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ChaosMen: Alonso and Calhoun fuck each other bareback

ChaosMen: Alonso and Calhoun flip fuck raw

Alonso and Calhoun take each other’s massive cocks raw at ChaosMen.com!

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ChaosMen: Alonso and Zane creampie each other


ChaosMen.com writes:

“More MEAT! With a double heaping of cream pie dessert!

I have been keeping Zane busy, while Alonso also has been eager to do more videos. I wanted to put these guys together but I felt like I had two Tops.

Zane certainly enjoys bottoming, and Alonso did great bottoming his first time with Kevin Reed. But both love to sink their big cocks into a guy’s hole.

Zane takes on Alonso’s cock first, and the dude can take a dick! I wanted Alonso to get fucked last, just in case he could cum from getting fucked. With Zane’s big cock, perhaps I was expecting too much.

But that means we have double cream pie action, with both guys unloading into each other’s asses! Truly Extra Butt Stuffing!”

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ChaosMen: Alonso creampies Camillo

ChaosMen: Alonso bangs Camillo raw

ChaosMen.com writes:

“What a way to end Monster Cock week!

Camillo mentioned he liked fetish play, and I had to grill him about what exactly that meant. Mostly he likes to be tied-up and dominated. We added some bondage elements and Alonso really got into making Camillo his Boy.

Camillo obviously loves the Daddy play, and the guy can take a dick!

This is a long video with just too many hot moments to trim down.”

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ChaosMen: Kevin Reed and Alonso flip fuck bareback

ChaosMen: Alonso and Kevin Reed flip fuck raw

Alonso and Kevin Reed bang each other bareback before Alonso creams Kevin’s hole!

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ChaosMen: Alonso creams Vander

ChaosMen: Alonso fucks Vander raw

ChaosMen.com writes:

“Vander was in town for 3-4 days to do a scene and a local bar event, and with Alonso local, I knew I had another awesome pairing. I just knew I had to give Vander a day off between so he could recharge his Super Power Bottom abilities.

What a great match-up! Alonso is one of the best dirty talkers, and he sure knows how to use his huge uncut cock. He has not had a lot of experience fucking ass, as most girls he has met can’t handle it, but his lack of experience does not show.”

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ChaosMen: Alonso creampies Daniel

ChaosMen: Alonso breeds Daniel

ChaosMen.com writes:

“Daniel was really hoping to work with an African-American guy, and just as I was starting to work with him, Alonso and I met at the gym and we started filming his solo and oral. The timing was fortuitous; though Alonso was not sure he wanted to do full-on sex scenes.

So I set Daniel up with Ledger and got them on the calendar. Of course, a couple days later Alonso says he was down to fuck a dude and thought Daniel was hot. So I changed Daniel’s flight to leave a couple days later so Daniel would have a chance taking on Alonso’s BBC.

I am so glad I paid the extra fees to have Daniel stay to get fucked by Alonso! Wow!

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ChaosMen: Alonso and Ransom suck each other

ChaosMen: Alonso and Ransom blow each other

ChaosMen.com writes:

“Based on my meeting with Alonso, it sounded like his experience with guys has been mostly jerking-off together, and occasionally swapping oral.

I figured the massage table theme would feel natural to him, and he sure got into it!”

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ChaosMen: Alonso rubs one out

ChaosMen: Alonso busts a nut

ChaosMen.com writes:

“Alonso is one of the few models that I ever have approached at the gym.

We seem to have the same workout schedule, and often ended up changing and showering at the same time. I could clearly see he was very hung, and not shy. I’m not one to chat with a bunch of guys at the gym, and Alonso keeps to himself also so I knew I had to find the right time to talk to him.

I didn’t really know how to approach him, but I decided it was time to get some business cards so that I could actually approach him with something that looked legit.

We finally had a moment where I didn’t think he would feel uncomfortable, and asked him if he thought about doing adult video. He laughed and he said, “Sure!”

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