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BelAmiOnline: Marc Ruffalo and Billy Montague flip fuck bareback

BelAmi: Marc Ruffalo and Billy Montague fuck each other raw

BelAmiOnline.com writes:

“Marc Ruffalo is one of the many new faces at BelAmiOnline recently and he’s been the topic of conversation amongst our members and the blogosphere since his debut photo sessions came online a couple weeks ago.

Today we bring you Marc’s debut scene with Billy Montague.

This 2 part scene has it all… stunning boys, real chemistry and passion on top of being perfectly filmed by long time BelAmi star director Marty Stevens.”

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BelAmiOnline: Jim Kerouac fucks Colin Hewitt

BelAmi: Colin Hewitt bottoms for Jim Kerouac

BelAmiOnline.com writes:

“When we were in Capetown, Colin scored the job of organizing the models. As you can imagine, it’s no easy task; tracking receipts and payments but he takes it in his stride and without many complaints.

As a reward for all his hard work, Colin gets to choose his own scene partner and Jim Kerouac is the lucky guy who Colin chose to ‘get him back into shape’ for bottoming!”

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BelAmiOnline: Claude Sorel barebacks Adrian Becker

BelAmi: Claude Sorel fucks Adrian Becker bareback

BelAmiOnline.com writes:

“Although Adrian tells us he is not shy, he certainly seems a little bit afraid of either the camera or Marty during the little chat… the shyness soon fades though once he starts to kiss Claude. He turns out to even be such a sport as to bottom for Claude as his first appearance on camera.”

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BelAmiOnline: Marc Ruffalo

BelAmi: Marc Ruffalo's photo session

Marc Ruffalo is back for his second photo session on BelAmiOnline.com.

Dreamily handsome, Marc seems to have it all – cheeky brown eyes, full lips, great body and a nice big dick.

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BelAmiOnline: Billy Cotton barebacks Boris Beckham

BelAmi: Billy Cotton fucks Boris Beckham raw

BelAmiOnline.com writes:

“It seems that Boris Beckham has a thing for the name Billy as in June he has a scene with Billy Montague on KinkyAngels.com and now he is here with Billy Cotton in this month’s Night Scene update.

Even though filmed in the cool evening hours, both guys manage to work up quite a sweat here with their enthusiastic love-making.”

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BelAmiOnline: Harris Hilton gets fucked by Gaelan Binoche

BelAmi: Gaelan Binoche fucks Harris Hilton

BelAmiOnline.com writes:

“Harris has arrived a little later than the other guys on one of our trips to South Africa and the team has left Gaelan in the house to welcome him and show him around.

After a long flight from Hungary, Harris turned up more than just a little horny and takes advantage of the fact that they have the house to themselves to get to know Gaelan a little more intimately.”

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BelAmiOnline: Luke Hamill, Kevin Warhol and Gino Mosca fuck each other raw

BelAmi: Luke Hamill, Kevin Warhol and Gino Mosca's raw threeway

BelAmiOnline.com writes:

“When Kevin first started expressing an interest in learning how to do the behind the camera part of the job, we were more than happy to encourage him. Not all boys have an interest in it, and even fewer have a talent for it, so George thought we would let him try and see how it goes.

Obviously we were not going to be so mean as to leave him all by himself, so Luke has decided to give him a few hints and tips as to how it is done. The thing is though, sometimes Luke’s hints and tips involve more than just camerawork!”

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BelAmiOnline: Dylan Maguire gets fucked bareback by Jim Kerouac

BelAmi: Jim Kerouac fucks Dylan Maguire bareback

Dylan Maguire rides Jim Kerouac’s big dick in this condom-free scene filmed by guest director Vlado Iresch for BelAmi.

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BelAmiOnline: Hoyt Kogan’s photo session

BelAmi: Hoyt Kogan rubs one out

BelAmiOnline.com writes:

“You first met Hoyt in July 2013 when we presented his casting for you. His first photo shoot followed soon after that in September and he also made his premiere in the Anniversary Orgy.

Since then Hoyt has been busy filming and was with us for our last sojourn in South Africa where we also shot the promotional images and video for ‘Addicted’ underwear…

What we have here for you today is his 2nd photoshoot with us and was shot at Rocco Siffredi’s house in Budapest.”

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BelAmiOnline: Scott Bennet fucks Misha Akunin

BelAmi: Scott Bennet fucks Misha Akunin

BelAmiOnline.com writes:

“Today’s scene comes from a time when both Misha and Scott were fairly new to filming with us, but had already known each other long enough to become good friends.

The scene was filmed in the middle of a cold Slovak winter, so the boys are enjoying being together in the warmth of the studio… which gets a lot warmer once the clothes come off and the boys start making out.

Physically they seem like the perfect couple, and the sexual energy between them makes for a very hot encounter.”

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