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LucasEntertainment: Adrian Long fucks Mathew Mason in “Man Handled”

LucasEntertainment: Adrian Long fucks Mathew Mason in "Man Handled"

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“It’s been an exciting sexual game of cat-and-mouse between these two studs for quite a while: tall and handsome Adrian Long has had his eye on Lucas Entertainment’s hot Australian exclusive Mathew Mason for some time now, and he’s finally gotten his chance up in Canada to have his way with the guy.

Adrian is a well-known Lucas Entertainment top, and Mathew isn’t shy to bottom for the sexiest of porn stars. The Australian starts out by sucking on Adrian’s uncut Canadian meat, who then turns around and shows his partner how hot and horny he’s made him. Adrian manages to get Mathew’s big, fat cock in his mouth for some more oral action before Adrian flips him around and eats him out.

And overlooking a Montreal skyline by night, the exclusive bends Mathew over a chair and thrusts his cock deep inside for some sizzling prostrate-massaging anal sex that can only be experienced between two men!”

- Download the full-length scene at LucasEntertainment.com

LucasEntertainment: Submissive men bend over for powerful cocks in “Fuck It!”

LucasEntertainment: Submissive men bend over for powerful cocks in "Fuck It!"

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“Blonde twink Aaron Blake is a cute country boy in the big city. He loiters around a porn shop where he luckily draws the attention of Cuban hunk Rafael Carreras. Rafael takes him home and shows him a good time with his big uncut cock. Aaron at first doesn’t know what he got himself into, but he has a great time through and through!

Pierre Fitch works out his huge muscles at the gym before slipping his cock into Sam Steel’s ass.

Rafael Carreras returns to romance Mitchell, proving to him that love can be hard and rough when he fucks him up his ass.

Trenton Ducati and Jonathan Agassi bend each other over for some deep anal sex.

And Adrian Long fucks his photographer, Adam Avery.”

- Watch the full-length scene at LucasEntertainment.com

LucasEntertainment: The sexiest Lucas Men show off their topping skills in “Fuck It!”

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“Vito Gallo doesn’t bottom much, but who wouldn’t give it a shot for Adam Killian? But it’s hard to figure out what’s hotter: Adam fucking Vito, or Adam sitting directly down on Vito’s monster meat. When we hear Adam’s howls, the answer is clear.

Tate Ryder auditions as a pole dancer for Adrian Long, who needs to sample how deep his ass is first.

Vito and Tate both return on a vacation up north, and soon after they drop their luggage off Tate strips off his clothes and bends over for Vito’s horse-hung dick.

Ben Driver shows off his own monster dick by stuffing it into Johnny Venture’s ass.

Damien Crosse and Johnny Venture flip-fuck each other long and hard after a night of hard partying.”

- Watch the full-length scene at LucasEntertainment.com

LucasEntertainment: Justin Cruise takes Adrian Long balls deep in “Dick Hungry”

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“Justin Cruise is a blond twink hailing from Russia, and Adrian Long has the pleasure of sampling his ass.

Justin cruises Adrian at a waterfront park before they head back to Adrian’s apartment and the guys start to make out. Adrian Long and Justin Cruise strips down to their underwear and roll around for a while before Adrian can’t hold out and he wraps his lips around Justin’s smooth uncut cock.

Justin loves the hard sucking that Adrian delivers and returns the favor by swapping around and blowing Adrian’s cock.

When they start fucking Justin jumps up and down on the uncut cock as Adrian grabs his legs. When Adrian bends Justin over the bed the blond twink bottom squirms and moans as Adrian pounds him, but he loves it… just look at how much cum he squirts!”

- Watch the entire scene at LucasEntertainment.com

LucasEntertainment: “Auditions 47: Greece My Hole”

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“Lucas Entertainment’s forty-seventh round of auditions features some of the sexiest Lucas Men overseas, and they’re all ready to “Greece” their “Holes”!

Marco Sessions begins the interviews by working on Rafael Carreras’ uncut Cuban cock with his mouth and hole.

Vito Gallo and Trenton Ducati flex their Greek-god bodies as they flip-fuck each other.

Lucas Entertainment’s exclusive Arab power-top Edji Da Silva bends Tony Axel over and shows him who is boss.

Adrian Long and Miles Racer blow wads of cum after a long round of sex.

And Adam Killian and Jessy Ares work and wear out each other’s muscular asses.

Once these hot guys “Greece” up their “Holes,” there’s no stopping them!”

- Watch all scenes from this hot movie at LucasEntertainment.com

LucasEntertainment: “Cock Suckers”

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“Lucas Entertainment brings together its hottest and sluttiest “Cock Suckers” to demonstrate just how many cocks these guys can swallow.

