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SeanCody: Jordan barebacks Grayson

Sean Cody writes:

“”The last shoots I did were three ways,” Jordan said as we getting ready. “This is going to be nice!”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Well, I can keep fucking his ass and not have to wait my turn!”

Grayson laughed. It was clear that he liked Jordan. He stayed close to him and was interested in everything he had to say! They were joking around a lot like they were old friends.

Grayson had a perma-boner through the entire shoot. It is obvious that he likes to get fucked. He talks about his girlfriend a lot. But he likes to get fucked!

Jordan was clearly enjoying himself too.

At one point, he was fucking the hell out of Grayson and said, “I like that ass.”

Without skipping a beat, Grayson said, “Thank you!””

- Download the full-length scene at SeanCody.com

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