very popular casting a while back, we are happy for the return of Jean in this photo session.

Jean is a bit more muscular than most of our newcomers, but he still has a softness to him that renders his body very pleasing. By looking at his hands, you can tell Jean’s muscle is not just for show, but is put to good use daily with healthy manual labour.

He is cute, has a nice dick and is topped off by a pleasantly furry butt. We hope you enjoy this 2nd outing of Jean.”

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BelAmiOnline: Jeroen Mondrian rides Jon Kael bareback in “Summer Break, Episode 9”

BelAmi: Jon Kael barebacks Jeroen Mondrian in “Summer Break, Episode 9”
$2 Trial at BelAmiOnline.com

BelAmiOnline.com writes:

“There are some unexplained things in this world that we just have to accept as miracles. Among these would have to be that there is always a bed available for our boys whenever and where ever they want to make love. It always has been, and always will be.

This little unexplained miracle is put to good use today by Jon and Jeroen as they wander around the castle grounds looking for somewhere private.

On most of his outings so far Jon has been the bottom, but today he gives us another demonstration of his capable topping skills as well… and of course a magnificent view of his large and low hanging balls…

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BelAmiOnline: Arne Coen barebacks Andy McAllister

BelAmi: Arne Coen fucks Andy McAllister raw
$2 Trial at BelAmiOnline.com

BelAmiOnline.com writes:

“Most times successful dialog between models is achieved only when you tell the boys what they should talk about, and let them make up the actual words themselves. This is not the case here with Andy and Arne, so it would be best to view the opening of the scene as intentional comedy, careful crafted by a skilful director rather than an attempt at realism.

Once the two guys get passed the opening though, they show their true area of expertise. Both are accomplished lovers, skilled at pleasing their partner and there is a genuine desire that is almost palpable throughout their love making. Tony is the top today in this scene filmed in our Budapest studio, and it is all topped off with some great cumshots.”

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