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RagingStallion: Parker Perry gets fucked by Aybars and Tom Wolfe in “Cowboys”

RagingStallion.com writes:

“Tom Wolfe finds cowboys Parker Perry and Aybars making out and blowing each other, and he can’t help but watch from a distance, wanting in on the action. He approaches and the duo welcome him to their tailgating session, and Parker soon has two cocks in his mouth.

It’s not long before Parker is getting his hot hairy ass rimmed by Tom, who fucks Parker good and hard while Parker has his lips wrapped around Aybars meat. Aybars and Tom lay parker on his back and Tom sits his amazing ass on Parkers face and spreads Parker’s legs wide so Aybars can pummel his ass.

This cowboy three-way ends in a trio of cum shots you soon won’t forget.”

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