Dozens of men show off their oral skills right here in over 30 scenes of wet deep-throating action: there’s no shortage of dick in over two hours of pure cock-sucking and throat-fucking!

Some of Lucas Entertainment’s finest are gathered together here, including Jonathan Agassi, Vito Gallo, Mathew Mason, Adrian Long, Adam Killian, Rafael Alencar, Will Helm, Tate Ryder, Damien Crosse, and Michael Lucas.

Watch our “Cock Suckers” loosen up their jaws on some of the biggest meat in gay porn!”

- Watch this movie online at LucasEntertainment.com

LucasEntertainment: “Position to Fill”

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“If a hot guy is willing to work long and hard, there will always be a “Position to Fill” — especially when he’s making full use of his mouth and ass to get ahead!

Adrian Long’s photo shoot of Issac Jones quickly turns into an aggressive flip-fucking session. Dominic Pacifico gets up close and personal with Johnny Venture’s fat uncut cock during a blog interview. Brandon Jones scouts Lorenzo Star at a club after closing, where they make use of their privacy for a hardcore audition. Johnny Venture returns to bend Hayden Colby over the casting couch to see how much of his tree-trunk cock the bottom can handle. And Adam Avery’s photo shoot with Adrian Long concludes with a lot of uncut cock sucking and ass pounding.

All of the hunks and studs here are more than capable of filling every position available!”

- Watch this movie online at LucasEntertainment.com

LucasEntertainment: Adrian Long and Adam Avery flip fuck in “Position to Fill”

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“Adam Avery is an amateur photographer looking to start his own porn company, so he asks for recommendations from Nick Ford on who can help him out. He sends over Adrian Long, who poses for a makeshift photo shoot. Adrian pulls down his jeans and shows off the waste of his underwear, which is more than Adam can handle.

They go after one another from that point on, first with some kissing before they swap blowjobs. Adam Avery gets on his knees first, sucking on Adrian Long’s uncut cock before they switch positions and the Canadian top falls into his sucking position.

Adrian proceeds to eat out Adam’s ass before rolling on a condom and slipping his cock inside. Adrian pounds Adam’s ass the hardest in the missionary position — Adam is on his back and has no where to run as Adrian pumps him long and hard.

The guys switch positions and Adrian sits on his lap for a deep fucking before they both climax!”

- Watch the full-length scene at LucasEntertainment.com

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LucasEntertainment: Adrian Long and Issac Jones’ hot flip-flop fuck in “Position to Fill”

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“Lucas Entertainment’s exclusive model Adrian Long has had his eye on Issac Jones for a long time, so he didn’t hesitate flying him over the ocean to Montreal for a casting interview. After a brief talk and a few sips of wine Adrian asks Issac to pose for a few photos.

When Issac’s shirt comes off Adrian can’t stop staring at his lean and muscular figure – his cum gutters form a perfect V shape. Adrian puts the camera down and moves in for a kiss that turns into a heavy make-out session.

Adrian is the first to drop to his knees and suck on Issac’s uncut cock, which is hard and throbbing. The attention shown to Issac turns Adrian on, so Issac helps him out with a blowjob before they move over to the bed and eat out each other’s holes.

Adrian bends over doggy-style and after being prepped with some of Issac’s fingers he slips his hard cock inside. Adrian isn’t an experienced bottom — but Issac just doesn’t care. He pounds away at Adrian’s ass hard, and every muscle in his body flexes with all of the strength he puts behind his pumping and thrusting.

They flip when Adrian can’t handle anymore, and Issac winds up taking a pounding that matches the one he delivered before!”

- Watch the full video at LucasEntertainment.com

LucasEntertainment: Kyle Quinn gets pounded by Adrian Long in “Drain Your Load”

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“Playboy Adrian Long knows what he likes: sex! And the more he has it, the happier he is.

He’s cruising the city of Montreal in broad daylight when he spots young hottie Kyle Quinn, who is receptive to each and every one of Adrian’s seductive glances. Adrian entices Kyle to follow him back to his room where they share some kissing before Adrian sits down and waits for the ash-blond cutie to start working on his uncut cock.

Kyle never disappoints his man, and he immediately sets on his task of sucking Adrian’s cock with all the skill he can muster, which is considerable. Kyle opens up his throat and purses his lips: with each slurp and suck, Adrian doesn’t waste one second enjoying all of the attention his dick is receiving.

Adrian isn’t totally selfish, and he invites Kyle to relax a bit while he returns the favor of sucking him off and eating out his ass.

But Adrian also has an ulterior motive: it prepares Kyle for when he’s bent over by Adrian for a deep ass fucking. Kyle winces at first when Adrian penetrates him, but soon yearns for each and every thrust he delivers from position to position! When you’re finished, get ready for cum.”

- Watch the full scene at LucasEntertainment.com

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